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The episode starts with Rishi’s adivasi friend informing him the reason behind him giving false statement on news channel and asks if he will forgive him. Rishi says it is not his mistake and says what if mines are closed, they can enjoy cricket even now.

Anand is seen with his wife Preeti and son. Preeti is making their son sleep. Anand informs that he has to go and meet Yudh at airport and says he and Yudh worked very hard to bring this company how. Preeti says it is not his company and he is just an employee. Anand sadly walks from there and reaches aiport. He meets Taruni and Nayan and says he will come with Yudh. He meets Yudh then who informs that he is making Rishi as company’s CEO. He asks what about Taruni. Yudh says she will be taking care of her medical career. Anand asks what about enquiries on Rishi. Yudh says he will be enquired for mining company but will be Shanti constructions’ CEO. Anand asks if he has gone mad to make Rishi CEO as company’s value will go down. YS says he wants Rishi to learn everything. Anand says we opened this company together and bought it up very hardly. YS says it is Rishi’s right. Anand says what about me, I worked day and night with you, even ignored my family for the company, and now you are ignorning me and making me realize that I am just an employee. YS says you were an employee, not now. Anand says he is making a big mistake.

Gautam calls Yudh and asks him if he remembers orphanage deal. YS says yes and he was remembering it yesterday. Gautam asks what does he remember about it. YS reminisces trying to buy property and the owner not willing to sell it. Owner’s son says he can open a business with the orphanage money. His mother says he has education and can earn from it. Son says if she wants himself to kill for orphan children. Owner says he does not want to sell it and sends YS and Anand out. Anand says YS
Gautam wants this property at any cost. YS says he will speak to owner’s son. YS asks owner’s son to get his father’s sign and he will give him 1%. Son asks YS to give him 7000 rs to get the signature and goes in. YS says Anand he does nnot want to do any deal with owner’s son as he looks mad. Anand asks what about Gautam. YS says he will speak to him. Anand calls YS and informs that Gautam and Nayan’s father met owner’s son and gave him money.

Orphanage owner and his wife are busy playing with orphan children wearing clown dress. Son comes there with property papers and asks owner to sign papers who does not agree.

He asks his son/Sanjay to go out. Son shoots his parents and kills them. He even kills all the orphan kids. Yudh reaches orphanage, sees everyone on floor and calls police. He calls Anand and asks him to bring ambulance. He sees clown’s wife in a puppet dress and imaginges as the clown whom he sees often. He picks property papers from ground and hides them in his coat. Orphan kid watches everything. Gautam informs that he bought this property 10 years ago in auction and says whatever is happening with YS is related to this property now. YS asks how. Gautam says he does not know and starts writhing in pain. YS calls nurse. Gautam apologizes YS for dragging him in his greed and dies. YS sadly walks from there after seeing his mentor dead.

Intelligence officer meets Rishi and gives him home minster’s clip and says it is from his lady undercover Aruna and asks him not to try to find her, she herself will find him. Rishi tries to meet home minister. Minister says he does not want to talk to him. Rishi shows him clip. Minister takes him in and asks what he wants.

YS informs Nayan about Gautam’s death and says he will be missing him. Nayan says cancer had made his life hell and it is good he died without suffering more. YS says he had more problems than cancer and tells her about inquiring. Nayan says it is astrological problem and if she can speak to her pandit. YS gets Rishi’s call who asks about Nayan and tells he is coming there. YS gets angry and asks him to concentrate on what he said. Rishi asks him check news and he will meet him tomorrow. YS sees news about Rishi telling that some private group killed naxalite and home minister backing him. Rishi says home minister has asked to continue with mining business. YS gets happy seeing that and says Nayan that he is proud of his son. Nayan says he has got your qualities.

Rishi sees Ranjan watching his news and asks what is he doing. Ranjan says he is enjoying the news and says he thought good lesson to home minister and says he has become smart now. Rishi says if he is smart, then he would have caught him beforehand and says nobody knew about Nayan coming here via flight except him. Ranjan says he had become depressed seeing people insulting him and commanding him. Rishi asks man’s number whom he is working for. Ranjan gives him phone number, Rishi calls him and refers him as Dabra.

Taruni’s dad comes out of his office and gets into his car. Ajju shoots and kills him.

YS asks Nayan if she remembers orphanage accident 1 week before their marriage. Nayan remembers it and says son killed their parents and all orphan kids. YS says he was the first to reach the spot and Gautam was talking about it in the morning. Maid informs YS that someone has come to meet him. YS goes out and sees Ajju there and asks if he knows him. Ajju says he is Taruni’s fiance. YS gets happy hearing that ande asks him to get in. He introduces him to Nayan. Ajju asks how is she. She says she is fine and Taruni is behind it. Ajju says he will come back again to take their blessings. He gets a call from Taruni about her father Jeet’s death and starts acting. He informs it to YS and asks him not to come there as media will create problems.

Taruni and Gauri reach hospital and ask doctor about Jeet. Doc informs he could not save him. Gauri and Taruni are shattered hearing that. Taruni tries to console Gauri. Gauri is in shock and says it cannot happen. They both hug each other and cry.

Precap: YS says Taruni that he is his father. Taruni says her father is dead. Dharmendra says Ajju they both can destroy YS. Gauri says YS that he killed her husband. Anand informs inspector that he killed Jeet as he wanted to destroy YS.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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