Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 30th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 30th April 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 30th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sona walks into the kitchen and decides to prepare Prasad that everyone in the family would like and also that Suhnaina will not be angry with Sona. Police are investigating at the colony where Suhnaina says to her neighbour, ‘look what day has come in our colony that police had to come and investigate on who is stealing all the food’. The neighbor says that at least today there will be no theft in their house as everyone will be coming over to Suhnaina’s house for Ram Navami and they will also get the prasad. She also says that Kanhaiya will surely be able to catch the thief and asks when will Suhnaina start preparing the prasad? Suhnaina says that Neelam have gone to buy the things to make the prasad as she never makes use of the things at home to make the prasad because she buys the things freshly in the market. Sona is preparing the prasad in the kitchen while Suhnaina’s neighbour praises Suhnaina for being very particular in preparing the Prasad. Renu sees Sona making the prasad and smiles. Suhnaina is waiting in her room while Neelam enters with the things and Suhnaina asks why was she late and Neelam says she could not get any rickshaw. Suhnaina says ‘alright, go and prepare the Prasad’ and they hear Sona’s voice saying ‘the prasad is ready’. Sona is smiling while Suhnaina and Neelam are shocked. Sona enters and informs that she have made the prasad and smiles. Suhnaina says ‘you made the prasad? Whom did you asked?’ Sona is shocked and says Mummy ji, i thought of helping you and Suhnaina says ‘you were not helping. This is your first Ram Navami in this house and you should ask me before doing anything.’ Sona says sorry and Suhnaina says ‘do you know how grand is the prasad made by the Chaturvedi and we make it using fresh items but you used the things in the house.’ Sona says i really didn’t know this and Suhnaina says ‘why didn’t you ask? Now what will you do with the prasad’ and Kanhaiya hears this and enters the room asking what happened? Suhnaina says ‘your wife made use of the things in the house and made the prasad for Ram Navami’ and Kanhaiya says ‘i know its wrong but its not a big mistake’. Suhnaina says ‘wah Kanhaiya! Even after hearing all this, you are supporting Sona?’ Kanhaiya is about to say something and Sona stops him while Suhnaina says ‘shut up’ to Sona. I am talking to my son! Kanhaiya says ‘i know it was a mistake but it was not on purpose. What happened is over’ and Suhnaina says ‘alright for you sake. Both of you are right and i am wrong. Next year onwards, your wife can make the prasad but i will make the prasad this year’ and both Renu and Bindiya is happy and leaves. Sona is in tears and Kanhaiya consoles her. In the night, the police are guarding the house while guests starts arriving. Kanhaiya sees a person with the head covered and goes to pull the person from entering and Kanhaiya brings him away. Kanhaiya says ‘all your truth will be out now’ and Kanhaiya slaps him. The guy says ‘i am not a thief and i came here because i heard they will be giving prasad. ‘Kanhaiya asks ‘then why are you covered with a blanket?’ The guy says that he is poor and he is scared that he would not be allowed in. Another constable confirms the same and Sona gives prasad for the guy and leaves inside. Kanhaiya gives some money to the guy to keep and the guy leaves which Sona watches.

Part 2

Kanhaiya looks around while Sona admires him. All the preparation for the pooja is being done in the house and the guests enters in hoping that Kanhaiya will catch the thief today. Someone is shown entering the kitchen and the prasad container is shown. Sona looks at the kitchen and notices that the prasad container is missing and enters the kitchen and looks around. Sona sees her room door open and Sona picks up a broom and enters inside her room where she hears a sound and starts hitting the person shouting Thief! Thief! and Kanhaiya says ‘Sona ji, its me!’ Sona says ‘i thought that it was thief ‘and Kanhaiya says ‘i thought the thief was entering here.’ Sona asks why he brought the prasad container here and Kanhaiya says he is afraid the thief might steal this and says that Sona is a perfect candidate to be a police. Suhnaina enters the room and sees Sonaiya together and asks what are they both doing her? Suhnaina sees the prasad container and asks who brought it here? Kanhaiya says that he brough it here and Suhnaina asks if is this too on Sona’s instruction? Kanhaiya is about to argue back but says the thief had challenged him and he felt that the thief’s target could be the prasad and he placed the prasad here so that the CCTV could capture the thief which was his plan. Suhnaina says its a ridiculous plan and Sona says that she feels this plan will surely work out and Suhnaina says ‘as you both say’ and leaves. Kanhaiya says his hands are paining and Sona says lets leave. The prayers are going on while Kanhaiya is looking around and the electricity suddenly goes off. Sona says ‘Prasad!!!’ to Kanhaiya where both Sona and Kanhaiya runs upstairs and Suhnaina asks Udham to check the electricity and Udham on back the main switch where he says that someone switched off the electricity. Sona and Kanhaiya enters inside the room and finds the prasad missing and there is a note. Kanhaiya reads the note that says the thief have kept to his promise and its Kanhaiya’s turn to keep to his promise. Kanhaiya is angry and leaves the room and starts looking around and Sona says what about the CCTV’s? Kanhaiya says the thief knew that there is CCTV and yet the thief got away where Kanhaiya is shouting in anger and everyone turn and looks. Kanhaiya informs about the prasad and his senior officer says ‘what has happened has happened and we should not take what the thief said seriously. You concentrate in catching the thief ‘and Suhnaina says that the officer is right. Sona signals that they are right and Kanhaiya says once he said something, he will not change it. Its either he catches the thief or resigns. The officer asks Kanhaiya to think properly and Kanhaiya says he have made his decision and everyone is shocked while Durgesh smiles.

Precap :

Kanhaiya removes his police belt and other police items and leaves while Sona and Suhnaina is sad.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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