Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 17th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sumitra tearing Shivani’s curtains and saying she cannot garner praises from Latha now. Shivani sees her tearing curtain and asks why did she tear it. Sumitra says she was cleaning curtains and it tore by mistake. Shivani says she did it purposefully as she saw her. Sumitra says she does not have any grudge with family, so why will she tear curtains. Shivani says she will get the curtains stitched by tailor and goes out.

Sumitra brings kachori/samosas prepared by Shivani and gives it to Latha saying she prepared them. Latha tastes them and likes them. Sumitra says she did all household word, but one work is yet to be done. She shows torn curtain and says Shivani tore it. She says she has given her old saree to tailor, he will stitch it. Latha praises Sumitra and goes.

Shivani asks tailor to stitch curtains soon. Sumitra comes there and calls Shivani hiding behind. Shivani asks what mistake she made now. Sumitra says why will she ruin Ginni’s happiness and says she did not add elaichi in the kheer/sweet she prepared and she will get it. Shivani says she will get it herself and goes from the tailor shop. She comes back to get curtain, but tailor says Sumitra took the curtains.

Shivani comes back and sees Latha praising Sumitra for the curtains and snacks. Shivani tries to speak, but Baburam comes just then. Latha praises Sumitra in front of Baburam that she did all the household work, etc. Sumitra gives evil smile at Shivani.

Groom’s people come. Ginni serves snacks and tea to them. Baburam says Ginni prepared all this. Maya thinks these people brag a lot. Groom’s father asks sugar. Maya goes to bring it. Latha asks if the had find problem coming her. Groom’s mom says they had problem with their car’s AC, so they got it repaired and came today. Baburam thinks once Ginni marries the guy, he can travel in AC car. Groom’s parents praises Ginni. Baburam laughs. Sumitra thinks these people traveled only in tempo, now they are dreaming about car. Baburam says he lies the groom and to tell their opinion about Ginni. Groom’s mom says she likes Ginni but wants to know how much dowry they can give. Latha says Ginni is their youngest daugther and asks them to tell their demand. Groom’s father says he needs 10 lakhs. Baburam is shocked to hear that and says he will do whatever he can. Groom’s mother says she does not want to bargain. Shivani asks her if she likes asking dowry and says marriage is between bride and groom and relationship between their family and it is not right asking money. Groom’s mom asks if she will teach them culture and says she enquired about their house before coming here. She says Raghu has 2 wives and both stay in same house.

Latha apologise groom’s mother says Shivani is a kid and not to bother her words. She asks her to tell about her demands and she will try her best. Shivani says Latha she herself told once that if someone misbehaves with woman, they should fight. She says Ginni is educated and why should they give dowry. Shivani says groom’s mom they cannot give dowry. Groom’s mom gets angry and asks her family to leave come from here. Baburam says he is girl’s father and will give dowry. Groom’s mom says he has to give dowry to whoever Ginnni marries, but she will not accept Ginni for her son and goes out with her family. Latha/Baburam pleads them to stay, but they do not listen them and go from there.

Baburam scolds Shivani and says how dare she misbehave with her guest. He says it is not her haveli to say whatever she feels, it is his basti/area and it has some rules which we should follow. Shivani says she was fighting for Ginni’s right. Dowry is against women’s rights. They asked 10 lakhs today and may ask more later. Baburam shouts and says she came without money, he had a big heart to accept her, else who will allow marriage without money. Latha says she will not forgive Shivani for breaking Ginni’s marriage. She asks her not to teach them, let them live their life, not to interfere in their life. Sumitra comes and acts as consoling Latha. Shivani starts cyring.

Precap: Maya asks Vivek not to take tension. Vivek says if police catches them, they will have to be behind bar. Maya says how will anybody know that they made a fraud.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

  1. steups vaa sumintra vaa aab kyaa baat hai

  2. Oh lord ….. Hate Baburam…… Plus Maya have the brains of Donkey shit….

  3. what a stupid woman maya em drama boringing why is Raghu takin so long to see tru Sumitra and realize his feelings for Shivani

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