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Family misunderstood the situation and announced SwaLak and RagSan marriage. They went to get ready for roka.

‘Dadi maa, i don’t love Sanskar and there is nothing such between Swara and Lakshya too
Infact in Jaipur Swara has confessed her love to Sanskar and lakshya has proposed me . ‘ Ragini said all this in one breath as she was being dragged by daadi sa to the room. Dadi widened her eyes and opened her mouth in surprise. Swara stood numb.

Dadi shook Ragini an said , ‘ Re chhori, are you out of your senses. We have seen everything in the video downside . Don’t even think to play your dirty game again. ‘

‘Dadi sa , i am telling the truth to you.’ said Ragini crying. Listening this Dadi turned to Swara and said , ‘ Swara what she is saying. Tell me is everything allright ‘

Swara brust into tears and hugged Dadi and said , ‘ Dadi sa, i love Sanskar. I cannot marry lakshya. How did it happen. Please save us from this unwanted relations, pleas dadi ‘

Dadi parted Swara and with a tensed and anger mixed look she closed the door of tge door and went upto SwaRagini again.
‘ Listen girls, i don’t know what you both are talking about. I know only that its a matter of our family’s peestige and you have already ruined it a lot by doing those shameless things in the video. Don’t try to turn it more shameful by swapping your partners. Is it not enough for us to see our grandaighters like this in video. I don’t want one more drama here. Get ready fast and come downside. I join hands in front of you both don’t try to ruin your father’s and family name ‘ saying this dadi left. Swaragini looked each other in eyes with tears.

On the other room Sanskar said to annapurana, ‘ Badi maa, i love Swara and the things we saw downside is not true.’
Sujata and Annapurana stood shock. Sujata held Sanskar’s hand and asked , ‘ what are u saying. Are you mad. Do you know what can happen if this video reaches the internet and what effect it will lay in our family if you claim to love Swara and try to kiss her sister Ragini. ‘

Annapurana turned to lakshya and said , ‘ Lakshya is this true. Sanskar loves Swara..’
Lakshya interuppted her and said , ‘ yes maa, even Swara loves bhai too and i love Ragini. I have proposed her for marriage. ‘

Lakshya was slept hard by Annapurana and she said , ‘ Relations are not joke lakshya. In the video you show your closeness to Swara and now you are saying you love Ragini. Do you realise if Swara marries Sanskar then Swara will be your bhabhi ( sister-in-law ) and if this video reaches to the people our family will loose its respect. Think about your father. ‘

‘ What are you saying jijji, we cannot think even of marrying Swara and Sanskar. Whatever the maater is Sanskar will have to marry Ragini and lakshya will have to marry Swara’ said Sujata going near to Annapurana. And then turning to boys she said , ‘ you both get ready and come soon downside. ‘

Annapurana was not able to say anything. As if she lost her senses. ‘ Why god always takes test of my family and my children. Why they always get deprived of their love. God please help us .’ she thought and then turned to Sanskar and said , ‘ beta if this true then what is that we saw in video downside. ‘
Sanskar held Annapurana’s hand and said , ‘ Badi maa that was a drama. I and Ragini planned all that crap and i will tell you in detail afterwards but maa please do something. I cannot marry anyone else except Swara.’

‘ But there is no other option Sanskar. Already your bade papa is much angry after getting the video and this will worsen the condition. Think about our family reputation and come down.’ said Sujata and she left helding Annapurana.

‘ Bhai lets get ready and go downside. I am sure we will figure out something but for now lets do as our family id saying’ lakshya said and Sanskar complied sadly.

SwaRagini were dressed but they were not gathering the courage to go down. Just then Sumi came.
‘ Shona, laado are u both ready? ‘ said Sumi as she entered the room. And then seeing her beautiful daughters she smiled widely and kissed their forheads.
Sensing the moisture in their eyes she asked being worried , ‘ Is everything okay with you too. Why you both are crying.’

They both immediately hugged her and cried their heart out. Sumi rubbed their back and waited for them to speak.

‘ Ma’ Ragini said sobbing , ‘ I cannot marry Sanskar. Sanskar and Swara love each other and I..’ she sobbed and sobbed and was not able to speak further.
‘ Ma..lakshya..loves..Ragini..’said swara stopping between each letter for a sob.. ‘ and thats all a misunderstanding in the video. Please save us maa, from this relationship that will destroy all the lives.’

Sumi parted them and said, ‘ I sensed something was wrong when i saw faces of you four downside. But it is a big problem SwaRagini. I cannot let this marriage happen if my daughters are not happy. ‘
SwaRagini found a little ray of hope but just then they hear a loud voice , ‘ And what about the reputation of both the families. ‘ said Dadi growling. , ‘ Reputation is itself important than the life of the person . Now you both come downside. Your grooms have already arrived.’ saying this dadi dragged both of them and they gazed at Sumi in helplessness.

Both SanLak and SwaRagini were sitting opposite to each other in sofa sadly.

Annapurana sadly moved towards Swara thinking of the situation her kids are facing. She was going to make Swara wear the bangles but was stopped by a voice.

‘ Stop ‘ said Samistha loudly and went near to dp. ‘ I cannot let this happen to my daughters . Their happiness is everything for me. And they don’t love each other infact Ragini and lakshya & Swara and Sanskar are in love. Either get them married or please stop all this. ‘ said Samistha.

All family became shocked and dp said , ‘ Shamishta ji what are you saying’.

‘She is telling the truth. Sanskar and lakshya have told me already. Its my request please let our sons get their love.’ said Annapurana .

‘ How can u even think of it’ said dp angrily and he went upto SwaRagini and SanLak. ‘ How can u all think that i will ruin your happiness. And Swara you, you yourself told me that family members come first and today for the sake of society you were going to kill the happiness of your loved ones. I am not that bad beta you will be married to Sanskar only and Ragini and lakshya will be married too. The happiness of you all is above than the society or what it thinks about us.’

Swara hugged him saying, ‘ Bade papa, thank you.’ . Dp consoled her and said ‘ Samishta ji said correct the happiness of our kids is above everything ‘ . Now start the function and aceept the shagun from Sujata.

‘ But reputation matters too bade papa ‘ said lakshya and Swara, Ragini, Sanskar looked him shocked. ‘And i will not let our reputation at stake. I have an idea . By edditing this video we can easily replace bhai with me . And we will post it ourselve in the net naming cutest proposal. I will do further edditing in it and it will seem like we have put our proposal video like most of the people do. And if that person who has send this video tries to put this one in net , we can easily prove this one is fake as we have already posted the original video’ said lakshya.

All liked the idea and Ragini looked at him with praise in her eyes. He then took out his laptop and editted the video perfectly in couple of minutes and posted it online inviting their friends and relatives for tge engagement tomorrow as dp dictated.

Then the roka ceremony was successfully completed and all family was happy. They got to know about SanRag plan to unite Swalak. They shared some lighter moments and then they bid farewell and it was about 4 in the morning.

Sanskar gave a flying kiss to Swara. Lakshya waved bye to Ragini. And they all left.

Finally their love won. Jus few days more and both the sisters will br Mrs Maheshawari. SwaRagini hugged each other happily and all the family joined them . They thanked Samishta and she told them to take some rest and said we will talk later. They both happily went to their room deep lost in their love.


SwaSan and RagLak engagement.


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