Balika Vadhu 7th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 7th September 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 7th September 2013 Written Update

Mere Saiyaan Re song plays. Jagya is remembering the moments that he spent with Ganga. He says in his mind, I will try to forget you in next 6 months, Ganga.

Ganga is in the kitchen. Mannu is playing there. She tells him to go outside and play. She then remembers an incident with Mannu in Badi Haveli and Dadisa saved him.

Anandi teaches the village women how to deposit money in a bank account.

Ghanshyam kaka is trying to stop an auto for Ganga and Mannu, but no one stops. Ganga wonders why no one is stopping. Another auto comes, and this time Bal stops it for them. He says, don’t you see there is a woman with a child? Can’t you stop? Ganga sits in the auto and thanks him. Bal has a smile on his face as auto leaves.

Sanchi is talking with Jagya on

the phone. She says she is missing him a lot and all that. Jagya is working on the laptop. Sanchi doesn’t stop talking. In end Jagya puts phone on the speaker. Sanchi asks him if he’s listening to her. Jagya says, I have exams coming up.. I need to study. Can we talk later? Sanchi says, okay and hangs.

In Mangalore, Ganga also comes to the school for her exam. Jagya is writing a paper too.

Sanchi comes out after giving exam and tells her friend that now she can concentrate on marriage preparations.

Ganga also comes out with her classmate.

Jagya is walking out from the school and says, exams are done.. 6 months are done, but I couldn’t fulfill promise that I made to myself. I couldn’t forget Ganga.

Jagya returns Jaitsar. He greets and takes blessings from everyone. Dadisa is proud of Jagya. Jagya says, it’s all because of your blessings.. without that, I wouldn’t be able to do anything.

In Mangalore, Ganga is happy as she passed the exam as well. She tells Mannu, I passed exam.. we won. She calls Jagya to inform him first. She calls and tells Jagya, I passed the exam and topped in the class. Jagya congratulates her. Ganga then asks him for his result. Jagya says, I didn’t top like you, but I passed. Ganga is very happy for Jagya and says, this is better news than mine.

Jagya is looking at Ganga and Mannu’s photo in his mobile. Bhairo comes to his room, and he hides his phone right away. Bhairo tells Jagya that he is proud of him. Bhairo says, I didn’t tell you when you were going to Mumbai, but I was a bit scared too like others, but you didn’t disappoint us. Both share an emotional hug. Jagya says, I could do this only because of you. Everyone was not sure about sending me there, but you stood up and said yes right away. I should be proud that I am your son. Bhairo says, Jaitsar people will be more proud as they have doctor with MS degree here now. Jagya says he will join hospital from tomorrow.

Sumi is very happy and cooking in the kitchen. Dadisa comes and asks if there is anything special today which she doesn’t know about. Sumi says, today is nothing less than a festival for me. Jagya got so skinny after returning from Mumbai. Now I will feed him and make him healthy by his wedding time. Sumi then asks Dadisa to call Sanchi’s house to find a good marriage date as Sanchi also finished her studies. Dadisa says, he just came.. let him rest a little. Sumi agrees.

Everyone welcomes Jagya in the hospital. Jagya tells them not to praise him so much. Nothing has changed. He is same doctor as before and asks everyone to work with him just like before.

Ghanshyam kaka is returning. Bal stops and asks him from where he’s coming. Kaka says he went to get a form so Ganga can fill it out and he can get their tickets for Rajashthan. Kaka leaves. Bal is surprised and says, 6 months and I couldn’t do anything. This old men is in house all the time, and students in college. I never took this much time to hunt someone.. will have to do something before this bird flies away.

Jagya comes to a room in hospital. He sees all new equipments. Jagya is hopeful that they will be able to give better treatment to everyone. Lal Singh says, absolutely, but with better facilities, we will need more staff too. Jagya agrees. Lal Singh then says, he has someone in his mind who is qualified, Ganga. He says, her results must have come by now. Jagya says, her results came.. she topped in her class. Lal Singh says, that’s great.. when she is coming here. Jagya says, she won’t join hospital. Lal Singh says, but she did course only so she can join hospital. Jagya says, she can join some other hospital, not this. Lal Singh asks why? You also wanted her to join our hospital, then what happened? She has done so much for you and for your family. He reminds him all that Ganga did. Jagya says, I know, but still she won’t come after that. Lal Singh, because she loves you? Jagya is shocked hearing that!

Lal Singh says, I am sorry.. I shouldn’t have said it. Jagya says, no.. now you started, so finish it. Why do you think that she loves me? Lal Singh says, leave it.. Jagya says, no. I want to know it. Lal Singh tells him how Ganga was crying and saying she wouldn’t be able to live if anything happens to Jagya. He tells Jagya, a woman, especially like Ganga, would only cry like that for any man if she made him of her completely. I told Anandi about this as well, she didn’t say anything, but she also feels the same. Jagya is shocked!!! Jagya says, Ganga loves me.. and Anandi knows it too? He remembers how Anandi questioned him in Udhaipur and realizes why she questioned like that. Lal Singh asks Jagya, now you tell.. don’t you love Ganga? Jagya says, I am engaged with Sanchi and you know it. Lal says, whole world knows that, but I want to know what’s in your mind.. whom you love.. Sanchi or Ganga. Jagya says, it’s better if you don’t answer a few questions. Otherwise those answers can destroy many lives. Lal puts his hand on Jagya’s shoulder and taps him. Lal leaves. Screen freezes on Jagya’s face.

Voiceover: When – what your mind wants – doesn’t happen, and you see opposite of it – that you don’t want – happening, your mind gets into a conflict – which is hard to get rid off.

Precap: Anandi is cleaning the house. She falls down from a table. Shiv catches her on the last moment. Both have an eyelock. Daddu comes there and gives them a red rose. Shiv-Anandi break the eyelock and leave each other right away. Anandi is putting her pallu back on. Daddu says no need for that.
Meenu Ira are also there now. Meenu tells Anandi there is no need to keep pallu on from now. Shiv pulls her pallu down right away. Anandi looks at him and he acts as if he didn’t do anything.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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