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Madhubala 31st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dau ji talking to RK. RK says shall I fix a date with Bai ji, take her. Bai ji comes. Dau ji talks to her indirectly. RK asks her to cook something good. Madhu comes and gives tea to Madhu. Bau ji says w don’t understand anything how to use stoves here. RK asks Madhu to cook for one two days and teach Bai ji how to use the modern kitchen. RK says I will eat the food which Madhu cooks. Madhu says me? Bai ji taunts her. Dau ji says Bai ji is right, I will eat food which Madhu makes. RK says me too. RK shows the watch to Madhu and reminds her of the challenge.

He asks her to cook well, not in hurry. She leaves. Madhu starts cooking. She looks at the clock. She says how will I cook so much food, RK did this so that I lose the challenge. Bhabhi comes and asks Madhu why is she worried. Madhu says I have one hour and I have to cook, I have to go out for some work. Bhabhi says whats the problem, you will cook faster here on gas, I will help you. Madhu says no, everyone will scold you, I have to do this, and maybe for the last time. Bhabho asks what. RK comes and hears this. Bhabhi leaves seeing him.

RK says what will you do, call police. She says no need, you will leave me at the door. RK says great and holds her hand showing her the watch. He says your time is running bad. He tries being around her.. His hand cuts as he helps her. She runs to see him and he holds her. Tera ishq hi mera junoon hai maahi……………..plays……………… They have an eyelock. Madhu cocoks some rotis. Hum hai deewane…………plays…………….Her hand burns and he blows on it. She looks at him. Tu hai sirf meri……………plays……………… She says its still 20mins remaining and I will win the bet. She leaves. RK looks on.

Tara makes a Rangoli. Madhu comes to Dau ji. RK thinks what will Madhu do now, how will she make Dau ji agree. Madhu tells Dau ji that she wants to go her Maayka. Dau ji asks why. Bai ji starts taunts again. She says no one from Madhu’s family came to meet us or find about her. She says Madhu wants to meet her family. Dau ji says stop it, she is talking to me. Dau ji asks the reason. Madhu says yes, I have some work. Dau ji says if anyone come from your family, then you can go, but not alone. RK smiles. Everyone looks on as Sunny comes.

Madhu smiles seeing him. Tara asks him why is he spoiling her rangoli, who are you. He enters the house and says I m Sunny, Madhu’s brother.Madhu smiles seeing him while everyone are shocked. Sunny talks to them. Dau ji asks why did your family not come. Madhu says I wanted everyone to meet you, but first the rituals then Mami will meet. Dau ji asks what ritual. Agni says we did all, now what. Madhu says patphere ritual.

Madhu explains him about the patphere ritual. She says RK can’t come with me, but he will come to take me after two days. RK says whats this new ritual, this won’t happen, let Sunny take Dau ji’s permission first. He asks Sunny to leave. Madhu convinces Dau ji to agree scaring everyone that if the ritual is not done, any accident can happen with this family. Madhu says so I thought to do this rasam, you can decide. RK says nothing will happen. Dau ji asks for how many days. Sunny says one or two. Dau ji says we did not know rituals here, but if Sunny came to take you, then fine, how can I send him alone.

Dau ji smiles and asks Madhu to go. RK is shocked. Madhu smiles thanking Dau ji. She looks at RK and shows the time. She says I will bring my belongings and leaves. She brings a bag. She greets the elders taking their blessings. Agni asks Madhu not to meet Bhabhi before leaving. Madhu confuses them by meeting Bhabhi and apologizes to everyone. She thinks she won and RK wont be able to find her now. She says if RK can’t come with me, he can atleast leave me till the door. Dau ji asks RK to leave Madhu till the door. RK comes with her.

RK tells Madhu that she won’t be able to go and counts. She sees Mami and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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  1. This story is really stupid. All serials are so boring except rangrasiya. Rangrasiya is the only good Hindi serial.

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