Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th November 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jia’s residence
The pheras begin, and the priests ask them to get up, for the seven circles around the fire, and asks parmeet to reiterate the promises. He says that he would protect his wife, from all troubles, and would face them himself before the trouble reaches his wife. Meanwhile, bani struggles hard to get free. He promises jia that he would always keep her happy, and fulfill this relation with utmost devotion. bani is trying hard of new ways, and breaks a bottle, and uses the glass piece to cut open the wire, meanwhile bruising and cutting her hands too in the process. Finally she is able to set herself free. He promises that he would follow every promise and never betray jia in this marriage. Bani desperately shouts from inside for someone to open the door. She finds a glass win dow pane, and finds parmeet marrying jia, and is shocked. For the remaining pheras, jia steps ahead. bani shatters the window pane, with a lamp, and gets out of the room, while the priest tells about the last phera which would complete their marriage. Parmeet promise to jia that wherever he is, she would be with him, and he would always take care of her, and keep her happy. He says that he would fully accept her as his wife, and give her the love, care and respect that she desreves. Anu and jia look on happily. They proceed ahead. But before they can take further steps, bani screams to stop, surprising everyone, and shocking parmeet. she descends saying that this marriage cant happen, and hence they should stop rightaway. Anu and jia are boggled, while all are shocked to see bani running down dishevelled, desperately trying to scream to stop this wedding.

Anu runs towards bani, and she fals into anu’s arms. parmeet thinks that what he feared happened, and wonders how to save himself. Anu is shocked to see bani hurt, and asks her to come along so that she can apply some meds, and asks who did this to her. bani says that this isnt required, and that more than the physical wounds, the mental torture that has been given by someone, for whom she cared so much, more than her life, her husband who she came searching fo, is more painful, thats scarred her for life. Anu is shocked and asks if parmeet is here only. When bani complies, she asks her to identify the person. Bani points at meet, and says that Meet is her parmeet. Anu and jia are shocked, and she asks bani whats she trying to say. Jia runs over to bani, and asks if she knows whats she trying to say. Bani tells that this is indeed parmeet, who was in Canada, and she never thought that she would find him here. Jia asks how is this possible. Bani says that names can be different, but the purpose of this man is the same, betrayal in the name of love and marriage. She says that its good that she came at the right time, as he hadnt left any scope to hide the truth. she goes on to tell about her meeting with parmeet, and how he had trapped her in the store room. nu and jia listen shocked. parmeet is furious and in a rage, with clenched fists. He ccomes to her and says that enough of this nonsense, and why is she taking out this kind of animosity with him, as he has never seen this gril, before, who she claims to be the husband. He says that he’s sympathetic for this loss, that she must have gone through some problem and trauma in her life, thats forcing her to hallucinate, but he is meet marrying jia. He says that he isnt who she thinks. He takes jia’s hand and leads her to the mandap. bani says that this is whats wrong, that he didnt turn out what she thought. He asks her to trust that he isnt what she thinks. she says that she cxant trust him, after his betrayal. Bani says that he is indeed her husband. He finally loses his anger, and says that he should shut up. He says that he dopesnt know this girl. Bani says that she knows him and his family too. She asks if he doesnt know her, then what about his family, or that too he doesnt recognise. He says that he doesnt have any family. Jia too defends him. Bani tells about his family. Jia asks him to wait. Jia asks if she has a proof of this huge accusation, of him being her husband. anu too agrees and asks about her proof. Bani says that she has a proof to prove her truth and his lie. Parmeet is shocked. As she turns around to go, she is suddenly jolted by a lightning thought. Anu asks what happened and why did she stop. Bani says that she cant get the proof. Anu asks why and that she should get the proof. Bani says that she had but lost it with her stuff too. He starts taunting her for this, and tells everyone that she’s indeed lying. He tells jia that bani’s just wasting their time, and doesnt them to get married. He takes jia, but bani asks her to stop and says that she had the photo, and asks anu that she knows that her stuff was lost. anu is confused who to believe. She asks bani to calm down, and asks if she had a misunderstanding, as she checked his background. She says that maybe he’s mistaking. Bani says that she was hrut with the intentions, but this face she cant forget, that woke and slept with her, and that caused such a huge betrayal. She asks anu not to think of her but of jia, as its her life too. The relatives too ask anu not to believe her, as she’s traumatised by the fact that her husband has left her. Bani is shocked while anu is tensed. bani starts comparing herself to rano, who also used to behave and be rebuked in the same way, by the crowd.

Anu stops them, much to parmeet’s displeasure, saying that this marriage wont happen. The relatives ask her not to create a drama. Anu says that she’s trying to prevent jia from being follied. She says that if bani is 1% true, she wont be able to forgive herself, and asks jia and meet to stop the marriage. Jia shouts out that this is enough, and she wont tolerare anymore. She goes onto reprimand bani for this, for having been so thankless, and asks anu how can she trust the girl who came a week back, and not her own daughter and her lover. Anu asks her to wait for the truth to be verified. Jia says that what would happen would be done right now, and she would have to choose right now, between her daughter’s happiness, or bani’s satisfaction. anu says that she wont be able to take this descision lightly, and asks her to wait for 5 minutes, and leaves. Bani tries to console jia. Jia tells her to shut up, and asks her to listen clearly, that she would get married to meet and right now. She asks her uncle to start the marriage. He agrees. Bani stands distraught as they begin with the final phear. She collapses on the floor. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: As parmeet and jia progress, anu stops them and descends down with a photo frame. Anu shows a photo to bani, and asks if this was the proof that she was searching for. Bani sees this and is shocked. Parmeet and jia are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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