Madhubala 7th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 7th September 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 7th September 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK returns home ..Bittu asks RK to understand..!

RK asks if he is hungry? He calls servants to set the table n no diet food so can celebrate the new start..

Bittu tries to explain to RK ..that all this is not right and its negative publicity and it affects RKs image..! RK says..

Umeed mat tootne dena mere dost.. ujala karne ke liye…roshni ki ek kiran zarura aaegi. .n its here..!

RK says.. name will come actor and producer..!

RK turns n says tell Madhu am here ..! Servant says she knows! Bittu reminds RK what he told Madhu..! RK realises.. n goes to check on Madhu who is faking being asleep!

RK calls out to Madhu .. he sits on bed n says know she is not asleep he says am sorry..! He says sometimes he says things he

doesnt mean..! He says said sorry..! RKMadhu wakes up.. n RK gives gift to open!

Madhu is sad.. ! RK opens gift ..its a diamond ear rings..! Madhu says by bribing..he thinks she will be ok? RK says no ..just wanted to hear ur voice! RK gives another gift..! Madhu says sometimes can get hurt too but.. n RK shows the gift.. glass globe with bride-groom n song.. I LOVE U!

Madhu says fuming seeing this . .n feel like saying n RK plays.. I LOVE U! Madhu says no other song? RK says another globe has song.. sarkai lo khatiya.. it was cheap.. so ! Madhu smiles n Rishbala smile..!

RK says sorry! Rishbala hug..! RK asks Mogambo khush hua n Madhu agrees! RK says will produce own film … n Madhu is happy..! RK asks who to cast n Madhu says Sanya Roy!

RK tells Bittu to fix meeting with Sanya.. RK tells Bittu have to say something n plays I LOVE U .n Bittu smiles n goes..! Rishbala hug again! Madhu thanks God..!

RK arrives at the cafe… and people are busy getting their pics taken with him! Bittu says.. been half n hour up.. n she is not here …! RK says give a talented person ..second chance..always! Waiter asks what to get n RK says shantilala..!

Sanya arrives..! She greets RK ..hugs him..! Says Mumbai traffic ..! RK says Bittu wants to know where she got accent and she says Hollywood film .!She asks how is Bittu n RK says sulge sulge se hain.. main firebrigade bulane wala tha!

RK tells Sanya his plans..! Sanya says exciting..! She says will do it..its him so..! RK says no one can say no to me..! Sanya leaves from there! RK says.. to slap the person.. who says his charm wont work..! Bittu says look at change in her..! Dun like him n RK says he doesnt like girls! RK asks to eat apple.. as it helps to keep mouth shut!

RK asks for toast..

Kuku tells Radha..what can he do if PH wants to ban RK? Kuku says..his misbehaviour is reason! RK says..Kuku will feel bad to hear that RKs film work has started!

Radha says dun want anymore fights..! She says she and Kuku will go someplace else! Kuku opposes but Radha says decided! RK says.thamba.. Mrs. Bhatiya. listen . chala kahan tu bedard mujhe itna dard dekar..! RK Says keep friends close and enemies closer.. so .. she and her nakaershwar pati kahin nahi ja rahe! He insults Kuku n Kuku fumes!

Part 2

RK says awaz neeche! He says two things. .save ur frustration n dun cut ur nails.. coz when his movie is biggest hit.. the nails khamba nochne ke kaam ayega!

RK says .. he is a film industry in himself..! RK says… to close his his dreams break! RK says. Sanya is heroine of my movie..! RK says time to say Lights..Camera.. Action ..! Kuku self thot.. sab shuru nahi khatam hone ja raha hai!

Part 3

Amar tells Sanya that she is smart enouf to get the message..! RK is childish he doesnt understand meaning of PH ban ..! No ph .. no cast or crew will work with him!

Amar says he is writing script of his own destruction! Sanya says know ph is more powerful than RKs stardom wont go against it..! She says will deal with it..! Amar says todays girls are very smart..!

She says.. waqt ke sath na chale to waqt insaan ko RK kar deta hai

Precap — RK tells Madhu done n Madhu says…he needs champi as his head is half time hot.. or full time.. ! RK says.. breaking my hair.. n Madhu says so. RK pulls Madhu close..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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