Mahabharat 31st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 31st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, karna is thinking about his kavach when he sees brahman he walks towards him n greets him Brahman says i want such think which can be seen as well as invisible which can be good as well as evil karna says its my kavach n ur devraj indra n u want my kavach devraj says ur right n tomorrow morning i will come for it karna says doesn’t ur son has strength to fight me devraj says no he is not afraid of u its a fathers heart which has brought me here karna says ur god n u shdnt be doing any partiality devraj says aren’t u strong enough to fight for urself without ur kavach karna says its not about me its abt my friend n he needs my kavach i have promised to save him with my kavach devraj says tats not my problem its u who has to decide weather which promise of urs is of greater importance tomorrow morning i will be waiting for u.karna thinks about wat to do which promise of his shd be givrn greater importance.

Krishna n arjun are waiting for sun to rise arjun asks why isn’t surya not rising yet Krishna says the war is not only here between us but every where , its the war of dharma which of great importance n devraj indra arrives in front of them he says opportunities is also a part of this war n praises Krishna for his attempt to bring back dharma n says i would like to give my share in this war arjun says in this war its share of only blood devraj says i know n thats my share opportunity of blood n leaves with leaving arjun n Krishna in confusion.

Near the sea karna offers his prayers to god sun saying the whole world is urs just for the sake of ur one child thats me don’t put ur other children away from u so plz rise n allow me to take my own decision n accepting my prayers plz rise so that no one ever says that i won bcoz of ur power n thats not good for me so plz rise n accept my prayers n the sun rises n karna offers his prayers. Karna finds devraj indra in front of him karna says im ready to give ur son a chance to win so ask what u want from me n i shall give it to u.

Arjun is still thinking about devraj indra (arjun is unaware that devraj indra is his father), he asks Krishna wat share n opportunity he will give me Krishna says it can be any which will lead u to success arjun says n wat is it Krishna says something which will make ur enemy weak n it strikes arjun that the Brahman i.e devraj indra will ask karna to give away his kavach.

Karna is ready to destroy his kavach.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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