Anamika 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 26th March 2013 Written Update

Jeet is walking in the forest and reach a place where Anamika is waiting for him. Just as he is about to cross the threshold of Anamika’s hidden home, Mata Rani’s chunni comes flying and ties itself on his hand. Anamika tries to touch him but is thrown back because of Mata Rani’s chunni. Jeet cannot see Anamika or her house. He only sees forest. Just then Balraj comes behind Jeet and asks him what he is doing here. Jeet replies that he heard payal, kangan sound. Balraj gets scared as its the same place where they had earlier held puja to drive anamika awau. Balraj pulls Jeet along with him. Anamika tries to hold him back, but is unable to touch him.

Jeet reaches Bus Stop where Rano is sitting quietly in a bus. Anamika has also followed. Jeet sees Rano just when her bus starts leaving. He collides with a bike and asks the biker to hand his bike to him. The biker who knows his father agrees and Jeet is now following Rano’s bus.

The bike fails in the middle of the road and Anamika is saying “don’t try to follow her as I would not let you follow her. Jeet says Jai Mata Di, and the bike restarts (get some new idea CVs)

But Jeet reaches a dead end and again prays to Mata Rani to help him and as a miracle he again finds the correct path. (seriously even Chota Bheem has more logic than this show supposedly meant for adults)

The bus stops near a temple and Jeet also reaches there and starts looking for Rano who had already deboarded the bus. Anamika has also followed. Jeet is trying to reach Rano and finally finds her. Jeet asks why she is doing this and Anamika gets upset at his concern for Rano. But Rano says that she can’t marry him and ruin his life. But Jeet refuses to budge and asks why has she lost faith on Mata Rani. He asks her to follow him to temple. ABamika tries to hold Rano from behind, but can’t. She follows them and does her hocus pocus on weather which makes Rano slip on the temple stairs. She us unable to move because of sprain, but Jeet lifts her up and carries her inside.

Anamika is furious while Rano’s foot gets alright the moment they step inside the temple. Inside the temple Jeet says that since their marriage was scheduled for today, they will get married today only.

Jeet applied Sindoor on Rano’s maang, and says that they are husband wife now and asks the panditji to get them married right then and there making Anamika furious. She vows that she won’t let her snatch her husband that easily.

Jeet and Rano take pheras inside the temple and the pandit hands a holy thread to Jeet asking him to tie around Rano’s neck in lieu of Mangalsutra. Jeet does so, and Anamika screams in anguish.

Jeet and Rano come out of the temple (which we now learn is in Jaipur) and run into Araadhya (from Khoobsurat) who congratulates them on marriage. She forces them to come to her home and celebrate Holi with her.

Anamika says that Rano may have whatever relationship with Jeet she wants, but she is his first wife and so she would be the first one to play holi with Jeet.

Update Credit to: dishu

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