Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 5th April 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 5th April 2013 Written Update

Megha is talking to Jiji. Jiji asks her where she is? Megha says it is only 6.15 , I will come back soon. Jiji says it is 7.15 and asks Megha where she is? Megha says she is at RJ’s place as she is not well. Megha tells Jiji that he phone is almost out of charge. Mohan asks her to give the landline number. Jiji hears Mohan’s voice. Jiji asks Megha is she is with Mohan. Megha says yes. Jiji says you said you are with RJ. Jiji realizes that RJ is Mohan’s daughter. Jiji says look at fate it bought you to Mohan’s daughter. Megha has FB of Mohan and it is shown that Mohan gifted her the watch. Megha looks at the watch. Mohan comes there and asks if the watch is still slow. Mohan asks Megha if he should drop her home. Megha leaves.

Little kids standing in front of Dada. Dada talking to them and selects a kid. He asks his man to “brand” the kid as he will be very useful. Munna comes there with Sharma. He tells Dada to tell his man think before he does anything. Dada scolds Munna and says Sharma is not a fool. He would have killed the man after bailing him. Dada and Sharma leave. Munna notices Ragini. He grabs her and asks her if she was eavesdropping. Ragini tries to Munna that he is Dada’s favorite. She also says that Beera has never seen Munna. Munna say he is not Dada’s toy.

Mohan looks at Megha’s earing. Megha realizes RJ’s fever has shot up. Megha tries to give medicine to RJ but she refuses as it is sour. Mohan asks her to drink it. RJ says she will have the medicine only if Mohan has it. Mohan agrees. Mohan chokes on it and says it tastes like Pizza. RJ has the medicine. Mohan says I hope she gets better soon as when something happens to her my breathing stops. Megha says don’t worry if not with medicine at least with love she will become better. Mohan thinks if Megha is speaking with love or is taunting. Mohan thinks that Megha never considered him a good father but she doesn’t know what he can do for his children.

Renu. Tanu , Aarti and Beera messing around. Renu says Vyas house has such luck, except for me all DIL’s are useless. She makes snide remarks on Megha being late and food not being cooked. Renu taunts Aarti some more. Aarti serves food to everyone which she has ordered from outside. Renu asks Aarti where she got the money from. Aarti says she took it from her purse.

Megha trying to comfort RJ(Soja chanda playing in BG). Megha has FB of Addu. Mohan comes and looks at them. Mohan comes and sits next to RJ. He touches her and tells Megha that RJ’s fever has come down. Megha says she has to leave. Guru comes and says even if it is after 24 hours at least RJ has slept. Guru tries to thank Megha but Mohan stops him. RJ murmurs in her sleep asking her Yashoda maiyya not to leave her and go. Megha tells RJ that she won’t leave. Mohan thanks her. Guru asks if he should serve the food. Mohan has FB himself with Nanhi and Addu, Megha feeds him, Nanhi says even she is hungry. Mohan comes out of his trance and tells Guru that he is hungry. Megha says she is not hungry.

Guru crying and repenting for lying to Megha. He thinks if MM just spoke all old issues could have been resolved. Guru thinks that now things have gone out of hand.

Munna looking at Addu’s picture. Ragini points a gun at his head and Munna grabs her. Munna tells her that the gun is not a toy. Ragini says he is playing with his life and why is he so crazy for his friend. Ragini asks him who Addu is? Ragini says wherever he is , he must be happy, living his life. Munna says Addu is not happy only Mohan & Megha are happy. Ragini says you are talking like you are Addu.

Precap: Voiceover says it has been 12 years since MM have been separated but fate is trying to bring them under one roof just like what Nanhi was trying to do. On the other hand Ragini is trying to be a mirror to Munna and what would one see when they look into it……..

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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