Mahabharat 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, Krishna asks the importance of human, insects n all other living things , arjun says all do have importance n its through the soil bcoz all living things are born out of it , the soil gives the relation between all the living things Krishna says part of it is correct we humans are not bounded into relations by soil its after birth , so the dead bodies are destroyed in soil back , u have to learn that every person has the knowledge of dharma n adharma its the person who himself uses it in different ways , arjun asks why is this so , Krishna says we humans are not god we are jst its ansh its soil which gives body but god gives soul that puts life in the body n that soul is gods ansh , u can only destroy the body n not the soul , arjun says but we see everything through our body Krishna says no its soul which absorbs the knowledge n ur behaviour is how u absorb the knowledge so to succeed u need to find ur soul , arjun says wat really is this souls importance , Krishna says soul as said is gods ansh but we humans have surrounded it by lot of expectations n wishes n we forget that we hace a soul n go blindly in our life without accepting the changes n lead to adharma we forget the life is gods grace u also have to behave like jst a soul without body u will jst kill the bodies of these peple there soul will emerge again to find the new meaning of dharma which dosent forget the gods grace n gods importance in life , n u have to learn this fact that only the body is destroyed n not the soul n for the coming generations to learn the correct the dharma u have to kill the bodies who have surrounded the gods ansh the soul by lot of wrong things , n when the soul will find the right body the dharma will spread rightly , this bodies have lead the soul to adharma arjun says but they have not changed accordingly then we sha give them mercy n not death Krishna says ur right but this soul has been lead to cross all the limits so u have to kill the adharma people for the betterment of future n its ur duty su give away all ur fears n get ready for the war arjun says but i will be responsible of their death this will make my soul guilty , Krishna says this is ur duty n not ur karma learn the difference between duty n karma , this duty of urs is for betterment of future n its along the right path so ur soul will not be guilty.

Arjun asks Krishna are u god , Krishna says yes n u have to give urself willingly to me…

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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