Madhubala 1st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 1st November 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 1st November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Doc informs RK is in coma. ..and shares that next 72 houirs is crucial and pray things dun deteriorate. .or else! He shares its second time. .RKs chest has been injured so gravely..!

Dips blames Madhu ..

Security informs RKs fans are getting aggressive and throwing pieces of messages.. ‘GOD BLESS U RK’ ..! Reporters give update on channels about RKs critical condition and show fans screaming for RK! Bittu – Mehul giving bytes!

Madhu decides to address the fans.. Roma suggests her not to ..! Madhu says.. fans love RK without anything in return. .she says.. have hope on their unconditional love for RK ..!

Madhu comes before the media n fans..! Madhu thanks media n fans for their support! She tells all that we need ur blessings and prayers for RK …! Media asks if its publicity stunt? Bittu-Mehul chide media for such accusations..! Media asks if its true. .Madhu was the one responsible? She falls quiet!

Sikky comes to Amar.. who is watching all this news.. and rues .. he is worried for himself..! Amar reassures him ..saying he wore gloves so no one will track him all!

Madhu is quiet..! Fans get aggressive and are about to attack Madhu n security tries to stop them! One of the fans throw a rod on Madhu n it hits Madhu on the head.. n she bleeds from her head! Madhu comes to RK and looks at him from outside and says.. forgive me.. m really sorry! The folds are closed… its Pabho .. ! She asks Madhu what does she want?? RKs death??

Part 2

Madhu tells Pabho that RK is my hubby . .my love. .n i still tell ..that i love RK more than my own life.. so much that i can sacrifice my life for him ..or take anyones life for him!

Bittu calls Madhu as cops are there..! They talk of taking her to police station .. saying only she was present during the incident! Roma says RKs condition is too sensitive .. she is his wife..! Cop says dun interfere n says..we will talk here only ..! Mehul tells Gopal to find out about the knife!

Part 3

Madhu tells cop dunno how this happened! Cop asks u dinno from before about this scene? Madhu says.. this scene wasnt in was told to me during the shoot… i din like it.. n objected but all insisted.. so relented..!

She is asked u din check knife? Madhu says. .rehearsed with fake knife.. during actual shot. .din recheck ..n then this happened! Cop asks Madhu to detail it out! Madhu says.. he is my hubby. .i cant hurt him ever! Cop says.. relations dun matter. ..proofs do..! In this world.. relations change seconds.. !! Madhu asks to be let off.. cop agrees..!

RKs condition deteriorates .. n he is put on oxygen ..! Nurse calls Doc..! Madhu tries to comfort Radha but she jerks from her touch! Doc says we gotta operate on him ..! Madhu prays for RK .. n says .. hurt me. .but keep RK ok ..!

Precap —Bittu tells Radha that Pabho ..! Radha asks what happened to Pabho??

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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