Ek Boond Ishq 20th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 20th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 20th January 2014 Written Update

MJ pushes Tara on the bed and leaves… Taara is hurt that MJ is not uttering a word to save himself.
Jayaraj sees Taara cry..he goes to her and asks abt her sorrow,, Taara shares that she has seen Radha alive.. he couldn’t believe his ears and he makes her sit on the bed and calms her down and repeat what she just said.. Taaar tells him that she has seen Radha alive in the rally and she saved MJ by taking the bullet on to herself.
Jayraj gets a call from the lawyer about MJ’s parole thingie… he is happy about the fact that Mj will not be a free man… Tara and Tara’s daddy-in-law share a hug.

The Lawyer talks to someone on his phone about him taking the proof to register it…(itney Raat ko kaunsa court, judge jaga hogaa yehs sab dekhney… unless they have night session like the call centers..or is he taking it to the police station at those wee hours guess EBI ppl are making the ‘Insaaf- ki- devi’ do over time!)

He hangs the phone up and as he drives further only to see a car rammed into a tree with a lady hurt on the driving wheel.. the lawyer goes near the car too help the woman..he calls the woman..if she is ok… as he opens the door of the car… the woman kicks the lawyer making him fall on the ground.. its our own KALLO rani…
Kallo takes out the gun and directs it to the man… the Lawyer asks who she is.. why is she trying to kill him… she says that he has some proof to prove MJ innocent..the biggest enemy she has. The guy begs her to leave him, let him live… Kallo tells that now he has seen her n has the proof, she’ll have to kill him and akss if he has any last minute wishes.. the guy asks who she was an why is she after him.. Kallo says she’ll fulfill her two wishes… One… Kallo in RP’s tone utters ‘Ab ki baar Rudrpratap..’ and the slogans ‘Jab tak suraj chand rahega RP tera naam rahegaa..’ The lawyer is shocked to know that Kallo is RP…
Saying that Kallo fires bullet into the poor guy..the lawyer is killed mercilessly by her.. Kallo then takes the brief case wid her …and slips away from the place..(I am sure Kallo/Rp would save THAT evidence too as he did to Radha after all its needed for his inevitable fall )

The Police ppl talk on ph with their superiors regarding Tara’s arrest.. as they are heading to Shikhwat mansion to bring Taara to the station to interrogation her regarding the gun her bag possess.

MJ the woodcutter is back.. he in rage of things..fighting his own word and his wife’s worry… he axes the wood so hard that he hurts himself.. his rib aches hard and he goes to Maria wincing in pain…He shares his sorrow with the creature that Taara is wrong on Radha’s existence… he has seen Radha dead..how can she be alive. Taar hears this and tries to convince him that she has see Radha alive (unnecessary scene)..if she is alive then she’ll be at her dad’s place..they can ask him instead.. MJ tells not to dig the past for the man has have had enough of pain losing his daughter.. but Taar swears to bring the truth forth.
MJ then reaches the (famous FB wall of theirs) and writes that ‘kash tum ji samhj rahi ho woh sach ho Taara’ he then strikes out the line he wrote…and cries..

Adi calls Meethi to help him find soem documents..but he doesn’t find her at home and she doesn’t even answers her ph… he then goes down and sees Meethi come back from shopping..on asked why didn’t she inform him ir answer his call…she says even he does the same…and goes upstairs…Jayraj tells Adi that she is right..Adi is annoyed and leaves.. Meethi n dad in law has a knowing look.
Jayraj gets a call from the lawyer’s firm informing him that the lawyer has been killed by someone..Jayraj is devastated hearing this.

Raghu kaak sits lamenting on his daughter’s lose… he finds a female shadow and utters ‘Radha beti kahan chali gayee the tum..’ to his surprise it was Taara.. he is caught red handed.. Tara asks what makes him think that its his daughter..wasn’t she dead..?

Raghu kak denies the fact..Tara blurts that she has seen Radha at the rally saving MJ… he then finally admits that Radha is alive..MJ hides n hears this.. he closes his fist in the overwhelming flow of emotions in him- that friend he knew was alive..and he couldn’t o anything to help her…
All those memories flash forth his eyes… him having fun time wih Radha…
Taara says then why did he hide the fact from all..why he let MJ face the crime which he hasn’tt committed on teh first place…he said Mj was Raam..and Raam went to exile for 14 long years, but her Raam is sentenced to death!
He apologizes to that..

Raghu kaka says that he was a father- he only wanted to protect his daughter- if the culprit have gotten to know abt her being alive- they would have killed her.

He narrates that when she checked that after that heinous crime his daughter was still alive, but the culprits thought her to be dead..he safly hid his daughter and placed another body in her place.. as he expected the culprits came back to destroy evidence and threw the body in a khayee.. he wanted his daughter to be alive- she was living as a veggie after that incident… Mj then comes forth hearing this…Raghu kaka is shocked!

The police comes to Shikhwat villa and inquires that if the big is Taaras, Tara recognizes it and says that it is hers.. The police asks Tara to come along to the station for grilling session

Update Credit to: sankalp

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