Madhubala 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 26th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sultan is walking with great difficulty n listens to the musical lighter.. !

He recollects a womans voice.. telling him .. that she will name IT .. Aryan n he will be a xerox of his father..! Sultan says ferocious? The woman says.. with a soft heart..!

Sultan grimaces in pain..! Paddo stares at the note left by Madhu ..theres a knock on the door n its Bittu..! He inquires about Madhu n is told she is out..!

Bittu says.. he wanted to meet her.. n asks where she is. .but Paddo repeats same answer n asks Bittu if he has been sent by RK? Bittu leaves.!

At the godown, Madhu is making tea..! She cribs about Sultan chiding Aryan … n Kaka reminds her.. he is Aryans dad..!

Aryan gives Sultan a stick n he throws it n says..he doesnt need that ..n ARyan turns n Sultan cuddles him n says.. Aryan is Sultans biggest support..! [BG- Tujhse naraz nahi] Sultan reassures Aryan that he is fit n fine..n not to worry n Aryan says..he is strong..! They hug..!

Later Madhu offers hot tea to Aryan n Sultan throws the glass! She asks if he thinks she was gonna poison Aryan? She will drink tea to prove.. n as she starts .. Sultan throws her glass n says.. maybe enemies mixed poison..! He says.. he doesnt trust his own shadow…!

He says Daga mauka padne par sabka saga..!

RK shown … with abroad background..! He asks about Madhu to Bittu but he says Madhu was out.. n diverted Madhus whereabouts..! RK says.. Paddo is hiding with whom Madhu is.. not where she is..!

Madhu notices some shadow while in kitchen n is about to hit it n it is Sultan.. n she says sorry! He is trying to pour water for himself.. but cant n Madhu pours …! Madhu offers food to Sultan n tastes it before n says.. experimented on Rat already.. so its safe..!

Sultan says..he isnt scared n Madhu says..being scared is not weakness but sign of being alive..! She tells him to stop being selfish to know whats about feelings..!!

Part 2
Sultan says.. he is making Aryan equipped to live in this world..! He says that its easy to talk of feelings n trust.. but when that trust is broken by someone close.. then she will realise..! Madhu in tears! She says that on such day.. a person should re-compose herself..n try n stand up n trust only near ones.. n no one else..!

Madhu says..she knows!

Part 3

She tells Sultan that Aryan is a kid.. n wants to listen to soft voices too..! She asks about Aryans mom..! Sultan walks off..!

Precap — Madhu tells Sultan that she came for Aryan ..not him! Sultan says for Aryans sake.. she cant go.. but Madhu walks off n is stopped on the road by some goons n asked about Sultan..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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