TwiNj TwinRaj Horror Ff Pyaar Ka Dard Hai (21~Attack+Doll+Birthday+Fun)

TwiNj found Yukti on road with tears in her eyes…. she asked about Yuvraj….Kunj took her inside and distracted her…. she started calling him daddy…. TwiNj talk over Yukti,Yuvraj and Mukti…. Chakor read a letter by Anita and Surjeet about Yukti and showed to Twinkle who had no heart to leave Yukti…. Chakor-Yukti Bond… TwiNj romance)

Next morning, Kunj and Twinkle woke up to find that Yukti was nowhere to be seen. “Yukti! Yuktiiiiiii!” Twinkle called out for her. “Yuktiiiiiii!” Kunj too called out. “Where did she go? Did she again went outside the house?” Twinkle asked worriedly. “Don’t know, let’s go and check,” he said and held her hand making her stand. They began to walk outside and reached the front door after a short time and opened it. They looked out on the streets but she wasn’t there. They came back inside and searched the other rooms also but still, no sign of her.

“We’ve looked everywhere but didn’t look in the store room,” Twinkle said and they approached it’s door and found it already open. They walked downstairs careful not to trip on to anything. As they were fully down, they found her standing facing the wall. “Yukti beta, what are you doing here? We’ve been searching for you everywhere and you’re here? You should still be sleeping,” Kunj said walking to her but she didn’t reply. “Why isn’t she talking?” Kunj whispered and Twinkle gestured him to wait. “Yukti, come to mumma, let’s go from here beta,” Twinkle said approaching her, as she approached her, Yukti throttled her making her short on breathe, she gasped for air and fell unconscious in Kunj’s arms.

“What is this? How dare you throttle her? Don’t forget that now we both are your parents, this type of behavior isn’t acceptable, didn’t your hands shivered even a bit while doing this? Who taught you all this? Oh, maybe it would be your devil father Yamraaj Yuvi who’s trying to make you a devil as well,” he scolded her, she stared blankly at him. He picked Twinkle and left asking Yukti to follow him outside. They went upstairs and Kunj laid Twinkle on the bed in their room. As he came out, he saw Yukti with a knife. “Yukti stop!” He said but she ended up throwing it at him therefore stabbing and injuring him and he fell unconscious on the floor.


Later Twinkle gained her senses and looked around to see Kunj wasn’t there. She got up and went outside and saw that he was laying in a pool of his own blood and even Yukti was unconscious. She firstly got her to bed and then took Kunj to hospital. She got really stressed seeing his condition, a fear of losing him all over again took place in her heart.


Later, when he got back his senses, he told Twinkle what had happened. She went outside his ward and saw Twinkle sitting in a trance. She went and sat beside her. “Why did you do all this? Why did you attacked me and then him?” She asked pointing at the ward. “What mummy, I didn’t do anything,” Twinkle replied innocently. “Do you know it could take our lives,” she said ignoring her reply. “Mummy, I really didn’t do anything,” she said again, Twinkle found it odd that she didn’t remember anything.


After a week, Kunj got recovered and the day for Yukti’s birthday finally came. Celebrations were going on, cake was cut and fed, gifts were gifted, and she was wished for her birthday. TwiNj too gave her a gift. “This is for our cute Yukti,” Kunj said giving the wrapped gift to her smilingly, she smiled back. “Thanks Daddy, thanks mummy,” she replied. “Welcome, now tell what’s inside it?” Twinkle asked. “A cute, pretty, beautiful doll,” she replied cutely. “Yes, you’re right,” Twinkle asked and kissed her cheeks. Kunj picked her and kissed her forehead. She smiled cutely seeing both her parents.


Later, Yukti was laying with the doll beside her, she was smiling looking at it. “Hey, I m Yukti, what’s your name? Let’s be friends?” She asked the doll but of course the doll didn’t reply. “Itnay baray Ghar mein tum bhi akeli ho or main bhi akeli hoon, (you and me, both are alone in this big house) so let’s be friends? Haan?” She asked in a different and sad style and this time the temperature dropped of the room. “Okay so you will take a little time to open up, okayyy, I will sleep till then,” she said and dozed off to sleep with the doll in her arms.


Twinkle came to make Yukti eat and saw her talking to the doll calling her as Tara. “Hi Tara, the cutie pie, and you know I m Yukti,” she said cutely and smilingly. “Tara, I will hide, you find me, no cheating,” she said and was about to hide under the bed. Twinkle stopped her. “No beta, don’t hide, play later, first eat,” she said. “Okay mumma,” Yukti replied and she made her eat with a distressed state of mind, she still couldn’t get the image of Kunj laying in the pool of his own blood.

