Madhubala 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 5th April 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 5th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sultan and Bhujang are pointing gun at each other

He says. ‘Kabhi kabhi josh ki ladai hosh me ladni chahiye warna mele me akela hoga’

Bhujang searches for his men n is shocked to see them knocked out! Sultan comes from behind n grabs Bhujangs gun n throws it..!

He drags Bhujang out n Bhujang manages to get some gulaal n throws in Sultans eyes.. n Bhujang goes to get the gun when Madhu takes it!

Bhujang asks her to give the gun n Madhu asks him to leave n Sultan asks Madhu to fire! Bhujang runs off!

Sultan chides Madhu for not firing n sees her hands shaking so takes the gun from her! She says..she cant shoot anyone..! Paddo runs to Madhu n all in chawl come out! Chawl guys are angry coz of the mess ..Madhu apologizes for all mess n says the story ..! All chawl guys accuse Madhu of breaking their trust.. Madhu recounts the story of how Trish had injured herself .. n chawl had gotten to help her n Madhu n Paddo..n she is doing what she learnt from here!
Madhu says.. they think she is mad..and trying to be MAHAN ..but she doesnt care.. as she is helping …someone..! She says..cannot use brain 24 hours. ..there is a reason for God to give Heart too! She says she will do all this madness ..she wont change! [Apno ke liye janwar bhi lad lete hain.. par gairo ki madad insaan karte hain]

Paddo recounts her past to Madhu n says..she did n said right.. kids learn from elders …!

RK is pacing in his room and recollecting the whole Sulbala moments of Holi..n fuming..! Radha asks RK why he wanted that he should put color on Madhu first? RK says.. have no answer!

Part 2

RK says.. he knew only one thing.. that only HE has right to put color on Madhu first.. but Radhas so called pyaari adarshwadi kabhi na badalne wali bahu Madhu .. has given the right to someone else..!

RK rues that no one cares about all this.. not even Madhus mom Radha says.. Paddo knows.. n trusts Madhu!

Part 3

RK shouts on Radha for mixing up in all this mess..! She says. .her son was suffering so.. ! RK says..then why she slapped him? Radha says..there is difference in situation!

Bittu tells RK there is shoot out in chawl .. All shocked!

Precap — RK pulls Madhus arm n turns her around as she tries to climb chawl stairs..! RK tells Madhu that people dun show their backs on God in temple and to RK outside temple.. ! Madhu asks RK ..why is he here?


Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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