Madhubala 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 19th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Reporter says that RK n his new bride has planned something special for their mom Radha..! Reporter says that.. Sitara studio is gonna reopen soon! Meera hears the name and is alert..! Aryan says that.. he understood a little only! Reporter says ..RKs father was a producer.. and eventually his studio got closed..and that RK who is the sole heir.. is gonna reopen the studio…! Meera screams .no and says..this man.. has killed my son.. stolen my son! She starts breaking things…and keeps saying.. he stole my son! She breaksdown and Sultan asks Kaka to take Aryan inside..! Aryan asks what is wrong with Meera? Sultan gets water for Meera ..and asks her to calm down..! She sits and Sultan comforts her n g ives her water! Meera says..she tried to search for her son a lot.! Sultan asks if she remembers anything? Meera says..she loved this man a lot.. a the deceit that.. he loves her too a lot.. ! She rues that..she gave birth to the man’s son… he was tiny . .n she couldnt even hug him…! She breaksdown in Sultans arms n says…she could not save her son from his father! She says.. the man killed her son..! Sultan is in tears and says..he is not dead.. n asks her to look into his eyes..! Meera says… her son too had same blue colored eyes.. but that man killed her son…! Sultan helps Meera to sit and asks her to look into his eyes..!

He asks her to tell him the color of his eyes..! Meera says.. blue..! Meera is about to say. .u n Sultan says.. her son is not dead.. he is the one. .he is her son…n he calls her mom..! Meera caresses his face…n kisses his face and hugs him! Sultan breaksdown n says.. ur son is alive.. he is not dead..! Meera says.. ur alive.. n then passes out..!

RK tells the press that tomorrow is the opening of Sitara studio. .n its a closed family gathering.. but media is not allowed..! He says they will be invited later..! RK is about to turn to leave n Reporter asks where are they going for honeymoon? RK says.. was wondering..why no namuna asked yet.. well so he n Madhu are going to a special place. Film City…! All lauf..! Bittu escorts the press outside..!

Radha asks RK …since when was he planning all this? RK teases so mom too wants to come for sons honeymoon? Bittu says.. Chief.. u ..! He asks all to sit..! Madhu serves tea to all..! Bittu says..he would have taken..! Madhu gives RK tea cup n RK says after wedding.get tea at the end? Madhu thats big..! Bittu tells Radha that they were discussing the studio reopneing since long but today morning they finalised..! RK says..they have decided to rent out the studio n whatever they earn goes to Mohan Kundra Trust and that wil lfinance studies of needy kids the ways he wanted..! RAdha says.. for amom its great

Sikky tells Radha that her elder son is growing too ..n that he is starting a new business … he is a wedding planner! Dips interrupts..! Sikkys moby rings n he takes the call..! He tells Radha that he has collected the money for this business.. full Rs. 25 lacs..! All are shocked to hear..! Dips asks from where he got? Sikky stammers and then says.. some from his savings and some from his dad Kuku Bhatia! Dips asks Kuku is not in town.. so who gave? Sikky says.he did! Dips asks him to speak the truth..! Sikky stammers and says.. he sold her ornaments..! All are shocked..! Dips asks how dare he? Sikky says he din dare but he thot.. if not now then when?He says..those ornaments ..were of Radha.. so..he thot Radha wont mind..! Dips says.. Radha gave it to her so they are hers.. ! She asks Sikky to return the ornaments! Sikky says.. it was of full Rs. 20 lacs.. if he returns only 5 lacs will be left.. n one cant start business with it! Dips says. dun care.. get them back. .n says get out! Sikky leaves..! Radha asks Dips to talk with some thoughfulness.! Dips says..those ornaments were a security…! Radha says.. yes. but from where else would he arrange..! Bittu divers Radha about the havan..!

Dips fumes.. with which right..did he do this? RK says.. he is her hubby he has right to sympathise.. and to exert this right too! Dips says excuse me..! RK says.. he is flop actor.. he is trying something new.. ! He says Sikky is her hubby give him the right! Dips says..better not advice her..! She says..that its new for Rishbala so all is sweet but soon they will realise its a bitter pill like neem.. n they too will fight n separate! Rishbala say in unison .. NEVER..! They leave..!

Doc checks Meera.. gives her injection..! Sultan dabs her head…! He asks Doc how much time she will take to get cured? Doc says.. Meera has been in hosp since ages. but now she is with him slowly she will be c ured..! Sultan says today ..Meera identified someone on TV.. n Doc says great..! Sultan asks so what can they do? Doc says will take time to cure .. but if they mingle her with the people from her past.. .she might remember more! Doc leaves..! Meera coufs and Sultan helps her sit and feeds her water..! Sultan asks Meera if she is ok? Meera is surprised and asks..who is he? She jerks from his touch and asks .. here? Who are u? Sultan is surprised..!

Part 2

Sikky comes to Radha.. n asks she called him? Radha says yes.. n asks if he returned Dips ornaments? He says yes. .n rues that now he has only Rs. 5 lacs ..! He says..first businessman who has gone broke before start of busines..! He says. .

He says.. for the first time.. he has been serious about something.. n after his wife.. he has first time had true love with something! Radha says.. not to worry… n it will work out..! Sikky says.. that but band baja.. tambu etc will take money…! Radha gives him a cheque n he wonders if its chillar..! He sees its a cheque of Rs. 20 lacs and says wow.. Mummyji!

Part 3

Meera rues that her destiny played a cruel joke on her! Her son was snatched from her n killed n now… he .. someone with her sons eyes.. is making fun of her? She asks him to go away n grabs the toy..! Sultan gets up.. sadly but keeps looking at Meera as he walks away! Aryan comes and watches Sultan wiping his eyes..! He holds Sultans hand and hugs him..! Sultan watches as Meera closes her eyes..! Screen freezes on Sultan..!

Precap — Pandit says.. its the havan fire and now they will give Ahuti in it..! He says.. now he (RK) Mohan Kundras son .. will extend his hand and give Ahuti ! RK extends his hand n right then Sultan holds his hand..! RK looks at Sultan and all others are shocked …!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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