Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th April 2014 Written Update

Vicky and Pihu were together in the acting class, Vicky gets a call. While taking his cell-phone out of his pocket, it drops. The call was from Shayl aunty. They see it, he tells her it’s her aunty and takes an excuse. Pihu doesn’t notices anything. Shayl tells Vicky she is worried that Pihu may not get heart-broken. He assures her that he is an actor and will remain in the limits. He will only make her realize that boys like him are for time-pass only and cannot prove to be good husbands like Murli. Shayl was satisfied and prays everything goes fine. She turns around to see Seema was standing at the door. She hopes she didn’t hear her conversation.
Gunjan was waiting for someone at the road-side. Mayank arrives and asks that shall they do it. She says yes, what he thinks. He says he will do as she says. They both leave together on bike.
Seema comes in. shayl clarifies that it is not like what she is thinking. She tells her it is good that she has listened to everything herself, now she will not have to take the entire burden by herself. It is then that Seema stops her and takes out ear-pieces of her mobile phone from her ears telling her that her husband got these for her to listen to music at leisure time. Seema stops her and takes out ear-pieces of her mobile phone from her ears telling her that her husband got these for her to listen to music at leisure time. She asks her what she was telling her. Shayl says it was nothing important. She leaves by saying that she is going in the kitchen. Seema thinks that Shayl is very disturbed since Pihu has come home. She hopes Pihu goes back to her home soon.
Gunjan and Mayank come to meet Murli. They try to convince that he should give some space to Pihu as she was very young when she got married. Murli says that she is very un-predictable. Gunjan takes Murli’s photo of college time from the frame and asks why he doesn’t dress-up like this now, so that his wife can remember how handsome her husband is. She further asks how many times he tells her wife that he loves her. She tells him that these reminders work as multi-vitamins in the health of married life. Murli is thoughtful. She suggests that they have finally got the solution to the problems and asks does he still love her. He says he loves her a lot. Gunjan further convince him that they don’t want that they hurt their relation-ship under any depression.
KT was leaving while Rachna hands him his keys, pass for press-conference. She calls him again. He asks what now. She gives him the notes. He asks what these are for. She replies ‘so that you don’t get stuck in any question by an efficient journalist ’ he looks at her for a moment. She tells him to take it it and smiles in response to his staring. He tells her that she must wait outside near the car. She says okay and leaves. Dadi enters the workshop. He turns around saying ‘I told you to go outside Miss Garg.’ He sees Dadi. She asks ‘so all set Mr. Kabir?’ he asks why she was asking this. She tells him because you could not go inside the press-conference without ticket, you must have got late without the key, what will happen to you when she will leave. She tells him that he must control wisely who should be at the entrance and exit gates of our life. He considers it.
After Vickram was done with the presentation, the host introduces Kabir and Vikram Kapoor as the two emerging designers of industry. They both look into each others as rivals. He says in his presentation that there must always be healthy competition. He says they cannot tell them the details of designs as he remembers Rachna’s suggestions about consulting notes. Sonal appreciates him.
Vickram Kapoor deters KT for he was an international designer. KT says that this will be decides by the jury and leaves. Vickram catches Rachna, comes to him and offers her to work with him in Mumbai. She says she is fine in Mumbai. He says he remembers a joke by this and they have a good talk.
Sonal sees Rachna involved in talk with Vickram. She goes to KT and points how his assistant was talking pleasantly to Vikram Kapoor forgetting he was KT’s rival. KT leaves. Rachna sees Sonal looking at her. She takes an excuse from Vickram and leaves. Sonal and Vickram gives a thumb-up to each other.
Murli remembers how Gunjan thought he could still look young and dashing and thinks of changing his get-up.
KT and Rachna looks at each other. KT imagines Rachna cheerfully talking to him. Sonal interrupts him, he was disturbed.

PRECAP: Mayank and Gunjan see Pihu with Vicky. Vicky was about to leave when he was stopped by Mayank with his hand on his shoulder.

Update Credit to:Sona

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