Madhubala 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 1st January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Bhujang praises KRK for the good job done! KRK says am RK.! He says.. getting into character..! Bhujang u say RK ji..! He asks what is there in the briefcase and RK shows the money..! Bhujang says.. u earned so much in one day? Wow..! Bhujang hugs KRK and says ur Superstar RK! RK shuts the briefcase and asks if his fake rat will fool RK? RK says.. ur caught in the game.. am real RK .. ur game is over.. coz i brought cops with me! Bhujang is shocked..! KRK bursts out laufing and says.. look at ur face! Bhujang chides him..! KRK says sorry! Bhujang says for a moment got scared..ur becoming smarter by the day.. dun become RK for real..! He gives 1 lac amount to KRK! RK asks.. 50 lacs gone from RKs FD .. Madhu says.. lost money .. n RK says who is this?

Cop checks the signature and says only an expert can detect the difference! Sikky sees and says.. he walks .. talks and signs like u RK! Sikky asks to do something fast! Cop says we will get some clue soon! Sikky asks RK if he wants a drink and RK fumes on him! RK says.. dun think he came only for money. .he has some other purpose..! Bittu asks why say so? RK says.. he said he wants to bring RK on the roads.. who is he.. what does he want and who is helping RK ..n it could be someone who has been close to me..! Kuku Bhatiya comes to Bhujang.. and checks out KRKs face and says.. double role in real life..without camera trick. .wow.. double celebrations …! First for my release from jail and seeing superstar RK folding his hand in front of me! Bhujang introes.. Kuku to KRK! He says. .how Kuku helped to make KRK –> RK! KRK thanks him! KRK says have some work.. and Kuku asks KRK to show how RK walks and he gives a sample performance.! Kuku claps for KRK! Kuku slaps KRK …and he says sorry .what did i do? Kuku says. .couldnt control ..n ask Bhujang to give Rs.10000 to KRK for he could not control his desire to slap RK! KRK leaves from there..! Kuku asks Bhujang to tell the real story .. why doing all this? Bhujang says..enjoy the fruits..! Kuku says.. seen a lot of money .. wanna see fire.. of RKs destruction ..! Bhujang says.. aaj nakli ne asli ki tijori tod di.. aur kal .. uska ghar tod dega .. fir uska bedroom .. jahan uski jaan rehti hai .. n Kuku says.. wahan karega woh Madhubala ka muh kala..!

Sikky says.. good idea.. obviously no one can enter RKs room! He gives idea to put electronic lock ..whose password only he and Madhu knows..! RK says.. close ur mouth! Sikky says.. listen to me.. its a good idea..that person looks from village ..n our password will be in english! RK chides him and Madhu says.. Sikky is giving an idea..! RK says.. he only talks crap..! RK says.. all have some weakness . .just if once i find his weakness..!

Part 2

Radha says he must have some weakness for sure! RK says.. its a tiring day.. m sure he is tired too! Madhu wonders what is this duplicates weakness..! KRK shown praying to Hanumanji asking to take care of his mom!

Radha says.. the guy in temple was KRK .. i put raksha dhaga on him and he kept it..! RK says great clue.. so we will catch him with that! Madhu says.. thats not the thing.. what she means is that.. it seems he respects his mom a lot..! KRK says sorry to his mom for not being there with her on her birthday.. and offers her milkcake which is her fave! He tastes it and says ate ur share too ..!

RK says u mean he is emotional? Madhu says KRK knows u . .n knows u dun believe in religions.. he fulfilled all mantras.. ! RK says.. n u know i dunno all this..! Radha says taught u all this in childhood so accepted it was u! KRK cries and says.. am in city..with big purpose..will get dads farmland freed too..! KRK shows the rakshadhaga …! Madhu says.. KRK respects religion and especially the dhaga put on by Radha..! KRK says.. this rakshadhaga is protecting me. its ur blessing mom! Miss u..! Madhu says.. all this is connected to his mom …!

Part 3

RK asks so based on this. how to catch this duplicate? Anyways.. think this thru while i go sleep and hope so in the morning about the duplicate being caught! Radha sulks ..! Madhu says u know him.. whatever Radha said.. will help them..! Madhu asks Radha to relax..! She says.. am sure that KRK wont come back again! Radha says.. we are scared.. we cant sleep..! She says can see ur scared too Madhu.. ..go to RK and relax..! Madhu goes..! Bittu asks them to relax..!

RK is in the bedroom and is worried..! Madhu comes..! RK asks if she remembers last years Ganpati festival.. she had asked what he likes.. red or yellow..! RK says never replied to it..! Madhu says next day asked u and RK says i was shot..! Madhu says u were wearing the thread ..! Madhu says sorry..! She says .. my fear is still alive..! RK asks still now? RK says despite knowing everything? M ur RK ..! Madhu says.. it has happened repeatedly .. dunno what to do? Madhu says cant trust my shadow now! RKs moby rings..! KRK says.. its me.. ur duplicate..! He asks if RK is upset? KRK says.. 50 lacs is not a big deal for u! RK starts cursing..! KRK says dun think its about money.. are u scared of losing ur wife? She must be in ur room but not close to u.. thinking if ur RK or not! RK says ur the one who is scared.. come in front! KRK says came so many times..! KRK says. .ur wifes hand was in mine..n ur mom put dhaga on my hand too! RK fumes.! KRK says only need to enter ur bedroom ..! He laufs.. and RK fumes..!

Precap —- KRK says.. its my challenge to u. .i will come to ur home! RK says accepted.. at 12pm ur drama will end..! KRK says.. meet u soon!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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