Madhubala 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 17th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Abhay taunting Pam. Pam gets annoyed. Abhay says I m joking, she is my mum, she did my upbringing, she is happy with my marriage. Pam says I m very upset, you did not do right, you did not ask me. Ananya says yes, this is not done, you did not tell us who is the girl. The bride comes in doli. Dolly asks Abhay to show her face. Abhay says Madhu will do her Mu dikhai. Madhu is shocked. Abhay comes to Madhu and asks her to do as he says silently. Tamanna smiles. Abhay says do this smiling and happily. Madhu walks towards the doli.

Madhu does her aarti. Abhay smiles. Abhay says everyone are waiting to see who is the one who has won my heart. He asks Madhu to lift the ghunghat. Madhu does so and everyone are shocked. Abhay looks on smiling. Sweety smiles looking at Madhu. Pam says Sweety? Abhay says everybody, she is my wife Mrs. Abhay Kapoor. He then introduces Mami as his mum in law. Mami smiles. Mami greets him. Pam says she is Madhu’s cousin sister, he married a chawl girl, how disgusting. Abhay asks Madhu not to create any scene. He takes Sweety to introduce her to his family. Sweety meets everyone. Abhay asks Pam to bless her. Abhay asks Sweety to touch Madhu’s feet as she is her elder sister. He asks Madhu to be happy that her sister married him. He says come on smile.

Abhay poses for photos. Pam scolds Tamanna for cheating them. Nikhil asks why did you cheat us, we were giving you 1 crore. Tamanna says Abhay gave me 10 crores. Pam and Nikhil are shocked. Tamanna says I came here to do business, I don’t have any relation with Abhay and you. Tamanna calls them big cheaters. Pam says Abhay’s money is talking, not you. Tamanna taunts them and says I have some ethics, I don’t cheat my family. She says Abhay knows everything and calls you mum, I would have killed you if I was in his place.

Tamanna says I will go after this party, but the people who are not of their family’s will never be anyone, you both are also not of each other. She laughs and leaves. Pam feels insulted. Abhay says another surprise of the evening. RK dresses like a joker. Madhu is shocked seeing him. Everyone are surprised. Abhay stops Madhu and says whats the hurry, wait. He holds her hand. RK walks down the stairs. Abhay says he is my biggest fan, and he loves films. He is not a hero but wants to be a comedian. He says so he came in my birthday wearing a joker’s dress, I have promised him if he wins the game, I will get him a role in films.

He takes the peacock feather from him and says the game is you need to catch this ball. He sticks the feather on the ball. He says if you win, you will get everything and also Kanha. RK nods yes. Abhay says the game is RK will need to catch this ball and your task will be to stop him.

Abhay asks ready RK? He counts 1 2 3…… The people does not give RK the ball and he struggles to get it. Mami and Sweety laugh seeing him. Madhu feels sad. Mami talks to Pam. Sweety calls Mami and she comes back to her. Everyone make fun of RK. Abhay holds Madhu’s hand stopping her. Madhu cries. RK does not get ball and tried hard.

RK runs to get the ball and gets unwell. RK falls. Madhu runs to him and holds him. She asks are you fine. He says Gudiya…… and smiles. He hugs her. Abhay looks on. Madhu smiles. RK says Kanha…… Madhu gets the ball and takes the feather from it. She cries and gives it to him. Abhay says Madhu, what are you doing, everyone were enjoying. Madhu holds RK’s hand and says yes, I stopped him, as its not a circus and he is not a joker. He is my husband. RK smiles. Madhu gives an angry look to Abhay. Dolly and Gopi smile. Abhay gets a verbal slap.

Madhu says he is my husband, he is my respect and self esteem, he is my life, my husband.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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