Madhubala 20th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 20th January 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 20th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu asks RK who were u talking of about killing? RK says .on one condition u wont ask anymore questions ..! RK says.. talking about my character.. not to kill it… as its no longer negative..! Madhu says.. u have changed.. RK says.. see told ya! Madhu says.. u have changed! RK says.. u broke the do something! Madhu asks what fix a drink for u? RK says.. wait.. a surprise for u. .n gives Madhu her meds..!

Bhujang says.. thot u will be happy Kuku learning about murdering RK? Kuku says why doubting KRK? KRK prays to Hanumanjis pic in his moby for being on same bed with another woman..!

He sees Madhu shivering and feels guilty

Bhujang says.. have planned in detail n dun wanna risk that KRKs conscious starts biting him..! He says.. need to keep an eye on KRK ..! Kuku says gud plan..!

KRK says.. sorry RK cant help u but can take care of ur wife..! Bhujang suggests Kuku to return to RK mansion n he agrees!

KRK decides what to do for curing Madhus sickness… thinks of kada and milk ..! Pabho finds KRK in kitchen n asks why here n he says..! Pabho taunts n leaves..!

KRK self thot.. Pabho is like Khalnayika.. need to teach her a lesson.. Madhu is so nice..! He takes kada to Madhu..! She says ur like old times.. when we fought. .n still u took care of me..!

Madhu says.. sleep n KRK says will do opposite!

Next day morning, Madhu wakes up.. finds KRK sleeping by her side..n is snoring.. ! Madhu is shocked.. shakes KRK to wake up n he says MAA..!

He asks how Madhu is n she says.. yes.. ! Asks about where he learnt to make Kada n KRK says coincidence..was sick on set n someone helped with Kada so..!

Part 2

KRK is praying to Bajrang Bali .. n rues.. what to do ..coz having to sleep with another woman wrong..! He wonders ..what to do about snoring..!

He rues ..about how he has to lie.. all the time to save himself..!

KRK is walking out of store room n Radha comes.. he says.. coz Madhu culdn sleep he had to sleep in store room!

Radha is delighted.. n tells Pabho ..all will be well soon!

Part 3

RK is writing down a letter.. with his feelings for Madhu .. n recollects all the moments with her n jots them down!

Precap — RK requests the constable.. to give his letter to Madhu ..! He agrees to post it..for RKs sake ..! Sikky gives the letter to Madhu ..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. Superb acting by Madhu and RK. Wow! RK you are great taking on this double role superb….superb….superb. Or should I say like Shipla super say uper. Love this serial.

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