Ek Boond Ishq 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 28th January 2014 Written Update

MJ’s car breaks down. Taara is tensed how to find out Radha.They goes to nearby shop and find a mechanic.

Police comes to Shekhawat house and asks for MJ. Baba tells them about MJ’s visit to Mangalgadh. Police informs Baba about the gun, they found in Taara’s bag, is not belongs to MJ and it is registered with some Guddan Singh’s name. Baba says he doesn’t know any Guddan Singh.
Meethi receives a SMS, Taara asks her to come outside.

MJ is washing his face. He searches for hanky; Taara gives her Dupatta to wipe his face. MriAra eye lock. Taara asks Mj what they will do, if they don’t find Radha in the Palace. MJ is quite sure that they will find Radha there.

Meanwhile Radha runs away from Kalavati’s den. She rides in a bus.

Mechanic is fixing

the car. Meethi calls Taara. Taara informs her to convey a message to baba saying that they are about 2 kmaway from Ramnagar. Meethi wonders why they are in RamNagar. Taara says she will inform later. Meethi informs her about the police. Taara gets tensed and decices not to tell anything Mj about this. Nimmy overhears Meethi’s convo.

Mechanic says it will take 2 days to fix the car. He asks them to go by bus. MJ and Taara also get on a bus. At the same time Radha’s bus crosses, they are about to see each other but misses.

Radha is asked to leave the bus as she doesn’t have money. Makes a call to Raghu kaka… Yug enters the room… he is shocked seeing his father dead… Phone is still ringing and Yug misses the call. Radha is tensed and thinking how to reach Bhopal.

Kalavati is dancing with wig. MJ and Taara reach the palace. They enter the house and looking for Radha. Then they entered Kalavatii’s room and find the wig. Taara finds the paper(schedule) and MJ identifies Radha’s handwriting.

Kalavatii is going outside of the palace, remembers that she forgot her wig in the room. She comes back there. She entered the room and just then Mj and Taara leave.

Taara is tired. MJ asks her to wait and he will call for a taxi, but become tensed as he lost his wallet. Taara gives him her ring to sell it but MJ refuses to take it. He says her to wait and he will be there within a moment. He leaves.

Taara sees 2 policemen and get tensed if they are here in search of MJ.

Precap: MJ comes back with a water bottle, but shocked by not finding Taara there. He makes a call to her, but her phone is switched off.

Update Credit to: PrincessN

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  1. today’s epi was vry nice,wen mj wipe his face with wify’s dupatta awwww so nice..

  2. I missed the episode plz update the poetry of mj saying for tara in this episode..

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