Crazy Stupid Ishq 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 19th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Tullu comes back home with his mother, Tullu is scared of his mom and tells Pampi to not let her know anything as she may again tell her to leave the house. Pampi starts posing in James bond style making Tullu laugh..

Next morning Tullu makes tea for his mother and they start remembering thier old good memories. She tells him when would that day come when both of her sons(Ayaan & Ishaan) would stay together with her. She asks if Tullu is happy with the marriage or not? & he tells that he is very happy. She tells him that she will rent a house after his marriage with Miral to give them privacy, but Tullu tells nothing like that is to be done. There comes Pampi and Tullu’s mom gets irritated like always.

At the office, Mannu ji tells Ayaan to

tell Shadaab to finish recording his songs in a month as he needs to release them asap! Ayaan tells him that Shadaab is a star how can he tell him to do so. Thus, Pampi tells Mannu ji to release only 1 song at the moment and all agree to it.

Pampi gets a call from Miral saying that she has only 1 chance left to succeed in her mission. Pampi plans an idea and tells Miral to meet her alone.

Tullu tells Shadaab about his plans and he tells him that his songs are not ready yet. He asks Ayaan about his inspiration and he tells Shadaab about the guitar gifted by Pampi. He tells him that he is still surprised as to how did Pampi still remember that he loved singing.
Shadaab tells him that this is called soul connection. Shadaab tells him to sing and he sings mindblowingly..:D Ayaan asks Shadaab that is it necessary that you fall in love with your inspiration(Pampi) and Shadaab is surprised to hear it. He clarifies by saying that he asked it since he’s getting engaged to someone else. Shadaab replies back by saying that his life has just begun, wait and watch what happens next..

Part 2:

Miral gets a call from excited Pampi who keeps saying meow meow.. and Miral thinks that how come a cat knows to call?? hahaha
Its Pampi and Miral’s sign language. Miral replies her back saying meow meow I’m coming… hahaha

Pampi arrives at Miral’s house and tells her to come along but Miral is stuck as she can’t come. Pampi is shocked to know that and thinks that what will she do now? She has already called Tullu.
There Tullu along with his friends is waiting for Miral but is shocked to see Pampi there. His friends assume Pampi as his fiancee and start teasing her Bhabhiji Bhabhiji.. Tullu and Pampi are shocked. Tullu tries to clear them by saying its Miral and not Pampi. Hearing Miral’s name they start talking about her saying, that behenji chipku girl Miral?? They tell Tullu that Thank God he chose Pampi and not that psycho.. Tullu is numb all of a sudden and Pampi turns to see who made him go numb? Its non other than Miral who has arrived there.

Part 3:

Miral is damn angry on Pampi and tells her that her plan of insulting her in front of Ayaan is successful. Pampi tells her that she didn’t mean to do that. But Miral is not listening to her and thus tells Ayaan to choose any one of the two, either his would be fiancee Miral or his childhood friend Pampi!
His friends get scared and make an excuse from there. Ayaan aka Tullu is shocked to hear that.

Ayaan gets hampering from his boss Mannu to make Shadaab sing his song within 2 days else he would lose his job. Ayaan gets scoldings from Shadaab for the sudden pressure of making him sing so early.
Miral shouts at Anushka for her plan and tells her that she got to know about the fake love letter written by Anushka and not Ayaan.

Update Credit to: Jyo_ksg

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