Madhubala 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 7th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Mehul tells RK not to react on ego.. n think logically! RK says.. if he thot logically .. audience nor Madhu wuld have loved him so much!

RK tells him ..heart is most illogical.. n it will give u all such ideas.. for todays its ur packup.. talk to u tomorrow on set! Bittu tries to explain RK n RK says..go watch a movie.. !

RK calls servant.. Madhu comes to help .. n RK asks to get bandage..cotton and antiseptic! Madhu asks where are u hurt? RK points to her feet…! Embarrassed Madhu hugs RK!

Radha is pacing in her room and recollects Sikkys revelations..! Dips puts glycerine in her eyes n Pabho says.. ur such a con ..! She and Dips go to Radha and find her wailing..! Pabho comes and cribs about Madhus behaviour to Radha and call her an actress! Radha says.. here all are actors..! Dunno who is real and who is fake!

Dips moby rings..! Radha tells Pabho that i cant trust anyone. not even u..! Pabho asks Radha to stay strong for RK ..! Sikky calls up Dips n informs he ran off..! He asks her to help him out and pick him up from a secret location!

Madhu does RKs massage n RK asks who is part of this sazish? Madhu says.. burai aachai ki mummy hoti hai. .n this stinky oil will make ur hand ok soon! RK teases her.. for her dialogs..! RKs moby rings. but he is unable to lift it..! Madhu gives the phone to him ..! Its the bank manager.. ! RK assures all will be well..!

Dips comes with food for Sikky ..n he says. .wanna apolgoise to RK ..! Dips slaps him n says..he wont forgive u..!

Part 2
RK is chatting with media.. n is asked.. if there are any changes in script coz of his condition and RK says two dance sequences and action scenes increased..! The phone slips n RK is not able to lift it.. n Madhu helps him! BG -= Hue bawre ye naina sanam tere pyaar me.. kahan kho gaya mera chaina is intezar mein ..par ab talak tera ikrar hai baki ..mere arzio ki manzure bhi sarkar hai baki! Ishq tu hi hai mera! Madhu helps RK get ready! They are hugging..!

Radha comes n asks why he has to rush? RK says. ur hubby created mess so have to go..! RK and Madhu are on the way out and Pabho says.. Madhu need not be with u always.. so..! RK asks what do u mean? Pabho calls out to servant to bring wheelchair for RK..!

Precap – RK throws the wheelchair off and says am not handicapped.. n no one dare think that about me! He says. .from today my name is Rishabh Kundra Madhubala .. n Madhu will be with me till my last breath.. no one dare separate us..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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