Madhubala 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 7th April 2014 Written Update

Part 1

RK repeats Bittu’s name and Madhu overhears..! Bittu is confused..! Madhu tries to take phone from RK but he refuses..! Bittu calls again but RK doesnt give the phone. .so Madhu diverts him with cartoon and he loses interest in the phone ..

Bittu asks Madhu what is going on? Who is Raju? Madhu fakes ignorance..! She says .. there was some cross connection …Bittu asks why call so early? Madhu says was restless about Radha n wanna tell her about Mumbai ..! Bittu tells Madhu not to rush ..

Bittu says know u and Radha love each other .. n if u were not working .. how wuld Radha be treated? Bittu tells Madhu that.. theres nothing wrong in lying for good purpose..!

Madhu is irritated with volume of TV.. and chides RK..!She tells him to do what she says and

not touch her stuff without permission! He returns her Mopu to her.. sulks and locks himself in the bathroom ..! He starts to cry ..

He then ends up burning his hand and starts to cry again..! Madhu asks him to open door … ! He finally does .. Madhu realizes he was hurt with hot water and so she gets icepack for him ..

Madhu explains that he got hurt coz Mopu was not with him n says when angry take it out on me ..not Mopu .. n so say sorry and RK says sorry!

Madhu says if u wanna take bath tell me.. will fill bucket .. and RK says.. was crying like u did with tap open … n Madhu says nakalchi .. RK says.. dun cry . .or i wanna cry too..Servant tells RajBala that AK is waiting for them at breakfast table..! Madhu refuses but RK is excited…

Pam informs AK that Bebe has gone to lawyer.. as someone has illegally occupied her property … ! RajBala come and RK is hesitant.. but AK says.. to come and asks him to come for shoot .. n asks RK to intro himself …

RK calls Tamanna .. aunty n she fumes n AK says he is a kid.. n RK says no am a HERO ..!
Part 2

Dolly guides RK to sit ..! AK asks him what he will eat and RK says what AK is eating…

Madhu serves … n is about to feed RK when AK says he is not a kid.. let him eat on his own ..! He spills and AK uses Madhus dupatta to put around RK to stop the spill..

Part 3

AK makes RK compete to finish the breakfast and RK starts to drink and spills on Madhus dupatta..! He says am 1st..! Madhu is freaked .. !

AK asks RK to change.. ! Madhu asks AK to let RK be and he says.. din touch him even.. u feel like crying.. cry .. ur turn ..

AK takes RK to come with him and Madhu wonders where to?

Precap —- AK asks RK if he will do a stunt jump and he says yes… am superhero..! He climbs the balcony parapet wall and Madhu watches shocked!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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