Madhubala 30th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 30th April 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 30th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu tells RK that he has lost his heart n in turn won her heart

RK takes Madhus hand n takes her to the terrace.. RK says.. planning to remake Bazigar… with dialogue.. Kabhi na harne wale ko RK kehte hain

He asks her if she remembers the TERRACE scene? Madhu is

RK climbs on top of the water tank on top of the building Madhu asks him to get down… n RK says..confused.. ‘Iss pyaar me jaan dun yah zinda rahun’ but .. ‘M too precious to die’

Khubsurat raat.. tumhara sath. .aur maut neeche muskurati…


RK asks Madhu to say I love u … only u … dun care for own mom. .but ur the world.. for me.. n will choose to die.. than separate…

RK asks Madhu to come to him n say all these lines

Trish asks Sikky-Dips to sit.. but they refuse the offer n Trish takes away the moby Paddo promises that she will take care of Madhu … Dips spots Paddos moby … n signals to Sikky

Sikky screams out..due to stomach-ache n all are surprised.. Dips goes to get water… n Dips takes Paddos moby

She spills the jug… n gets water for Sikky … n till then takes Sultans number n returns the moby! They all rush out…!

Paddo tells Trish she is worried for Madhu ..n wonder what she is doing? She rues that its not fair Radha is pained in all this!

RK stretches his hand n helps Madhu to get on the tank … ! She repeats all the lines RK asked her to! RK says. she put her life at stake to save Sultan can she give her life for her love? Jump?

Madhu asks if he will trust her then? RK says yes

Madhu says… Har dhadkan chahe fana hona.. har saas chahe tabah hona… hamesha ke liye tumhari hone. .lo main chali tumse juda hone

Madhu walks to the edge.. n jumps n RK screams.. MADHU n holds her arm n asks her not to leave..! RK lifts Madhu up …!

Part 2

RK hugs Madhu and asks if she is ok … Madhu is speechless n RK is emotional..!

She asks if he trusts her?

RK says..theres a limit to everything … n Madhu says…she had no other choice..!

RK says..dare to do such a thing.. ever again or he will push her again after lifting her

RK says.. what if she fell for real? Madhu says.. Shaq beats love always!

Part 3

RK says.. no Madhu means.. no RK …

Dare do anything else..!

Madhu smiles..that he has taken all her rights… n now right on death too? RK says… Har dhadkan tumahre meri hai.. har saas pe haq hai mera… tu zinda kisi aur shareer mein hai.. bas itna sa haq hai tera…

Precap — RK asks MAdhu not to take any of his rights..ever from him .. RK hugs Madhu .. BG- Tere ishq pe bas haq hai ek mera..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. generation to generation men are like this only .i think they do not have trust on there ego only they can survive

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