Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th November 2013 Written Update

The show kicks starts with Urmilaa feeling very happy with the situation brought about by Radha, Urmilaa is all smiles.

The other party all set to marry Radha, goes away, leaving the two other aggrieved parties with folded hands.

Madhu is in tears and pours her heart out in pain and sadness. Kokila tries to calm her. Jayanthlal says in pain that they were better off in a village, coming to the city, although they found their long lost daughter but lost another to the city vagaries and bad life that city gives on one side.

Radha watches all these happenings in silence. Kinjal comforts Madhu.

Radha and Umang try to seek blessing of Madhu and Jayanthilal ; Madhu steps away, Jayanthilal severs his relationship with Radha, says something very poignant – please watch it, difficult to bring it out here ; the pathos.

This gets Radha going ; vents her anger on Gopi that now does Gopi feel satisfied for having soured Radha’s relationship with her parents.

In between Raashi is asked to keep shut by Radha when Raashi tries to put some sense into Radha.

Ahem speaks up and says that Radha herself is responsible for all the misery and Gopi has no hand in it. Gopi always cared for Radha and wished Radha’s well being. Ahem asks them to leave.

Then Madhu tells Kokila that because of Modi family’s anger and animosity with Umang her daughter Radha’s life is spoiled, destroyed. When Gopi tries to say something, Kokila stops Gopi and tells the rest that it is time they leave.

In Modi home Gopi is sad, Kokila calms her and says she is proud of Gopi for what Gopi is, before, now and in future. In short, forever Kokila is proud of Gopi.

Radha and Umang enter his home, some drama, the sister asks Radha to stop, then exchange of looks by the siblings then the entry with the usual ritual. House keys are given to Radha as well as a necklace or a chain, fake or real I do not know.

Scenes keep oscillating between Gopi and Radha, Gopi is worried for Radha, but everyone, including Hetal and Ahem hold Radha responsible for the present situation and Radha’s impending plight of woes.

At one point Hetal and Kokila muse with each other, worried for Gopi than Radha. Hetal too, holds Radha responsible for her own plight, that Radha has to reap whatever she has sown.

In their room, Ahem comforts Gopi with similar thoughts.

Madhu elsewhere in Shah home, is worried for her daughter, devastated by the turn of events ; wants to get back Radha from the clutches of Umang. Kinjal comforts her, Urmilaa is in her own way says that nothing can be done as Radha has got married own her own, has to endure good or bad that comes her way, further they cannot get Radha out of this marriage as they cannot marry her off anywhere else or to someone else.

Radha are in the process of consummating their marriage … …

Gopi is in agitated mood. She cannot sleep. Finally she ends up in the prayer plays and prays for Lord Sri Krishna to take care of things and not forsake her sister.

Kokila finds Gopi sleeping in the prayer place with lamps lit. Kokila wakes Gopi up and sends her to get refreshed. Before that, Kokila asks Gopi to trust her Lord Sri Krishna and leave all her woes to Lord Sri Krishna.

Later Madhu is remorse and repentant on her angry words to Kokila. Jayanthilal asks her to call Kokila.

While Madhu is repentant and apologetic ; Kokila says that she understands Madhu’s mental state and turmoil within and invites her to come along to Modi Home to see Gopi, so that both can find comfort and peace in each other.

Gopi comes along and I guess she gathers what had taken place.

The Episode Ends On Kokila’s Face ! ! !

Update Credit to: Manzz

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