“Mumma, you didn’t say hello to Tara, say hello, else she won’t feel good,” Yukti said and she smiled. “Hello friend, did you have your dinner? Now see how my Yukti will have milk just like good kids,” she said and made her have the milk. “Very good,” Twinkle said and was about to leave but she held her hand and got down the bed hugging her immediately. She got confused. “Mummy m sorry for that day but I really don’t remember that what happened,” Yukti said. Twinkle broke the hug and cupped her cheeks. “It’s okay beta, you sleep,” she said and made her sleep.


Later when she had slept, Kunj and Twinkle stood at the balcony talking randomly. Their gaze went to the moon and to their shock, it was the full moon night. “Anita aunty said that he will return on full moon night,” Twinkle said gulping in fear. “Shubh shubh bolo, (talk about good things) kuchh nahi hoga,” (nothing will happen) he said engulfing her in his arms from behind, she placed her hands on his hands in fear. “Kunj, for once I have lost you, but I won’t be able to afford if I lose our baby,” she said.

“Nothing will happen to baby, we both are a sheild for the baby,” he said as she turned to him and he cupped her tummy getting on one knee. “Don’t worry baby, daddy won’t let anything happen to you,” he whispered and then stood up. He carried her in his arms to their room. He laid her on the bed and then laid beside her, Yukti was sleeping in the other room so they were alone in their rooms without any barrier. Kunj looked at Twinkle lovingly and smiled. “Just 4 more months, then our baby would be in our arms,” he said and she smiled cutely.

He kissed her forehead, cheeks, and jawline, she closed her eyes feeling his kisses. He kissed her neck as well, she smiled as his hands were entwined with her hands. He kissed on her lips and she too kissed back and they broke the kiss panting heavily. Her head was turned and so he neared her ear. “Ek muddat se tujhe dekh raha hoon, Phir bhi aisa lagta hai tujhe theek se dekha hi nahi, Mera junoon, Meri Zid, Mera Deewanapan, Tu Ne Aeyy Ishq, Abhi Theek Se Dekha Hi Nahi,” (I have been watching you since quite a while, but still it feels as if I haven’t seen you properly yet, my madness, my demand, my craze, oh love, you haven’t seen it yet) he whispered seductively making her blush and she turned her back towards him.

“Jo rooth ke na roothay, Usay Kunj kehtay hain, Jo toot ke na tootay, Usay Twinkle kehtay hain, Jo ek doosray k liye banay hain, unhein Kunj aur Twinkle kehtay hain, or jo mil Kar banay hain, usay TwiNj kehtay hain,” (the one who even after getting upset doesn’t gets upset, we call him Kunj, the one who doesn’t breaks even after breaking, we call her Twinkle, the ones who are made for each other, we call them as Kunj and Twinkle, and the ones who’ve been created together are called TwiNj) she said and he laughed. “Was this a poem or some class going on?” He asked and she too laughed. “C’mon, I m not a poet like you,” she said. “Okay, repeat after me, dabbay mein dabba,” (box in a box) he said. “Dabbay mein dabba,” she repeated. “Dabbay mein cake,” (cake in a box) he said. “What?” She asked. “Repeat,” he said. “Dabbay mein cake,” she repeated. “Mera Kunj laakhon mein ek.” (My Kunj is one in a million)

He said and she turned to him and pouted. “Why are you making me praise you?” She asked. “Repeat na yaar,” he said. “No, Kunj aur Twinkle laakhon mein ek,” (Kunj and Twinkle are one in a million) she said and he laughed. “Okay another one, dabbay mein dabba?” He said and she repeated eyeing him with irritation. “Dabbay mein cake,” he said and she repeated. “Ek Kunj hi hai real, baaki sab Hain fake,” (only Kunj is real, others are all fake) he said and she laughed. “You said that only you’re a human and a real person, others are just an illusion,” she said laughingly.

He too laughed. “Okay third one, Aam Gaye, amrood Gaye, angoor khattay reh Gaye,” (mangoes went, pear went, the grapes remained sour) he said and she repeated after him and giggled. “Sachay aashiq margaye ullu ke patthay reh gaye,” (all the true lovers died but the useless ones remained so far) he said and she laughed again. “Now you said that even you’re not a lover like others,” she said and he too laughed. “One from me also, please,” she said and he agreed. “Woh Ishq Mein Yaaron kamaal Kar baithi, I love you send to all Kar baithi,” (she did such a great work in love, she sent I Love you to all of her contacts) she said and they laughed. “Okay now let’s sleep,” he said and they slept cuddling to each other.

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