Madhubala 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 30th December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Radha says din expect that RK would come to temple and break coconut! She says happy with the change in RK and guess Madhu changed her! Pabho says RK changed herself coz he wanted to.. no one changed him! Pabho glares at Madhu n walks away! Madhu tells Radha that whatever happened today was a surprise for me..felt like RK became new RK! Madhu asks servant to tell her when RK comes .. he says he is in his room! Madhu goes to RK! He comes and backhugs her and says had faith that no matter where i hide my wife will find me! Madhu says wasnt looking for u .. u r parmeshwar and u are everywhere! RK says.. u left one task incomplete! Madhu says pandit is downstairs and RK says.. u cant do all that in front of him ..! Madhu asks RK something and his phone rings and RK says ur the biggest

enemy of my love! RK comes downstairs on phone n says.. dun keep shoot at night. .told u..guess will cancel! Madhu is surprised hearing RKs words! Pandit asks Radha to get ghee and Madhu arranges..! Madhu says lets sit for havan! Radha asks where is RK and Madhu says not in good mood. ..was on phone! KRK comes and says.. was in front of u.. ! RK says.. got ur havan thali ..! He is surprised and RK says forgot acting doing this! Sikky comes and asks RK why hiding about milk ?? Pabho asks him to cut the talk ..! The havan starts..! Pandit says its Sankat-Mochan havan to keep Rishbala and family away from danger/damage! The puja begins.. and pandit is chanting mantras..! RK-Madhu do the ahuti! Pandit is coufing..! Radha asks to get water! He is still coufing! RK starts to chant the mantra..! All are shocked..! Sikky says told u.. Pabho! She chides him! Madhu tells wow what is happening ..everytime a new surprise? The hawan samagri is about to end when pandit puts the samagri of KRK and there is darkness ..! He leaves..! Madhu notices RK is gone! Madhu looks around for RK!

RK comes and asks what is happening why are lights off? Madhu says u know i m scared of darkness .. why u left me? RK says dinno..! Madhu says.. it went in front of u.. ! RK says.. i was on phone. i had gone out..! Madhu says u came back and completed the mantras of Pandit ji! RK says.. me?? Have u lost it? I was on phone since past 15-20 mins! Radha-Pabho all say u were here and chanting mantras! RK says dun get it..what are u all saying and why? Madhu asks u werent here for real? RK says was on phone till now! Madhu says. u told me at the temple..! RK says me and temple?? RK says i din go to temple i was resting. u had gone! All are zapped! Madhu says u came there..we talked..! RK says. .u are nuts.. or driving me nuts! Sikky says .. u drank Milk with me.. ! Right then lights come and Madhu notices the wedding pic of her and RKs struck off with KRK written. .all are shocked! Madhu asks who is this KRK??

Part 2

Bittu comes coufing and asks why so much smoke! Madhu says.. there is someone like RK here. .who has entered the house.. Radha says he looks like RK! Bittu is surprised.. how is it possible? Bittu asks where is RK? Pabho says all are searching for him! Madhu says am scared!

Bittu is in RKs room with RK and they look around ..! He fakes spotting someone hiding behind curtains and walks in the direction! Sikky comes and catches hold of RK and says.. duplicate! Bittu says he is real! RK says.. Sikky u idiot! Sikky says. . .ur real.. that idiot used to call me Sikandar!

Madhu says.. how could i not recognise my hubby RK?? Madhu says i did puja with him .. but i culdnt recognise him could i make this mistake? Radha says.. i as mom couldnt recognise either! Madhu says am very scared too ..why is he here? What does he want? Pabho is pacing around too and Madhu asks found something? She says no! Radha says.. RK will find him ..relax! Sikky says.. he was not like u.. he behaved nicely with me.. ! RK stares at Sikky! Sikky says.. this is RKs trademark look no one can copy this! RK tells Bittu to check CCTV footage! They see it and spot the duplicate RK! RK asks to check other CCTV cameras too and Madhu says he is the one! Pabho says its said.. there are 7 people who look same in the world. now seeing first time! Sikky says.. it looks like Hollywood work! RK says.. if he stands in front of me.. feels like looking at myself! Madhu is hyper! RK says to relax..! Radha reassures her too! RK says dun worry .. am with u..! They go to the room ..!

Part 3

Madhu says am scared! RK says.. relax.. n Madhu says if i were in ur place and RK says i did be excited if there were two Madhus my life would be made! Madhu says.. what song played during our studio SR?? RK says taking my test? Well it was dadi amma .. ! Madhu smiles..! Madhu says i love u n RK says i love u too Biwi!

Next day morning Bittu tells Cop with Chief..! He greets them and right then someone brings boquet with Sikky! Sikky says must be for me! He reads and its to RK ..! Sikky suspects its a bomb! He throws it on the ground! RK goes to check and Madhu says please no! KRK tells Bhujang work done!

Precap —- RK says my security is catching me? Shut up…! He says.. he is fake RK! KRK says.. we will find out! RK asks Madhu to call and he says my phone is in my pocket! Madhu calls and is shocked!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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