Maha Epi – Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 29th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Guddan shoots AJ

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 29th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan pulls gun on AJ. AJ says what are you doing. Guddan says sorry but I have to shoot you. Everyone is in a shock. Guddan pulls the trigger. Guddan shoots AJ. Aj’s chest bleeds.

Sometime back, Antra locked herself in the room. AJ and Guddan asked her to open the door. AJ said Antra please open the door. guddan says we can explain you please talk to us. Dadi said Antra, please. Antra sat down on the bed and recalled what AJ said about Guddan being his wife. Antra was crying. Antra looks at her old photos and sobs. Gudan said please open the door. She recalled everything. Guddan says I am really scared. I told you not to tell her why did you Guddan sees smoke coming out of the room. Dadi says what is this. Did Antra.. AJ breaks the door and comes in. Antra is on the door. She has burned her photo. AJ says what is this. Antra says let this past burn. You were right. Time stopped for me but life kept moving for you. You did what you had to and what I asked you. When you never left my hand how can I expect you to leave Guddan’s. She holds their hands together. She says your life partner helped you in that lonely life. How can I end this relationship? I just want to see you happy. And your happiness is Guddan. I accept Guddan as your wife. she hugs Guddan and says thank you for taking care of Guddan.

Saru says to Durga what is happening here. Antra says I will complete the engagement that stopped because of me. Guddan says you understood everything that’s enough. AJ says you don’t have to do all this. antra say I will be happy if you are. Durga wonders what is happening.

Scene 2
Saru comes to meet Perv. He says you said ANtra came back and Guddan’s chapter will be over. But everything is going wrong. I have to do something now. Saru says please stay away from Guddan. Perv says she ruined my life. I will make her life miserable. I will make Guddan shoot AJ. I will do anything for it. He hits himself. Saru screams for help. Police come in and take him to hospital. Saru wonders what is he doing. What is his plan.

Scene 3
The engagement preps start. Guddan says you shouldn’t do all this. i know it must be hurting you. Antra says I am only doing what’s right. Saru says what is this Perv planning. Antra says where is florist? Guddan says he is here. Perv comes in disguised as a florist. Guddan says your face looks familiar. Antra says go fix the flowers in the temple. Perv say you must have a relative familiar looking to me. Perv recalls what happened in that house. He says I am in the house where I was insulted. I will make you kill your husband Guddan.

Guddan wonders why ws she scared seeing the florist. aJ says what happened? You look worried. He says here are samosa. Eat them and forget everything. AJ says why are you stressed? Guddan says after all these troubles we are getting engaged. But I look so worrie. He says our hands are meant to be with each other. We will fight everything together. Antra is happy with our relationship. All our enemies including Perv are in jail what’s this stress about. Enjoy your samosa. Gudan realizes it’s Perv.

Guddan goes after him. Perv comes to Guddan’s room. Guddan says you are a relative but not someone close to be. She takes off his mustache. Guddan says I am not an idiot. He says see I am back. You are so wise you recognized me. But you can’t catch me. He takes out his gun. Guddan says you’re a coward but I am not scared of dying. He says I won’t’ kill you. I will take your life. You will take your life on your own. confused? Think who is your life these days? Go and shoot your husband. Guddan says are you crazy? He says I have a reason.
Bhushan is hung on fire. He says look at this video. Your papa will be burned if you don’t kill Aj. Don’t waste your time. Guddan says I will kill you. Perv says don’t waste time. Your papa will be burned. You don’t have time. Choose between papa and husband. If you kill AJ I will leave your dad. He went to market. Your sister and mom must be waiting for him. He says if you involve anyone in this, I will burn your dad. Shoot on the heart. He will die, but your life would be over. He leaves. Guddan is in taers.

Guddan comes downstairs. She is scared. Guddan calls home no one picks. Antra says Guddan which outfit do you like? Guddan says both are fine to me. AJ says Guddan.. Guddan leaves. she recalls perv saying you have shoot right when you see AJ. Guddan says I won’t’ look at AJ. Kaushaliya calls Guddan. Guddan says where is papa? She says he went to market. Guddan says I want to tell you something. Perv comes there. He says you know what can I do to your dad if you tell anyone. Say goodbye to your dad. Guddan slaps him and says I will kill you if you harm my dad. He says I won’t’ answer this slap right now. But if you tell anyone your dad would be a dad.

