Madhubala 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 1st April 2014 Written Update

Part 1

AK offers money to Lela and she says God changes peoples luck but u changed my luck .. n we will pray that God blesses u with long life.. so u can take revenge from Madhu.AK says ur role in the story is over.. leave.. but if u tell anyone ..u will have to return all cash to me in double.Lela assures
All oppose AKs decision of keeping Madhu in the Kapoor Mansion .. but AK says she has to stay in this house n suffer..
Bebe asks then why that stranger shuld stay? AK says he will till Madhus punishment goes on ..! Bebe says what justice is it to punish daughter for a fathers mistake? AK says dunno about this.. but her biggest mistake is she is RKs daughter n will take revenge from her kids too

Madhu is walking and AK asks leaving? ur sasural n hubby? Madhu says dun accept this marriage..! AK calls Bittu and asks about Radhas health n Bittu says she is not fine…n needs another operation.. Madhu is shocked..

Bittu says Doc has told not to give her any shocking news…AK asks to let him talk to Radha.. about Madhu wanting to marry AK! Madhu tries to stop him ..n begs ..! AK smirks .. n then talks nicely to Radha!

Then gives phone to Madhu .. n praises her boss..! Madhu says will talk later ..AK says ur very intelligent Madhu .. ‘woh tumhare liye jeeyengi aur tum unke liye jeeogi’ He teases her saying what if she finds out? Will she die? AK says n with her.. Bittu & family will die too

Madhu glares at AK ..Madhu says u ruined two lives … AK ..! She says that guy will react ..

Madhu comes to her room n finds VD’s char. playing with toys … n clapping his hands.. n looks at Madhu n says AHAN!AK comes and says ‘saap ke gale me chachundar.. na ugalte bane na nigalte’

AK says.. this is Raj Kumar… his age is 25-26 … but his mental age is that of a child of 6 years… his fave dish is lolipop and loves to play with toys n will play with u ..

AK says the person before u doesnt understand trust.. but u do.. so go explain to him ..

Part 2

RK keeps playing with toys ..

Madhu sits on the bed all shocked …and RK makes her get up saying.. this is my bed.. get up .. n he covers the bed..

Part 3

Madhu is in the bathroom and recollects AKs words..

She puts the water tap on and sits and rues about her fate … where she is and that she found out truth of her life… her parents.. and her future…!!

Madhu keeps crying .. while RK is shaking ..

Precap — Madhu angrily tells RK that she is not a toy n wont tell him a story ..! RK says.. u scolded me.. ur bad. . .get out of my room and pulls her outside n closes the door!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  2. Nice but I think that rk is not mental. He speaks like normal man and some what bibakof

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