Mahabharat 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, krishna says u will win from ur efforts, draupadi says krishna i will help my husbands, krishna says for sure u will this war is for u n so u shd help them i was waiting for u, sahadev says i think u are here with hint of duryodhans weakness, draupadi says ur right , duryodhan laughs n says i have no weakness, yudishtir says u never loved anyone n so ur heart is ur weakness n bheem attack him there, but yudishtir goes wrong duryodhan says i love my family so ur wrong yudishtir, nakul says ur mind is always of evil plans so duryodhans head is his weakness but nakul goes wrong , arjun says it is his laps on which he orderd draupadi to sit n insulted her n that is duryodhans biggest fault n weakness, so brother bheem attack duryodhan , bheem memorises every moment of draupadis insult n hits duryodhan , duryodhan says attacking here is against rule, bheem says im following my oath, bheem says i will break u memorise my oath , duryodhan tries to runaway , bheem follows him n hits him, while bheem attacks duryodhan duryodhan sees krishna in bheem , bheem attacks on his laps n says u want me to follow rules the people like pitama n guru dron who asked us to follow rules are no one so who will ask me for it, balram comes n says i will punish u for not following the rules, bheem nil down n ask for forgiveness, balram says i will punish u for not following the rule get up n fight with me, bheem says if u say i will give away my life but not fight with gurudev, balram says as u wish n so i shall kill u, balram abt to kill bheem krishna stops him n says if u do so u will take duryodhans side n this will be adharma, balram says he disobeyed the rules of gadha yudh n so i will punish him tough it may be adharma, krishna says wat is bheems fault if u kill bheem u will be adharmi as duryodhans defeat was for sure, balram says no one can win with u krishna. Dritrashtra feels that the last diya also goes off, he embraces vidhur n mourns on his 100 sons death, dritrashtra says i m ready to surrender myself but atleast keep my one son alive go tell pandu sons plz tell them to give me my son back, gandhari mourns as well, kunti n draupadi see gandhari n go to her, gandhari asks kunti to go away n says look at this destroy i cant see but u a=can u n ur evil sons have destroyed me n my family, kunti says im here to give away my life in ur feet sister, gandhari says just go away or i will behead u, kunti goes near gandhari , gandhari lifts a sword n keeps on kuntis neck but kunti dosent move gandhari puts her sword down, kunti hugs gandhari n says sister i will serve as ur servant now, gandhari says no kunti ur my only support to me now lets go from here take me away from here, kunti says maharaj pandus son are here for ur blessings, gandhari says i will bless them in hastinapur n now my heart is filled with sorrow i may curse them now, draupadi says giveall ur pain to me n ur curses as well, gandhari says i will bcoz u were the one who wanted revenge n all this happened.

Duryodhan asks ashvathama to bring news of pandavas death.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Balram is shit..

  2. Kunti is just amazing!

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