Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st November 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st November 2013 Written Update

Well the show begins, or more appropriately, showdown. Urmilaa, continues to falsely accuse Kokila of spoiling the saree bought by Jitu. After few more of Urmilaa’s sobbing drama, wherein she says her new saree is spoilt and how she cannot buy a new one because of her being below poverty line and much more, despite Madhu’s intervention. Urmilaa shuts Madhu off.

Gopi offers to get the saree washed of the colours, but Kokila takes the saree to wash. Madhu to tries to dissuade Kokila.

Kokila’s take is that whoever commits a mistake, he or she has to correct the mistake.

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Urmilaa is all smiles inwardly.

Downstairs, near the tap, Kokila, does her washing the saree. Both Mother and Daughter try in vain to stop. Hetal; too tries to stop Kokila from washing the saree.

Urmilaa gleefully watches the scene from the verandah of the building.

Here inside, Raashi wakes up, bit groggy. Walks out of the room unsteadily. Just outside, Kinjal, absent minded, is carrying a cuppa of tea. She is thinking of her mother being put down by Urmilaa. Hence she is in a happy frame of mind.

To make a long story, Raashi and Kinjal crash into each other, hot tea spilling onto Raadha. Verbal Fight begins, rather cat fight, each right in her own way. With Raadha being the supporter of Kinjal.
Kinjal accuses Raashi of being unwanted guest, leaving her husband, separating the children from their father { and vice versa } in laws and home. Kinjal points her finger at Raashi. Raashi says that Kinjal better not speak of her children and the house is hers.

In this situation, arrives Jigar, Gopi sees him first and rest later. Jigar asks Kokila to stop washing and return.

Just then they hear the loud commotion of Raashi ad Kinjal.

Later, inside, Jigar asks his family to return home, Kokila says without Raashi, this is not possible. Raashi is then asked or requested by Jigar, Raashi says that she will not. Then Raashi asks Jigar if he came for her and then for his family. Jigar is silent, then once more he asks his family to return.

Raashi is being fueled by her mother. But Raashi is in no mood to listen, Urmilaa tells Raashi not to yield till Jigar goes down on his knees. Also says that Modi’s are over smart.

All these talk of Urmilaa is heard by Kokila.

As Urmilaa tunes round to leave she comes face to face with Kokila. Kokila says a home is built by love.

In the kitchen Kokila and Madhu : Madhu pleads for forgiveness for Radha, Kokila says unless a person realizes his or her mistake, no pint in forgiving, as Urmilaa comes in, subject is changed, as Urmilaa leaves, Kokila says that she will not tell Urmilaa as she knows Urmilaa’s mindset. This Madhu had requested Kokila – that she should not inform Urmilaa as their living with Jitu family.

In between a mother’s pain is shown. Hetal telephones Meethi. Hetal asks is any item is needed, for which Meethi says when there is no one to eat, how can things get empty or be needed. So on and so forth goes the words of pain and Hetal and Meethi shedding tears in their respective ends.

A lady selling diyas and other things comes along. Meethi tries to send her away, saying as there is no one around, there would be no Deepavalli.

Jigar stops Meethi, and the lady, says Deepavalli will be celebrated.

Ahem and Gopi :- Gopi says by the grace of Lord Krishna they would be home on the morrow, along with Raashi. Ahem had expressed apprehension.

And on Gopi’s confidence of returning home, Ahem says hope so for the better.

Episode Ends On Gopi’s Pensive Face ! ! !

Precap:- Modi Ladies Seated on the floor in a circle, sans Raashi. Kokila says that on the morrow is the beginning of the Deepavalli Festivities and Lakshmi of the house should be home. Baa says that, yes Kokila is right and expresses similar sentiments. Gopi and Ahem join them with little Meera and Gopi says that Raashi will definitely home.

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  1. This is great! Thanks a lot for this. I missed the episode, couldn’t catch the replays and was really desperate to find out what happened. After months of searching, I found this post and I finally know what massive twists and turns the story took during the course of the episode. I am a fan of the writing in this show. Writers of stupid shows like true detective and game of thrones should take a lesson or two.

    Again! Thanks a lot for this!

    1. This truly was a phenomenal episode, but I think it’s still not at a level that Kyunki… and Kasauti was.

      Gopi just doesn’t have the same charm that Tulsi, Prerna and Parvati bhabhi had. I still miss them.

      Still, I have high hopes from the show. Hopefully, the networks won’t cancel them after just 1500 episodes, without giving the show a chance to grow.


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