Madhubala 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 24th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK tells Paddo that.. Madhu is happy with him …so she better catch the signal n understand the matter! Madhu tells Paddo that RK is right..she is very happy with RK..! Paddo is shocked and says..Madhu forgot everything? This is the same RK who tried to destroy her life.. insulted her..! RK says..yes..but thats coz love is the greatest..! Paddo says..cant believe it..! Paddo wipes her tears and tells Madhu that she does not accept Madhus decision.. neither as a mom ..nor as a woman..! She tells Madhu that she does not consider Madhu as her daughter..! Radha tries to calm Paddo.. but Paddo tells Radha that..her relation with Radha was coz of Madhu but now that she has broken all ties with Madhu ..she wont meet Radha ever again! Paddo turns to leave n Madhu calls out .. MAA ..! Paddo says.. no .. dun repeat the word MAA ever again..! Paddo tells Madhu that she feels insulted hearing the word MAA from Madhu coz ..she is not the daughter Paddo gave birth to.. she was someone else.. who promised to fight for right or wrong.. for her love ..but not at the cost of her self respect! Paddo says.. love is with heart.. .but a child forgets how much pain a mom bears to give birth to that kid ..! Paddo says..she used to take pride on Madhu but no more..! Paddo says.. Madhu is handing over herself to someone who does no love her.. just thinks of her as a ZIDD … she says.. Pyaar me mit jana alag hota hair aur bik jana alag! Paddo leaves.. Madhu is shattered n runs to her room..! RK follows..!

Dips says interesting.. that Paddo broke ties with Madhu .. n she rushed to her room n not after her mom? There is some gadbad (fishy).. n Sikky says.. whole dal is black (entire thing is fishy)..!

Madhu sheds tears recollecting Paddos bitter words..! RK comes to Madhu n asks if she is fine? Madhu says. .no ..n that her mom broke all ties with her.. n that she is no longer Paddos daughter.. she is no one..! RK asks Madhu to relax.. sits next to her.. n tells Madhu that the bond is not so weak.. that words are spoken n ties are broken…! RK says that.. Paddo is upset about past.. but like Madhu explained to him .. she has to explain to Paddo n she will get convinced!

RK says..they are both different.. but cant live without each other.. he cant see her with anyone else.. n Paddo has to understand this madness.. ! RK says..this love is their life.. their breath .. n just as big this love is .. the bond of a mom-child is just as big..!! RK says.. when a child is in the womb of a mother…the pipe that connects them.. is the first bond.. of a child to anyone n that pipe ..that relation can never end..! Madhu cries..! RK says that he cant bear that anyone comes to their home. .n make his wife cry! RK says.. Paddo has to apologise to Madhu..! RK starts to walk n Madhu says.. Paddo doesnt wanna see her or talk to her..! RK says.. to wait n he will get Paddo so she can apologise! Madhu says no. .n that .. why should she say sorry… she is just thinking like a mother.. worrying for her..! RK says that no matter whether anyone accepts Rishbala relation..or not… it doesnt bother him n neither should it bother her..!

Servant comes n says.. someone has come for photoshoot.. of RK .. RK asks to cancel n Madhu says no n asks him to go finish his work.. she is fine n has to run some errands! RK asks if Madhu is fine n she says yes..! RK wipes Madhus tears..! RK tells Madhu that her feet are too pretty.. keep them on ground n not fly off! Madhu is shocked n RK says. .joking.. n that he knows she will stay with him ..forever.. n not go anywhere!

At the chawl.. Paddo returns n is in tears n Trish asks where did she go? Paddo says.. RKs place.! Paddo says.. Madhu lied that she had gone to Preetis place but when she called Preeti she got to know.. that Madhu lied n has returned to RK ..! Trish is quiet n Paddo screams on her..that she knew?? She rues …Great.. both sisters fooled their mom? Paddo says. .Trish must be very happy that Madhu din lie to Trish.. but to Paddo. .but what happened that Madhu returned to RK .. forgetting all that RK did? Trish says.. Madhu took her oath! Paddo says.. what oath?? That she is going to RK to get ruined again? Paddo asks Trish. .why .. she let her go?? RK is insane.. n he forcibly carried Madhu to his home..! Trish says.. coz Madhu still … n Paddo says.. loves that monster..who forced her back to his home! Trish says.. its Madhus decision n Paddo says.. purely insane decision..! Paddo says..they saw Madhu crumble.. she could have cried n they could have supported her.. but now..despite having been destroyed .by that monster..she wants to live with him?? What to do? Paddo collapses!

Sultan is cleaning his gun and notices Madhu standing in front of him..! He is shocked..!

Part 2

Sultan asks Madhu if she is fine? Madhu hesitates n then says.. yes..! Kaka is delighted to see her n greets her..! He tells her that Aryan is missing her n that he has gone to take shower.. n once he sees her he will rejoice! Kaka goes to make tea..! Madhu asks Sultan how he fulfills all relations so well? Madhu says..that whatever she said on phone.. she should not have said. .n especially not brought his wife in the midst of all this n that after that…he should have kicked her out.. once he saw her here… ! She says..rather Sultan is still worried for her? Sultan says that ‘Galat hone me aur Gira hua hone me bahut farak hota hai’ n that God has given hand to men to support a woman…n not push her..!

Sultan asks Madhu why she came? She says..after what she said the previous day..she had to come..! She says..she said wrong.. n that he must have been hurt.. n for that she is sorry..!! Madhu apologises..!

Part 3

Sultan says.. its ok…! He tells Madhu he too has to advance..! He says just her saying that its not his matter.. it doesnt end.. in future too whenever he feels something wrong is happening with Madhu ..he will come inbetween .. ALWAYS! Madhu asks why? Sultan stays mum!

Precap —- Sultan is standing with Madhu outside RK mansion near the gate! He extends his hand to Madhu n asks her to promise n Madhu puts her hand in Sultans ! Sulbala eyelock.! RK watches Sulbala holding hand thru the CCTV n grinds his teeth!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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