Madhubala 8th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 8th January 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 8th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

RK is confused as to what is going on and follows the voice to the terrace and finds Madhu there! He asks if she is fine? Suddenly lights come on and all start wishing RK on his budday! Madhu lights the cake..! She wishes him! RK asks not to do this ever again ..! Sikky says.. not to be scared like KRK took Madhu away..! All ask Sikky to shut up..! Rishbala feed cake to each other! Bittu – Sikky wish RK..! Sikky asks RK ur age? RK says.. deduct 5 yrs from ur age for my physical age n deduct 20 yrs from my age for ur mental age! Bittu says.. organised a party for u.. n says he n Madhu thot something for him! RK says has to be dangerous! Bittu says its a theme party.. n its bachcha party..! Madhu says.. no drinks ! Sikky grumbles..! Bittu says we have to adjust! RK n Madhu leave

arm in arm..! All smile happily!

Later at nite… KRK shown burning his pics..! Bhujang asks what is this? KRK says quiet..! Bhujang says.. stop this drama! KRK cries saying .. i m wiping off my identity! Bhujang asks.. why are u crying? Sending u to live RKs life.. which people dream to live! KRK says..then why dun u do it urself! Bhujang says.. if only had RKs face! KRK says sorry..! KRK says that he is brave to go to cemetery.. but a bit scared of Madhu .. who can sniff .. who is RK n who KRK! Bhujang says .. the more the enemy is smarter.. the more fun the chase.. dun worry too much!

Bhujang feeds milk to KRK..! Next day morning .. Sikky wakes up n is trying to blow balloons! Bittu is ordering for cake..! Sikky fumes..! Bittu says.. ur problem.. btw.. keep trying! Radha-Pabho come n Radha asks all preps done? Bittu says yes! Pabho-Radha leave to visit orphanage! Sikky manages to blow one balloon! Madhu puts tie on RK .. n put glasses.. n a bottle around his neck..! She says..child star RK ready! RK says.. birthday boy RK .. is looking like cartoon..! Madhu says u have to wear clothes as per theme! RK says no one asked me my choice! Madhu says.. will change the theme..! RK says.. well no probs.. he says… The Boss n Wife is always right..! Madhu says happy? RK says yes..! He asks if orphanage kids are coming ? Madhu says yes..! Madhu then offers to do his facial .. n RK says no n runs around n Madhu chases.. he falls on the bed..!

KRK is running .. away from tatoo makers.. n says.. in village.. only hubby puts wifes name .. in future when i get married.. will u get a girl called Madhu for me? Bhujang says have to do this for taking RKs place..! He says.. get it written by ink .. Bhujang says it will wipe off by bath or sweat..! KRK says true..! All try to catch KRK but he runs away..! Bhujang plays music n KRK starts dancing n is caught by the men of Bhujang n gets tattoo done!

Madhu is doing RKs facial n asks what gift u want? RK says two.. u guess..! Madhu says.. best actor award n second a new member in our family ..! RK says will tell in evening! Bittu comes running n RK says..congo u din break ur record..!

Party is underway.. n all are decked up as per theme..! RK feels conscious .. n says all will lauf seeing me..! He says.. but seeing u in saree remembering my chemistry teacher..! Madhu shushes him..! Sikky says.. n birthday bumps too for RK! RK says.. good n on ur budday theme will be.. lets beat Sikky de dana dan! Madhu asks all set? Bittu says yes! Madhu asks where are kids?

KRK tells Bhujang all set! Bhujang says.. couriered money to ur mom .. n will till u are of service to us..! He asks KRK to study the CCTV footage that Kuku sent. .n KRK says he has seen it…! Kids of the orphanage wish RK .. n its cake cutting time! Bhujang arrives there dressed as waiter..! RK is about to ask for wish n opens the gift box n sees its a toy..! All lauf…! Sikky asks where is real budday cake..! A magician comes n says..its here..!

Part 2

Bittu says.. this is Sudeep Darkar the famous magician ..who will entertain us.. ! All clap..! RK asks so next is musical chair? Madhu says..shut up … if u harass me again.. will make Magician make a rabbit of u..! Magician says..guess someone is missing here..! He asks RK who he is missing? RK says Dips..! Sikky says.. wow.. me too ..! Magician says. .lets see if this wish is fulfilled..! The lights go off and Dips appears..! All clap ..! Dips wishes RK n says.. u were missing me .. so i came..! Have a great birthday..! Sikky hugs her..! Magician asks for Rs.500 from Sikky n he says. .am the most poor member of this family dun have any money n magician pops a Rs.500 note from Sikkys hair…!

Magician tells Bittu have a gift for u too.. n asks for a glass of water..!

Part 3

Bittu drinks the water from the glass and water pops out of his shirt..! All are surprised..! Magician says.. now time to fulfill Madhus wish…! Madhu is confused..! Magician says.. heard that Madhu wants to make u disappear..! Madhu says just joking! Magician says.. relax.. n asks RK to enter the magic box..! Magician asks RK to ask or answer to Madhu .. n RK says one answer.. yes.. u guessed the second gift correctly .. want a new member in our family but no mistakes this time.. ! The first gift guessed.. of best actor is wrong. .i already have the first gift . .n its U .. Madhu! All smile.. Madhu says i love u RK .. n RK says i love u Biwi..!

RK enters the magic box..! Madhu is a bit anxious..! Bhujang watches from afar..!

Precap — Magician asks want to call ur hubby back? Magician opens the box.. but its empty..! All are nervous and worried for RK..! Madhu looks around searching RK ..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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