Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 38)

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Madhoo feels something is going to happen today as her intuition dsays her that.She shares her feelings with RK and finds him not even considering her thoughts.she asks him not to have any conversation with her anymore .RK says “No biwi,no my intuition says that today I am going to get some gift from my biwi,what us my gift ?”.She walks away. RK stops her and asks her not to worry and nothing can happen without our control.she remembers about meeting Madhu in market with her son Rohan and thinks to.share ur with RK and Deepika but stops because RK will get very much excited and thinks not to tell it now and say after knowing where is her ?.RK asks her to be happy and hugs her.

Deepika comes to SKB’s room and finds him talking with his dead wife Deepali and knocks at the door.He turns and hides his tears and asks her to get in and there is no need for this formalities.She sits in the bed and asks him “why did you not get married once again ?”.He answers with a smile and says “Because I loved my Deeps very much even thought she hate me initially,you know something your mom was RK’s ex girlfriend but I loved her “.Deepika smiles and says “Today,I saw a father daughter duo and remembers us.She thinks of Gowtham and smiles.SKB sees her daughter smiling and remembers his wife Deepali and laughs.

Deepika sees him laughing at her and thinks that he us teasing her and talks like her mom and says “Oh,just shutup shikky “.he stood laughing and sees her with surprise and says “you are like your mom”.They hears foot steps in hall and goes to see. SKB and Deepika sees Aarya standing and shouting at them that he is back to comrte his work.Madhoo comes down running and sees Aarya standing,she shouts “RK,he is back,Aarya have came “.He laughs and says “Yes,I am back Aarya sultan kundra is back “.

Raj sits in his room and thinks of meeting the little boy and feels like that he is related to him by some way.he hears someone on the door and opens it and finds Paru bhabhi standing with her husband,he asks them to get in and sit.She sees Raj worrying about something and asks him to sit first .Paru’s husband gives a money bag and says “I know you only gave this amountnto do my mother’s operation ,I am repaying it to you “.Raj denies yo take the money and says “Nahi ji,if I am your brother won’t you return “.He says”But if you are my brother you must take the money from me “.Paru asks Raj about him and his life.He says “I am very fine but my life has become barren “.Paru asks Raj not to talk like that and leaves after some time.

Raj sees the money and thinks that the only relation he had in his life is this money and remembers about his life with Madhu .Madhu at the same time thinks about Raj and tells that’ I started to believe that people will change themselves due to money and seen it in you Raj’.Rohan asks her about the food that she is preparing for him for dinner.She asks him to go and play ,she will make him parathas and sits with flour to do Parathas.Rohan runs out happily.

Aarya sees RK and smirks at him.He opens his bag and takes out the pistol.Deepika asks him not to do it.He points the gun on RK and pulls trigger.RK says”don’t do it “and tries to move but before that the colors fall on his shirt.he shouts “Aarya,you have damaged my shirt “.Aarya laughs and says “I was planning to do this for past 4 months,isn’t it Madhoo di”and laughs happily.Madhoo hugs Aarya and asks him to come inside the house.He happily get inside the house.

Madhu sits without working and remembers the day of Raj’a accident and RK’s injury.The day comes in her eyes.The doctor “Neil-itna karo serial “says to Madhoo that Raj has came over the critical.condition and fine now.Madhu hugs Swara and Ishita in happiness.Neil asks them to go and meet Raj but without making him worried or stressed. Madhu goes with her baby and says “Rishab,see your papa”.Raj with struggle says”don’t bring that babybnear me,he us unlucky for me,”.Madhu gets shattered.Pragya asks Raj not like that .But Raj says”No,Pragya,when the baby comes to the eirkd,it took my fame and now trued to kill me “.

Madhu leaves The room without Talking further.RK comes out of the room and sees his daughter crying.He asks her the matter.Pragya says the happenings to RK.he shouts “I cannot understand Raj I need him to apologise to my daughter by now,”.Madhu hold his arm and says “daddy,no need please leave the matter “.Abhi comes running to hospital and finds Madhu crying .He asks “Fuggi,what happened here,Raj is fine or not ?”.Pragya says everything to Abhi.

He tells that he will make Raj understand,Madhu shouts “No one need to make him understand “and leaves the hospital.All other leaves .Raj is discharged after 3 weeks and comes home with SKB and Deepika,he finds Aarya sitting in the hall and asks him who let him inside.Madhu says “I asked him to come”.Raj leaves to his room angrily.Madhu follows him and asks him to understand that Aarya loved Rajini very much and cannot digest her death ,Raj asks whether she thinks that he us the murderer who killed Rajini.Madhu says that she loves him very much and trust him but He must explain her what happened,he asks her not to fake her affection and leaves in somedays,.He sees the baby sleeping on cradle and says Madhu to take the child out.She says “OK,Raj,I am leaving with my son from you ,bye “and goes out .
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Aarya sees Madhoo sitting in her room worried and asks her the reason of her fear.Madhoo says about meeting Madhu in market.Aarya asks whether she called her to come or not,Madhoo says the entire incident and asks Aarya to find where is actually
Madhu. He promises her and come out of the room and finds RK standing and listening to their conversation.He says “Actually “.RK asks him not for any explanation and says “Find Madhu please “and goes.Aarya thinks to find Madhu by any extend and unite the family which breaks because of his action years ago.Deepika thinks about Rohan and says to herself that a very naughty boy.

Rohan comes from playing and sees Mafhu doest prepare parathas and asks her to do it soon because he feeling so hungry.Madhu asks him to wait and goes to put hot parathas.Rohan takes out the autographed photo of Raj and kisses it and sits seeing yjd photo.Madhu comes out with parathas and asks him to eat it.Raj sits inyhd dinning table and days the bred with jsm and remembers the home made food made by Madhu and misses it very much.

Rohan eats the parathas and tell that “my friend loved yourvfoid very much “.Madhu asks the name of the friend.Rohan gets alert and tells “Chotu “.Madhu goes on hearing someone calling her.
Gowtham and sonali reaches home after going to shopping and sits in the sofa.Sonali praises the film of Chota bheem and sees her father in thoughts and asks him the reason for his silence. Gowtham
asks Sona to go and sleep because it is getting late and she need yo go to school.Sona goes to her room and thinks to talk to Rohan. she calls Madhu’s number .Rohan picks the call and both if them talks for sometimes.Gowtham who passes by Sona’s room sees her talking with Rohan smiles seeing the bond between children.

precap:Aarya sees Raj playing with a boy in the park and thinks to find about the boy.

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