Madhubala 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 9th April 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Annie helps AK to sit on the sofa..! She tells Madhu that she is not as innocent as she appears..! She says AK was right.. u are shrewd.. u scheme.. first u instigated RK saying AK is not a hero.. then made him tell AK to prove he is hero by jumping! Madhu says he is not crazy …! He is a special child! Annie says he is mad! Madhu says.. how can u be so insensitive? When it hurts he cries… and he is happy the way he has been made..! Atleast he does not use someone.. like ur brother! He is not mad.. ur brother is mad! AK fumes..! Madhu says.. despite knowing all . .ur bro jumped from the balcony like a kid.. he calls himself hero . .but acts like villain ..! Just to take revenge from me.. he made RK stand on parapit.. all for his saddistic pleasure..! Madhu says.. whatever RK does is for his innocence.. but what ur bro does is coz of his madness.. so instead of shouting on me.. take ur bro to pyschiatrist.. ! Madhu says RK is of 6 years… how old r u? The difference betwen u and RK is .. RK is special and u are disabled..! AK is furious!

RK is playing with toy car in the room and Madhu comes with food..! RK ignores her..! He calls Madhu . ur liar.. katti…! Madhu says.. its 3pm or ur health will be spoilt! RK breaks the glass of water and fumes! Madhu tells RK this is bad manners.. if ur angry take it out on me.. not on the food..! Madhu says.. if u dun eat.. there will be rats in ur tummy and make noise and ur face which is cute and happy .. ur face will be tilted! RK says.. let it be.. but i wont eat.. ! RK says wont talk to u either! Madhu says sorry…! RK says go say sorry to hero .. not me! RK asks Madhu to come with him and say sorry to AK! Madhu is worried!

Tamanna asks AK what he was doing? Why showing so much passion? He is child..! AK says.. was trying to win his confidence and once they get convinced.. it will be in their heart for life..! AK says.. RK will torture Madhu with this for life..! Right then RK comes with Madhu ..! RK says.. brought this liar gudiya to say sorry to u..! AK smirks…! He asks her to say sorry to AK! Madhu says am sorry..! RK says not like this… say that ‘i lied.. i m sorry’ ..!! Madhu fumes but relents.. and glares at AK and says …the lines..! Tamanna smiles triumphantly at Madhu ..! RK leaves from there! AK keeps smiling at her..! Madhu walks off ..

Madhu keeps her bridal attire.. mangalsutra and sindoor at PKs feet and says this jewelery ..these bangles.. all this is priceless for a wedded female but for me its a burden and till i stay burdened underneath it.. i cant manage RK ..and now.. he is my responsibility ..! Madhu says.. for RK this is a game and even i dun accept this marriage…! Madhu says when i look at these things .. i recollect the incident that happened to me and RK ..! Madhu says despite being married .. i wanna keep all these things far from me.. forgive me..!

Later at nite.. Madhu is walking in the alley and right then Bittu calls..! Madhu asks the matter? Bittu says for a few days have to come to Mumbai to take opinion for Radha from the heart surgeons who are meeting for a conference …! He says called u in advance .. so u can take a leave for a day ..! Madhu is worried that .. her lie will be caught.. .and that if she went to her chawl.. what will happen to RK? She decides that she has to go and she will counsel RK …! Madhu rues that but RK is upset with me.. how to appease him? Later in the nite… Madhu is restless and recollects the Bittuconversation..! Madhu notices RK asleep and says.. RK is asleep coz he does not have any burden on him and she is unable to sleep coz she has burdened herself with things that no longer matter!

Part 2

Sweetie screams on Lela for stuffing her stuff ..! Lela says.. wondering where to hide all this.. and myself..  ! Sweetie asks what? Lela says Bittu called.. that he is coming here for 2 days.. if he finds out about Madhu ..what will we do? Sweetie asks what will we tell him? Lela says what will we say’? No idea..! U think! Sweetie says.. u did all this.. i cant think .. i just know i dun wanna be poor again! Lela is worried..!

Part 3
Madhu tells RK .. ur not talking to me..tho i said sorry to ur hero..thats why i got tickets of fantasyland so we can go have fun .. but ur upset.. so u wont come … ! She says so when i come back i will tell u about the fun i had..! U sit here and do painting or watch ur cartoon! She says so when i come back i will tell u about the fun i had..! RK says stop! Madhu asks yeah? RK says accepted ur sorry..! RK says can i come to fantasy world? Madhu says ofcourse! RK goes to get ready! Madhu says hurry!

Precap — At fantasy world.. Madhu is searching for RK .. and RK screams am here.. on the merry go round and RK says am hero i will jump from here! Madhu says no …! RK gets ready to stand on parapit..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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