Madhubala 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 28th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Radha returns her mangalsutra to Kuku n he is shocked..

Radha says that she brought him in RKs life.. as his dad. but he became RKs enemy …! She regrets her mistake to forgive Kuku n says.. getting u out of my life!

Pabho and Dips are happy thinking that they have managed to make RK suspicious of Madhu.. but RK is reading KRKs letter and he and Madhu are happy .. !

RK goes quiet n Madhu asks if he is supicious n RK says.. u know me.. not like that!
Pabho suggests for agni pariksha for Madhu …

All are shocked n Pabho says.. Madhu was fooled too by KRK so its important..

Madhu tells Pabho that she wont give any such agni pariksha.. she says my hubby .. my mom are with me so why give such exam? RK says settles things.. so talk is over..

Pabho threatens to walk off … n Dips fumes on Madhu saying. .why acting like this? RK confronts Dips and Dips says all about Pabhos evil plans.. n RK fumes on Pabho..! She says Madhu is evil for u.. RK says enouf ..n asks Pabho to leave! Radha too agrees with RK ..

RK says. .kabhi kabhi kuch rishton ko jodne ke liye kuch dhage todne padte hain ..!

Pabho walks off ..! RK chides Dips too .. ! RK-Radha-Madhu-Bittu share group hug!

Part 2

RK fumes on Madhu for all those nivarans.. n asks why din share? Hate lying! Madhu tries to explain but RK is furious. . n asks to spill all the truth..!

Later at nite.. RK comes to his room n sees its dark n decorated with candles.. ! Madhu says ..

Tumhe milne se pehle ..tumhari tasveer dekhke ek sapna dekha tha.. us sapne me maine tumhare sath dance kiya tha..

RK asks ..what does my wife wanna say n Madhu says.. wanna tell u all my secrets n RK says..what is that woman who doesnt have secrets?

Part 3

RK says have some secrets… n Madhu says i know about it all ..! RK backhugs Madhu n asks if she knows what he is thinking..? How much he loves her n she asks how much? RK says u wont understand..!

BG – Ishq tu hi … RK picks Madhu up .. puts on the bed.. caresses her face.. n they are shown close..!

Precap — A random lady comes n says.. searching for my Batuckchandra … n all are confused seeing her..! Bittu is nervous..! RK asks what is going on?

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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