Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 24th April 2013 Written Update

V (Vritrasura) gets up, gets a Sward starts fighting with kartikeya. J (Jalandhar) is watching with surprise. Indra notices it’s time for Sunset. It’s Sandhikaal of day & night. It’s the right time to kill him. Fighting with Kartikeya, V tells him, I am protected by Brhmadev’s boon, how will you kill Me? At that moment Indra back stabs him with his Vajra. J, Brihaspati are surprised. Indra boast of his killing V. Says this is the result of challenging Devraj Indra. V tells him, you are coward. You killed my bro. when he was in penanace, Asuraraj’s mother was killed when she was unprotected. Even I was backstabbed by you. You are a shame as a Devraj.
J is coming running towards Indra, Kartikeya is shocked seeing him, he is his father’s copy, drops weapons from his hand. J tells him to pick up Sword & fight with him bur Kartikeya is shocked seeing seeing J. Shukracharya stops J, tells him it’s time for Yudhha viram.
Kartikeya tells Indra, it was wrong on his part to kill V like that. Indra says what else he could have done? V was a big threat to him, what he did was right.
J is shocked seeing V dead, asks he had boon, how did he died?
Kartikeya & Indra comes to Shivji, who tells Kartikeya, he shouldn’t have been disillusioned in the battle field seeing J’s form. You’ve proved you are an expert warrior today. Indra says Kartikeya has assisted him very well today. Now he’ll take this Vajra to Devloka. Kartkeya & shivji doesn’t like his attitude. Indra is stopped by Shivji. Kartikeya takes Vajra from him & takes it to Suvarcha, who joins hands to the Vajra.
J is surprised at the way V was killed, how did they come up with such an weapon? Shukracharya says he can understand his mental condition, but their army’s moral must be down now. J says he has made a mistake of trusting Deva’s boon. Shukracharya says Brhmadev gave V what he had asked for. He was not told that he’ll be safe from a weapon made by bons of someone. J asks whose bons were they? Rishi Dadhichi’s, he had got boon from his Guru, he willingly gave up his life to make this weapon? Surrendering to his Guru compeletely, was the noble feeling of rishi Dadhichi, that made him sacrifice his life for this cause. J asks he has heard of Brhmadev, Vishnu but who is this Mahadev?
Vishnuji, Brhmaji, Naradji all are watching this convo, with smile, the moment J will know about Mahadev.
J asks who is he? Shukracharya says, he is Devadhi Dev Mahadev.
Here Shivji is asked by Kartikeya , he was called to fight against V. but the way Indra killed V was shameful . I don’t want to be a Senapati to Indra. Seeing some more questions on his face, Shivji says, do you want to ask anything else son? K says yes, J, he was shocked seeing him in the battlefield, it doesn’t suit a warrior but was shocked seeing your form in him. Ganesh is surprised seeing asks many questions connected to his father. Kartikeya says he looks like father but there is something different about him. Ganesh says you are right, he has to be different, can’t be as powerful as father. Kartikeya says his eyes were like Sea. Ganesh says Agni & Jal both together this is amazing . Shivji says his eyes are Blue like Sea, has power of Sea. Kartikeya asks but he was born from your Krodhagni. Shivji says, yes he is born out my Krodhagni, he has strength of Sea, is an amazing warrior too .
Shukracharya say, Kailashpati Mahadev can not be described in one word. He is Saguna, Nirguna, Sakara, Nirakaar, Param-brhma, Mahan Guru, Mahayogi, Mahadev is Shaktipati. He is Satyam, he is Shivam, he is Sundaram, he is everywher. Snake & Rudraksh adorns his body. Sits on Vyaghra charma. Smears ash on his body.
J thinks this means if he defeats Brhma, Vishnu, Mahadev, Asura’s will be winner in this war.

Precap: J tells Vrinda tomorrow more medicines will not be needed as he himself will enter the battle field.
Indra tells Brihaspati, Jalandhar’s decision of entering the war will prove dangerous compared to fighting with Vritrasura.
Paravti tells Aadi Guru, she has tried all the aasana suggested by him. He tells her to be like a Shab, be in Shabasana,you’ll know something more.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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