Balika Vadhu 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 9th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Saachi calling Rakhi and requests her to bring her parents for her wedding with Vivek. Rakhi accuses her for snatching Vivek from them. Saachi says, he is very sensible and praises him. She says, he is all alone now. You should be with him. He told me about his family’s wishes attached to his marriage. He loves his family a lot and miss them. She asks her to attend her wedding atleast for Vivek’s happiness. Rakhi gets emotional. Saachi says, if you attend the wedding then it will be a gift for your brother. Rakhi cries and disconnects the call.

Saachi tells Anandi that she tried for the last time. Anandi says, I am very proud of you. Mehendi and Sangeet function begins. Vivek comes with Payal and her mother. They are welcomed by Saachi’s family. Vivek looks at Saachi smilingly.

Amol tells everyone that their family will dance and sing for Saachi and it will be a gift from them. Shiv and Anandi dance on the song Tenu Leke Main Jawanga…………………….Everyone looks happily and enjoy the dance. Next performance is by Payal. She dances on the song Chalka Chalka Re………………….Ira sings the song Banno Re Banno Meri Chali Sasural Ko…………………Meenu gets emotional and sings the song with Ira.

Daddu and Alok dance on the song Shava Shava………..Saachi and Vivek dance with them. Alok and Ira get emotional. Ira says, I always wanted Saachi to enjoy life. Today is the happy moment.

Rakhi wants to attend Vivek’s marriage. Her mom says, you are betraying us. Rakhi says, we had talked about Bhai’s marriage. Her father says, we can’t live with memories. We should not get sad. Vivek is nothing for us. Everything is finished.

Ratan Singh is informed in Jail about Gunjan committing suicide. Ratan is shocked. Shankar looks at Gunjan’s dead body. Ratan recalls about Shankar and Gunjan’s argument. Ratan scolds Shankar for Gunjan’s death. Shankar says, he was dead for me long ago. Ratan is shaken with his words.

Sumitra tells Dadisaa to give badam halwa to Ganga for keeping it in Mannu’s stuff. Dadisaa says, I can’t give. Sumitra says, I can’t go infront of Ganga. Dadisaa says, Mannu will leave soon. Sumitra comes to Ganga’s room.

Ganga is sitting silently with bag and Mannu’s stuff. Mannu is playing with the toys. Sumitra packs his bags. Mannu is ready to leave and is sitting in the hall with family. Nandu says, my Mannu won’t go anywhere. I will beat them. Sumitra says, they are elder than you. She make him understand. Nandu says, Mannu is my brother. He will live with me. Jagya gets a call from Ratan’s parents. They ask Jagya to handover Mannu to them infront of Ratan Singh in jail. Jagya asks, what is this nonsense. Ratan’s father says, Ratan wants that and asks him to reach there soon. Jagya tells his family that time has come for Mannu to leave. Dadisaa is pained.

Vivek and Saachi are exchanging garlands. His parents come and says won’t you take our blessings. Ganga, Jagya, Ratan’s parents wait for Ratan. Ratan comes and looks at Mannu. Nandu prays to Lord.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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