The Buddy Project 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 1st April 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 1st April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts from Sheeba telling Piddi that I want to buy a scooter to come in college but papa is not allowing me. He says its not good for women to go alone..Sheeba says but its not good .The girls cant do nothing..Piddi says thats why election is coming..please vote for a change…

kIYA SAYS TO KD I am really happy that Mom is coming to meet her in college .. Her mom comes to them and asks KD to join them..She gives credit to KD thats why mother and daughter meets.She thanks KD to realize her. Kiya tells her mom , Kd is singing in college festival. and invites her too.

Piddi is very excited and nervous as Karan Kapoor is coming .. He goes to check dress code of all buddies.. Sheeba slaps piddi..He tries his intro like “Hi I am piddi.” later thinks piddi is

not looking good. and call himself Pratham. A car comes and he thought karan came.. So he goes to welome him but it was Kiya and KD .. They thanks KD to open the gate..Piddi’s phone rings and he gets sad..and throws bouquet..He tells all buddies that Karan is not coming right now due to shooting..He got very upset. All guys teries to cheer him up.

Ranveer also tries to explain Panchi that please dont go UK . you can study here too. You will get scholarships here too. Panchi says how you can be so insensitive and selfish. Its alo difficult for me.He says why you want to go away from us .. If you will go then I will also come after you. Piddi tells them not to fight and ask you came here to support me or to do fight .Panchi leaves from there..Kiya says you are not doing right ,please think about it.

Kiya and sheeba plans to call panchi for farewell. Piddi gets greeting card as Pratham.. Its sorry card for not coming. Piddi gets very happy and starts jumping in gladness..

Dean Sir calls Panchi and congratulates her . He says its good news but you are not happy. dont you wanna go.Panchi says she will think about it.. dean sir says Please give me response within one week..and this is brilliant option you should go.. Panchi came out from office and talks herself that it was all joke to go UK but now its gonna true. I have to go really. Its no more a joke now. I have to leave Ranveer alone..she says “Its really scaring me.”

Kiya comes and takes panchi with her. They all give her farewell.she says not to forget us after going there. Panchi gets nerous. Ranveer is standing alone in a corner. He is very sad.. Kiya tells panchi to chat online..KD says, I cant but a gift for you please dont cry.. We all miss you. They all hug..

No precap

Update Credit to: Priya

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