Beintehaa 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Usman informs Aaliya that he is hiring interior designer to design Zain’s office. Aaliya asks if she can design it. Usman agrees but asks to take some professional help. Aaliya says she will manage as she has one expert with her.

Zain and Aaliya start romancing with Aaliya over Zain. Zain asks if she does not want to sleep. Aaliya says she has a night out. Zain asks alone?? AAliya says she is different and says she is going to meet Aayath and runs from there. Zain thinks when will girls change.

Aaliya, Zubair, Rizwan, Aayath search designs for Zain’s cabin. AAyath likes one design. Rizwan without seeing it says it is good. Aayath asks how can he say it is good without seeing it. Aaliya asks him to join them and help finding a good design.

Zain does not get sleep and gets irritated being alone. Aaliya on the other side says she will go and check if Zain has slept or not. Zubair asks her to come and help him. Zain comes near Aayath’s room and thinks of knocking the door when he hears Zubair’s voice. He thinks Zubair tries to poke in everywhere. He sees Surayya there and thinks he should not let her know that Zubair is with Aaliya. Surayya asks where is Aaliya. Zain says she is in room and walks form there. Surayya then sees Zubair coming out of room while speaking to Aaliya.

Aaliya comes to her room and finds Zain sleeping on a couch instead. She asks him sorry for not being with him the whole night and says she was designing his cabin and when he will see his new cabin, he will be very happy. She goes near him and looks at him romantically. She then sleeps next to him holding his hands over her. Beintehaaa…. song plays in the background.

Aaliya wakes up in the morning and does no find Zain next to her. She sees Zain getting ready for office, goes and hugs him and greets him good morning. She asks him why did not he sleep on bed yesterday night. Zain angrily says where ever he likes, he will sleep. She asks if he wants tea. He says he will have tea and breakfast at office and then kisses on her cheek. He says he kissed as a habit. Aaliya says she knows he is angry on her and knows how to convince him.

Aaliya brings tea for Usman and asks his permission to throw a party on Zain’s promotion. Usman says she can and says life should move on, says if Barkath would have been here, she would have been very happy about her brother’s progress.

Zain waits for Aaliya’s call. His staff asks him why is he tensed. Zain asks him to mind his business. He gets Aaliya’s call but does not pick it. Staff says even he tried to not pick his wife’s call 3 times, but did not get food for 1 week at home and says all wives are same around the world. Zain thinks Aaliya is not same.

Surayya sees Aayath preparing for party and asks what is she doing. Aayath says she is preparing for Zain’s party tonight. She asks where is Aaliya. Aayath says she went out with Zubair.

Zain comes home, gets a call from his friend and informs him that they will party some other day. He calls Aaliya referring her as queen of Zain, but she does not come. He reads her message asking him to come near pool.

Zain comes near swimming pool and sees a party going on. He sees Aaliya dancing for him and smiles on a song.. Kudi Saturday….ZAin gets very happy and also starts dancing with her. He asks if she organized this. She says it is malika-e-zain. She says when she looks at her, her life is complete and she prayed god to give him.

Surayya sees Zubair giving a flying kiss to Aaliya while she is dancing. She informs Usman that Zubair and Aaliya are having an affair.

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