Ek Boond Ishq 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 30th December 2013 Written Update

MJ sits in his Drak room… Baba enters.. the room and goes back..keeping the door open.. On asked by MJ, baba says that he is so used to darkness, its time for him to see the light. Baba asks MJ to get Tara back.. Jayraj explains him that such fights are common in a relationship.. he needs to understand (oh yeh, understand that he is the husband.. and he has no clue what he has gotten himself into)
Mj replies that why can’t she understand that sometimes she too can act like a wife- understand her husband.. baab says that she understands hima lot more than he does.. probably baba himself does. May be she has her own reason for this.. may be she didn’t like his behavior.. Mj says that he he knows that he can’t apologize (why… naam ka singh sarpay agayee kyaa?) dude wants

to persuade his wife in a way that he shouldn’t be apologizing..Now ROLF dialogue MJ innocently inquires “baab how would he persuade mom, when she turns angry,..” Baba is kinda blushing.. getting embarrassed, he says that he can’t tell MJ how he’d do it then baab closes the door so that no one should hear his say..which MJ misunderstands that he was going away and utters PLZ baab.. baab PLZ

Baab gives him a tip (from his book- 101 ways to a happy married life for mute hubbys) MJ listens to this wid utter concentration..MJ at first feels that he can’t do it.. baba convinces him to do it..for its the best way to get his wife back. Dude couldn’t find any better way to convince his wife, so goes by baba’s plan and seeks is help too in it. (way to a wife’s heart is to make bad dish which she is best at)

Back here Nandu inquires what Yug is up to on the laptop.. he replies ‘social networking’ Nandu taunts him how many GF’s does he have.. Yug clears it that he has abso no on is his life .. besides he is not that type. Nandu inquires more on his life.. Yug shares that when he ws in his 8th standard he lost his mom, and his dad put him in the hostel since then he has been all alone.. Nandu asks showing him the rakhees she finds in the cupboard ‘what abt your sister?’ Yug gets perturbed and asks her to stay away and walks away. Nandu feels that things which are hidden, are the very things which should be known.

Back at UC.. wify dearest sits waiting for hubby, where hubby comes along wid her dad in law.. who happen to observe her secretly MJ feels skeptical abt the idea, but baba says it will work as its tried n tested.. Mj moves ahead and baab hides behind the bushes.. baba signalling MJ with a

Tara sees Mj come in… he sits beside her and says ‘here, I made this for you..’ she secretly smiles at this.. MJ makes Chat for his wife.. she asks what now.. he says eat it.. and adds that every wife likes it when her husband makes food for her.. Tara counters.. who said that..and how does he kow.. MJ replies..he just knows it.. Tara counters why is he showing this PATIGIRI all of a sudden.
Tara has a spoon of it and coughs…criticizing it that he has added too much khatta toit (Felt bad for bechara pati) she again has a spoonful of it hiding from him and relishes it..but being the chalu biwi she again finds faults to it she adds that he has not mixed the potato well and has not added jeera in the chatni. She asks him to eat it.
MJ says ‘firstly I made it for u and now u find faults in it.. wives feel happy when their partner makes such things for them..and all she does us find faults..’ Tara secretly enjoys this.
Tara says that she is not gonna fall into his traps.. for two reasons she knows… one she is the chaat expert here and two his plan of buttering her into making her come back home without an apology is not gonna happen.
MJ says.. why did I even try to convince you! no sooner he utters ‘gobar bhara hain tumharey dimagh main (her mind is filled wid crap)’ bird poo falls on his hand..Tara is all at this.

and says as of now it has fallen from is mind. Tara and Mj start ro fight..and baba literally separates them from almost killing each other.. Baab tells MJ that he has sent him here to convince her not fight.. MJ blurts out that his tried n tested formula has failed with her and kitchen’s hard work is another deal.. Tara gets to knwo that her husband has churaofied her Dad in law’s idea.. ‘acha toh baba say formula lere the mujhe manaekaa.. he can work hard iin teh kitchen but can’t utter a simple sorry!’
MJ and TAra constantly fight over the thing.. MJ asks her not to drag baba into the fight.

Poor Jayraj is tired of controlling them.. he thinks to himself ‘And I thought at least one of them is grown up.. God why did I ever got these two KIDS married to each other’ MJ leaves taking the chaat along wid him. Baba goes after him.

Adi ries to hurt NImmo again saying that MJ is her fav son.. now she does everything for him. Nimmo justifies that she disgusted him for going to such infamous places of all, any mother would do that.. Adi replies that she is not his mom who looked after him, it was Famhim chacha all along.

MJ and Jayraj are not in talking terms with each other now.. over Tara’s issue.. Vasu n Meethi try to help them patch up.. but in vain..They do a preview session of what happened.. MJ says Tara has found faults with his chaat saying its sour.. Jayraj feels angered.. he sides his DIL that she never had pb wid the chata but his attitude.
MJ says ‘what more should have I done.. touched her feet?’
Jayraj tells ‘he would have.. after all he has sworn to hold her hand for life.. whats wrong in it, just 3 words.. I am Sorry, was too long for him’
MJ says ‘baba I would have said 4 words instead of 3 I am NOT sorry..!’
MJ and baab go in different directions.. Meethi and Vasu are upset seeing for the first time that a father and a son are fighting.. instead of the usual son and mother fights!

At night.. MJ paces om his empty room- he feels uncomfo without his wife’s chatter..and sight.. he then decides to go to the UC.
MJ finds a deserted UC.. he talks to Maria ‘the gal thinks I don’t care for her.. haven’t I have cared I wouldn’t come to break her fast n not to send her home by tricking her..and even now I have come here to apologize..I know I hurt her.. I WANT her to come back home.. lets go back home.. sorry!’

The mischievous wife.. hears this, hiding behind the dry grass.. she at last hears him say SORRY.. miss her..the pain in his eyes was evident.. he crave to see her one glance…Then she gently goes to him, signalling Maria to be quite and puts her hand over his shoulder.
He is relived to see her.. Tara tells, he said so much to her sautan Maria and couldnt say a sorry to his own wife.. any way I forgive you..
MJ sternly says ‘Maria… if she is done with her hide n seek games, they better leave.. can’t trouble baba.’
She says bye to her sautan as she is finally going to her house..she feels all excited.
MriAra walk towards the fence gate and bump into each other.. he then tries to give her way.. then again they bump.. then she gives him way.. but eventually takes his hand into hers and he holds hers in his..they walk hand in hand towards their home after Tara’s say to make their path as one..and move ahead.

Tara misses her mother… (MJ is in the famous black vest)
MJ says she should have left with her mom..if she missed her soo much.
Tara says ‘you still don’t get it do you? the reason why I never left you.. wha would have you done if you where in my place.. knowing that some is getting punished with abso no fault ‘

Update Credit to: sankalp

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