Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 7th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Jazz talking to his man about Abhi. He tells him that Abhi was seen near Baburaam’s house. Jazz thinks whether Abhi told Shivani about the real will. Mahima says they have to find out what is going in Abhi’s mind and for that they have to meet Raghu and Shivani. Jazz asks but will they agree to meet us. Lata gives tea to Baburaam. Shivani says she wants to say…. Lata says she is sorry that her jewellery is stolen from their home. Shivani says you are not at fault and says she wants to say that…. Nishi comes and asks when they will light the lightings. Bella asks her to go. She asks Raghu to bring the lightings. Vivek tells her not to cry and he will bring. Bella asks her not to cry and go to sleep. Shivani asks Nishi not to cry and says we will celebrate the Diwali. Bella thinks they didn’t have money. Shivani says she will get the stuff. Nishi asks whether she has money. Shivani says she have lots of money and she will get the crackers, lights, etc…. Shivani tells Maya that Diwali comes once in a year and they will celebrate the haveli and asks them to forget about the jewellery. Everyone keeps quiet. She asks Raghu to say that they will celebrate the haveli. Raghu says hojayega babyji. Shivani asks him to get the things for Nishi. Raghu says ok.

Lata tells her that she is a guest and they can’t turn down her sayings. Nishi gets happy. Shivani thinks she will leave after Diwali. Garbage collector Gopi comes to some person and says he thought to come home for Diwali. Meanwhile he asks about doctor uncle who is sleeping on the bed. That person informs him that he got him near the lake. He asks Gopi to freshen up.

Raghu looks at the swing and says he thought to gift it to babyji. Baburaam comes and asks Raghu that Shivani’s brother and sister in law didn’t come even once to visit her. Raghu says they will come. Baburaam says Shivani should stay in haveli that day. Raghu says he will talk to Shivani whether she spoke to her relatives. Maya shows Shivani, how to make the rangoli. Shivani thanks her. Bella asks, whether her family isn’t coming to meet her. Shivani is tensed.

Meanwhile Mahima comes in her car and is stopped at the narrow lane. She enquires about Raghu’s home and starts walking with her servants in tow. Shivani makes an excuse and says she thought to go to the haveli. Mahima looks at the lane and someone splashes the trash on her. She tells him to do it properly. Raghu tells shivani that they have to go out for a day. Shivani says she knew what to do. Maya asks, how she used to celebrate Diwali at the haveli. Lata says it used to very grand celebration. Gini asks, whether she shall come with them. Raghu asks her to do work. Vivek opens the door to find Mahima with her servant. Lata greets her. Bella says they were talking about them. Mahima asks the servants to keep the gifts inside. Mahima says she brought gifts on the occasion of Diwali. Maya tells that she brought gifts. Mahima looks at the house and asks Raghu, how is he? She hugs Shivani. She tells Shivani that she missed her and asks her whether she is fine? Shivani signs yes. Mahima asks Raghu whether he is taking care of Shivani. Lata asks them to talk and says she will bring the food. Shivani asks Mahima, what she is doing here? Mahima says we will talk alone in your room. She leaves with Shivani and eyes Raghu. Mahima comes to the room and looks at the decor. Shivani asks, why you came here?

Mahima tells Shivani that her bhaiyya misunderstood her and gave her swear not to speak anything. Maya comes and hears. Maya asks, who throw whom out of the house. Shivani lies. Maya says they welcome the guests wholeheartedly and offers water. Mahima says no and thanks her. Mahima says she came here without informing Jazz. She says she will take her to the haveli. She says they didn’t do about the Parimal uncle. She says Dadaji shared everything with Parimal uncle. Mahima asks whether she talked to Parimal uncle about the new will. Shivani is tensed.

Lata offers refreshment to Mahima. Mahima tells Lata that she have to reach haveli soon. Gini says babyji is going with you naa. Shivani is tensed while Mahima is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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