Madhubala 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 16th December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu asks Ria so RK helped u last nite? She says not just help but took me to his farmhouse n arranged for a car too .. he is a famous guy but a great gem! Madhu is teary eyed n glares at RK!

Ria sees Madhus bracelet n says i have same one.. what a coincidence! Madhu says its not mine..! She takes it off n gives to her and leaves from there! RK walks after Madhu . .Ria asks if she said something wrong but RK pushes her away! He asks Madhu where she is going ? Madhu says to the person whom i love n who loves me n doesnt lie..! But there is no such place! RK says. .i dun lie n Madhu asks why then u lied? RK says coz din wanna say anything to make things worse between us.. after what has happened! Madhu asks who is this girl? RK says.. Ria.. the girl whom i had injured in

accident! He says all that has happened till now..! Madhu says if u had said all this last nite wont have broken my trust..! Madhu says the valley that is between us. .would have been filled by trust but u..! Media comes n wishes Madhu on her budday n inquire about RKs treat to Madhu! RK holds Madhus hand n says ..leave us alone today n walks off with Madhu..!

RK is about to wish Madhu but she looks away! RK drives off..! The car tyre is punctured! RK tries to change the tyre .. Madhu suggests to call mechanic..! RK injures his hand n Madhu tries to reach to him! Madhu says call mechanic! RK says a person like me deserves this pain … how did i forget ur budday.. i was helping a stranger. .while my wife was all alone.. on her budday n i lied to u .. while it was so easy to speak the truth! Madhu asks him to relax n says it happens as such things were not ok between us! I m not angry on that issue.. ! RK says..despite sitting in front of u i din remember at the hotel..! Madhu says i felt bad.. but today only we went for lunch n spent time together.. its all fine for me.. so forget all .. am fine! RK asks Madhu how u do this? From where did u bring this huge heart… but ‘tum mujhe hamesha maaf karke meri adat mat bigad dena.. ki main galtiya karne lagu’ ..! RK asks how u forgive me always! Madhu says not always.. dun break my trust! RK says i dun wanna break ur trust.. ! RK wishes Madhu n they hug!

All assemble in hall .. for Madhus budday cake cutting..! Pabho says hope ur year n that of ur loved ones goes well ..! Pabho blesses her..! Sikky asks her not to forget him in her next film! Dips wishes Madhu .. n taunts.. how life has changed .. no one knew u on ur last budday n now ur a superstars wife n a superstar urself. .what to wish now? RK says.. if u came without gift ..then bless ..her.. as an elder should! Dips fumes! All smirk! Bittu asks Madhu to cut the cake..! Lights are switched off and cake is lightened with candles..! Bittu asks Madhu what did u wish for.. n Madhu says.. that nothing changes in life … the one whom i wanted in my life. n whose i heart i wanted to stay in .. i got it! Dips says the ONE isnt even here! Madhu turns to feed RK cake as lights come on n RK is not there! Madhu comes to the room looking for RK but he is not there!

Madhu comes to the terrace .. n finds it decorated n a cake waiting for her..! RK says.. on one side .. is everyone elses cake n on other side.. RKs cake..! Madhu is delighted!

Part 2

Madhu says.. this cake is so cute dun wanna cut! RK says dun start ur senti behaviour here..! Madhu is about to blow the candle off n cut the cake when Roma comes n sings Happy Birthday u and all chawl folks come! RK is fuming.. ! Bittu says..tried to stop but! All chawl people wish Madhu .. and say we will tell all that we went to superstar Madhus budday …! Bittu is clicking pics! Roma asks him to join in the pic..! RK is fuming..but joins! Madhu notices RK being upset..!

Part 3

Music is put on..and all are dancing ..! They even keep pushing the table and the cake falls on the floor! RK is dragged by Roma to dance.! The cake falls on teh floor n is broken from the middle..! RK walks off! Madhu tries to follow him but Roma stops her..! RK calls Ria n asks he to come to the bar ..! All clap ! Bittu notices the destroyed cake..! Madhu thanks them for coming to wish her …n Roma says we are with u always! They leave! Madhu looks at the cake..! She asks Bittu where is RK ? Bittu says no idea! Bittu says RK walked off in anger… ! Madhu says i know he is angry.. i tried to stop them. .they din do it on purpose! Bittu says we both understand but RK wont ..! Madhu n Bittu set out to look for RK! Bittu says RK is not receiving my phone!

Dips asks Madhu what she is looking for? Dips says.. what ur searching for is not lost.. just far from u …! Madhu fumes! Dips says. .u broke the bond n were freed now RK too ..suffer! Madhu says shut up n dun teach me.. what to do with my relations! Dips says.. how will u silence the world? Superstar Biwi ne aapna Sachcha pyaar kho diya! Dips says.. RK talked to someone on phone .. u pushed him so far.. that he had to befriend others?? She walks off! Madhu is zapped!

Precap — Ria is dancing.. and RK too the bar..! Madhu-Bittu arrive.. and are shocked to see RK caressing Rias face!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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