AJ says where is Guddan. Has anyone seen Guddan? Laxmi says she must be busy in preps. Guddan looks at him hidden behind the pillar. AJ says what is is wrong with her. He sees her. AJ looks for Guddan. He collides with Perv. Perv says sorry. AJ says have you seen my wife? He says yes she was going to store room. AJ goes there. Perv says Guddan is hidden there. She will have to see AJ and shoot him there.

AJ comes to store. Guddan isn’t there. AJ says where is she. AJ sees a dupatta hanging out of the trunk. He opens it. Guddan is inside. AJ says what are you doing here? Guddan says please go from here. AJ pulls her out. Guddan says leave me. AJ says what is it? Is there something wrong? Guddan looks at the gun. AJ says what happened? Guddan says I don’t want this engagement. He says why? Guddan says I don’t need to tell you. GO from here. AJ leaves. Guddan cries. Perv plays Bhushan’s video. Bhushan is screaming. He says leave me. Perv says I will burn your dad. Guddan says I beg, you don’t do this. don’t harm my dad. I will shoot AJ. He says to pick the gun and go downstairs. He says you have five minutes only. If you fail, your dad is dead.

Guddan comes downstairs with the gun. AJ is there. guddan is scared. She recalls what Perv said. ANtra says Guddan.. Why is there a gun in your hand? Everyone is shocked. AJ saays what are you doing? Where did you get this gun from? Guddan pulls the gun on AJ. Everyone is shocked. Guddan says I am sorry but I have to shoot you. Guddan shoots AJ. His chest bleeds. Everyone is shocked. Antra screams.. Everyone runs towards AJ. Dadi says you shot my son why. Durga says you shot your husband why? Antra says you could say no to this wedding. Why did you shoot. Guddan screams and cries. Perv says hello. I killed AJ not Guddan. Yes she shot but it was my plan. He takes off his mustache and beard. Perv says my revenge is taken. Now I can live in jail all my life. Thank you Guddan. You did what I asked. Guddan sits there and cries. Angat hits Perv. Perv hits him and says I will kill you too. Perv says Guddan I promised, I will leave your dad after all this. He asks his men to let Bhushan go. Bhushan says I am sorry Guddan. You have to sacrifice your husband to save me. Perv says your husband is killed by you. Say goodbybe to him. AJ gets up and hits him. Perv is shocked. Guddan says I told you I am not an idiot.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    It was nice maha episode.. I enjoyed it… ????
    Antra accepted all this so easily, not possible??????? she is 100% pyscho for Akshat and if she is fake than parv or rawat is behind this… I saw that rawat will be back in instagram, don’t know its true or not….

    Precap: Akshat is about to fill Guddan hairline, just Antra come and twist hand and push guddan, Akshat hold Guddan…

  2. DannyComments

    Oh dear God!!!! For a minute I was like..come on people you will not do this to me..and then ..they made it right???! For the first time ever I enjoyed a Zeetv Maha episode!

    1. Yeah you are right. Zee TV Mahaepisodes and series are irritating except this one.

  3. Leisa s morris

    Whew was scared dey fir a minute wei. Back to jail parv thus time forever

  4. that means that antra did not accept the marriage between akshat and guddan, but that was to be expected. because you could not have loved someone then you give it up so easily.according to the latest news, guddan is going to rent rawat to check if antra is his real sister or a fake one

  5. Geeta, again no one but Guddan thought of contacting Rawat…….why did Antara not contact her brother when she have been in the Jindal house for a couple of days…they supposed to be very close to one another. AJ too should have called him to see that he did not kill Antara as Rawat kept on accusing him of killing his sister….ladies brace yourself for next week’s episodes…Ankara is going to be all over AJ again…This b#&£c has no shame whatsoever…..

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