Madhubala 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 25th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Doc says that ur lucky to be safe n sound after such a big accident n ur kid is like u..its safe too! She advises some vitamins etc! Madhu looks around and asks for RK! Radha says he is in next room getting examined by Doc! Madhu asks what happened to him! All ask her to relax! Roma says just getting examined! Madhu says.. i need to meet RK.. i m going to him! Radha says to calm down! RK walks in and Madhu is delighted to see him all hale and hearty! They hug! Madhu asks RK if he is fine? He asks her ..! Madhu says RK u? RK says only one RK in this whole world..!! Madhu is delighted to see his hand and leg working! All leave from the room! Madhu says my RK is never ok.. my RK is perfect! RK says am perfect.. i cant walk around.. dance.. fight. .n grabs Madhus waist n says. .do whatever i want! RK says now that ur ok too.. lemme take out my anger on u! RK says. today u should thank Bappa…coz of him am ok!Madhu says..its coz of Bappa only! RK says.. i culd have lost u today! Madhu says i had faith u did find me and save me! RK says.. ur such a stupid.. i wanna slap u! Madhu says.. do what u want.. all forgiven! Madhu says ur all ok.. n hugs him!RK asks ..why did u need to do that dangerous stunt? Madhu says.. its destiny.. us getting stuck in fire.. u saving me. n u getting cured! Madhu says if u dun like wont do these things after today! RK says am delighted coz of u am all ok.. just dun ask for stars n moon…bringing them is not an issue but keeping them is! Madhu says… barring that i can ask anything ? RK says yes! Madhu makes him touch her tummy n says want out baby..!RK removes his hand from her tummy..! Madhu says.. think .. u getting all ok . .me getting saved was a miracle. but in all this the baby is safe too n thats a miracle. .this baby fought the battle too n is safe.. n that means the God wants it to be in this world..! RK remains quiet…! Madhu makes him look at her and says.. arent u happy? RK says yes..coz ur in my life..coz u made me a better person.. that u helped me in my lifes toufest issue n when i was useless. u shouldered my film urself..! I cant thank u enout for all this..! Madhu says.. only for these things? Not for our baby? How can a father be like this? RK says.. i m not thinking about other kids. .wanna give my baby the best upbringing.. think about the life we lead.. n rethink ur decision! We can do all this later. too! Madhu says. .ur ok now. .then what is the issue? U can play with ur baby ..protect it! RK says.. only playing with baby is not enouf.. its a parents duty to think.. if we can raise a kid properly .. we are going thru worst phase.. only film completion is not enouf.. promting film is critical.. media will keep u in center..! When people find out that heroine is pregnant. .film will bomb..!

RK says ..despite all this. .if u wanna raise the kid.. on roads. do. .thats why am saying ..dun agree to having this kid! Madhu says.. Mr. Rishabh Kundra.. worlds superstar.. dun talk like this about my baby … n second thing. .already made my decision n wont change it..! Madhu for the film ..i fulfilled my duty.. now i want a kid.. u can do what u want.. !!

Madhu says.. will fulfill duty of a mom! RK says respected u lots.. now ur selfish .. u dun see anything except ur kid..! I thot u were my strength but i was wrong.. u see nothing but urself.. even if ur film flops.. u dun care! RK says. fine.. now wont expect anything from u..! RK says.. if film flops coz of u.. n all is ruined coz of u.. only u will be responsible..! Madhu is in tears!Regarding the family u want.. think how u will face them after all is ruined?? RK walks off!

Pabho comes to Dips n says.. where is my warm water? Dips says not ur servant! She says.. expected lots from u.. but nothing happened! All ur plans flopped…! Madhus position is stronger than ever..! Dips says.. u still want warm water? Pabho says.. who told u i din do anything. i .. n Pabho stops midway..! Dips asks what did u do? Din do dun remember right?? Dips says…whatever lil storm is brewing in Rishbala life is coz of me.. only i made him insecure .. about film n that will separate them! From now… am the captain of this plan.. now go make coffee for me! Pabho says.. thats ur thots. am not failing!

Bittu talks to PR guy n he says.. need photos for hoardings n media! RK says cancel all.. dun want any promotions..! RK says. dun wanna pay u too PR guy .. u can leave! Bittu is stunned! RK says.. din know u understand words in hindi.. !

Part 2

Bittu comes to RK and asks what are u saying? RK says my compulsions are saying so! RK says..its not RKs film ..! RK says this films heroine as in ur Bhabhiji is not interested to promote this film.. already invested lots. .now dun wanna waste more money! RK says..tell Mehul its 1st Dec.. wanna release film on 13th Dec..Tel him to finish post production work! Bittu says. .so much hurrying up?? RK says.. its a trend now. .so wanna get rid of all this stuff! RK keeps drinking glaring at Madhu..! Madhu is stunned..! RK says.. go and tells Mehul ..! RK says once ur free. .go find a one room kitchen home.. coz after this film releases we have to shift there! Madhu tries to make him understand n RK says.. u will understand too..!! Madhu breaksdown!

Part 3

RK is busy drinking! Bittu is busy with promotion stuff! RK comes to breakfast table and walks off! Bittu tells meida.. no comments! Posters are put up .! RK pushes Mehul to finish post production! He fumes! Madhu is hurt! RK sleeps on the couch! BG – Zinda nahi! Radio FM says that the film all are waiting for is releasing tomorrow without any promotions! RK fumes!

RK is all decked up..! Bittu invites other guests! They ask about Madhu! RK says.. why distribute invites.. this film wont work more than a week! Madhu comes and RK glares at her! Bittu tells Madhu to come for the premiere! RK says no need .. she has done a favour by completing our film she has nothing to do with the film! RK asks to get the car ready..! Bittu walks off! RK tells Madhu that its the night of destiny .. destiny will declare the judgment.. its happening what u wanted! The way u saved my reputation doing this film.. u levelled it by the pregnancy.. aab kuch khas udhar nahi raha tumhara mujh par..! RK walks off! Madhu is hurt!


Precap — Mehul asks where is Madhu? RK says lets do what we want! Media says.. as ur wife..Madhu stays in ur heart ..but as heroine she is needed here! RK says made this movie for u all to watch ..not for Madhu ..! Dips smirks..!!!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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