Meri Bhabhi 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 1st January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mummy and Papa talking to Kittu. Ishaan comes and teases Kittu and makes her laugh. He says sorry to her for being annoyed with her for some time. Kunaal gets Shraddha’s call. She says thanks. He asks for what. She says we did not know what to do, but now Kittu is back. I knew it you would do this. Kunal is shocked. He says Kittu is there? Shraddha says yes, she came here because of you. He says I did not tell her anything, she went to meet Papa and Mummy, is she fine. Shraddha says yes, and she is very happy. He asks about Anand. Shraddha says he will be fine with her soon. Kunal is happy. Shraddha smiles and says you know everyone are relaxed and happy after bringing Kittu back.

He says even my parents would be happy knowing this. She says it happened what you wanted. He says what you wanted, don’t know. She says Kunal, I wanted to talk to you. He says I will inform my parents, they are worried about Kittu, He ends the call. Dhruv meets Kittu and talks about Kunal. Shraddha comes to them and hears Dhruv talking to Kittu. She sends him and he leaves. Shraddha says even Anand wanted you to come back home, but he was unable to say. Kittu says no, I came only because of Mummy and Papa, as I know Anand did not want me to come back.

Shraddha says Anand loves you and his love brought you back. Kittu says what did Anand do, do you think he will bend. Anand talks to jasmeet and says look at Kittu’s ego, she came for Mummy and Papa, not for me, she dis not even talk to me. Kittu says what about my self respect, its his mistake, so should I say sorry. Anand says I won’t say sorry to her. jasmeet says say sorry as you have hurt her. Anand sas she should be sorry, not me. Shraddha says are you angry with me, what is it, you can tell me anything, but don’t be quiet. Kittu says I want some time please. Shraddha leaves.

Kittu calls Kunal and says how she went with Mummy and Papa. He says you said you won’t go till Anand comes to take you. Kittu says yes, I came her as Mummy’s daughter, not Anand’s wife. they have brought me here as their daughter. Kunal says you are very sensible. Kittu asks am I doing right. Kunal says yes absolutely. Kittu ends the call. Kunal gets emotional. Purshottam comes to him and asks is Kittu fine. Kunal says yes, but Anand.

Purshottam says don’t worry, Kittu will take care. Kunal says Kittu went today as Shraddha left from the mandir, is this right, I don’t understand, I wish I have thought before deciding to get married to Shraddha. Shraddha says what I thought and what happened, I was foolish. Kunal sas we were kiddish and made a mistake. Shraddha says I should have not met Kunal. Anand comes in the kitchen and opens the fridge and takes out a dish. Kittu comes there and looks at him. Ranjhana…………… plays………………

She signs him to give her the dish to heat it up. He leaves and comes to his room. He sees his room cleaned. He says why are yo doing this Kittu, I don’t want your favor, he messes up the room. Mummy comes and asks Anand what are you doing, I just cleaned your room. Anand is shocked and makes excuse. He says I thought Kittu cleaned the room. Mummy says so you are messing it up, why are you behaving like this.

Mummy says what are you doing with your life, don’t do this, I can clean your room again, but can’t make your life better, only Kittu can do it, no matter how you treat her. She says why will Kittu come in this room, till you give her respect she won’t talk to you. Kunal gets his friend’s call and he asks him to come and celebrate the new year. Kunal says no, I m busy. His friend insists. Kunal agrees and sas I need a change, I will come. Shraddha talks to Chaya and says I will come, I need a break from all tension and problems.

Kittu asks Shraddha to go in the party. Kamini asks Kunal is Shraddha coming in the party. Kunal says if she was, I would have not gone.

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