Madhubala 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 26th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Part 1

Raja shows Madhu a small gun and says this is lighter than my gun and its from foreign so it keeps u safe! Madhu says dont want it! Raja says stop .. this is gifted to u with love.. keep it near u .. i will feel am close to u..! People say am not less than a gun! Raja says named u Rani act like Rani .. if anyone misbehaves.. shoot them! Madhu says ur the only crooked person in my life. Raja says u have killed me long ago cant die with bullets! Madhu tries to get out of Rajas grip and Raja says wont touch! He tells her to get ready..and says ur not less than a gun! Raja leaves! Madhu looks at the small gun around her waist ..!

All are getting to leave and Agni comes and says made all preparations …! Tara says great ..and Agni says.. nice earrings and Tara says show me and Agnis earring is missing and she cries! Bhanu asks the matter? Right then Tauji comes and asks all is ok? Taiji says Madhu is not here! Tauji tells Raja call Madhu ..! Bhanu says how will she not come.. preparation made..! Agni glares at Bhanu ..! Tauji tells Raja not liking this daily delays ..! Raja tries to defend and Tauji silences him! Raja says look she is here! Madhu comes and is in traditional attire! Tara taunts madam is here on her own? Wow! Raja drools on Madhu! Bhanu self thot .. Ek tha Raja .. Ek thi Rani . .Dono Mar gaye.. Khatam Kahani! Raja goes to Madhu and says ur looking like Rajas rani …! Taiji calls out to Raja and then utaroes nazar of Madhu! Agni fumes.. nothing can save her from me today! All head off to the mandir! Raja tries to hold Madhus hand and she jerks his hand off..!

At the temple, pandits stop Raja and all and ask to give up their gun and Raja resists but Bhanu says its a temple and Raja says fine and warns not to touch it! The aarti is going on …! Whole family participates!

Part 2

Tauji is doing the aarti now ..! Raja-Madhu come and do the aarti too..! Agni and Bhanu glare at the duo from afar..! Raja prays that in good or bad times .. i am worried for Madhu ..! I promised my Madhu that i will always protect her.. bless me that whenever anyone attacks me i will defend her! Madhu prays to keep her away from guns and those who fire guns! The aarti is going on in full swing! After its over, a fake pandit.. hides a gun and puts gulaal on his face .. nods at Bhanu ..! The pandit comes to Madhu and says puja was for u u have to distribute prasad and Madhu starts to distribute..! The pandit tails her ..and leads her to an isolated corner..! Madhu says way is closed ahead! Pandit says no .. walk ahead..! Madhu does! Raja is looking for Madhu !

Part 3

Madhu is shocked to see the pandit point gun at her! He says dont worry wont kill u ..just come with us! Madhu is shaking in fear. .she asks who are u? Pandit says .. come or we will shoot u and take u with us! Madhu screams for Raja! Pandit says.. scream more. no one will come to save u …we came to kidnap u. .n will take u with us..! Madhu requests to stop and let her go! The pandit keeps coming close to her! Madhu screams for Raja ..! Raja rushes and Pandit keeps pointing gun at both ..! Finally Pandit tells Raja.. came to take the bride now groom is here too .. need to welcome u too..! There are 6 bullets in the gun .. decide how much shot u will take! Raja says so emotional .. what movie did u see? Well keep people like u in my coins..! Raja says u r dead man today..! Will blow u up like coins! U had dared to commit the sin that is not in the constitution even .. u dared to point gun at Madhu ..! Raja beats the pandit and says promised my wife.. that whoever misbehaves with her. .will shoot them! Raja beats up the pandit..! He beats the man but he suddenly throws gulaal in Rajas eyes! He is about to hit Raja with stone and Madhu points gun at Pandit ..! Raja beats the man but he fires bullet and Madhu hit on her arm! Raja promises to take Madhu to hosp and Madhu says no .. wont go anywhere! Raja says dont drive me mad .. ur bleeding! Madhu says as if u care? U like blood! Raja says kill me but … if u bleed more ..and Madhu says .. .i will die..! I am not alive.. ur killing me slowly ..! Raja puts hanky around Madhus arm and takes her to hosp! Madhu says no one ever hit me till date but today i got shot coz of u..! U came to intro me to ur family … and am shot.. let me go ..! Raja says u have gone nuts ..come to hosp! Madhu says am alive today .. maybe wont be alive tomorrow.. set me free… let me live my life… ! Life with u is a punishment.. give me freedom! Madhu pleads to Raja! Raja is shocked!

Precap — Tauji tells Raja will slap u if u dare to even think of leaving me! Raja says do as u want.. but i will take Madhu to Mumbai! Tauji says have oath of Kal Bhairav.. if u leave, my dead body will leave! Madhu shocked to hear!

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  1. At Last Raja will understand MADHU’S circumstances….
    This show is being BORING day-by-day !!

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