Gustakh Dil 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 16th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo seeing Nikhil’s photo and saying thank you. She dream herself to be somewhere and the song Saari Saari raat…… dil to pagal hai….. plays. She runs after the photo and dances holding it. She sleeps imagining it. Its morning…… Inder is getting late for office. Lajjo asks him to have breakfast. Inder says I will have breakfast in office. Lajjo asks him to wait and packs the food. She asks him to have it in his car. He thanks her and leaves. Lajjo sees Rishi reading newspaper and he says I was reading about the films.

He says its good to watch any good film as my exams have finished. Gunjan comes to see his horoscope. He says your horoscope says someone special is going to come in your life. Rishi says I don’t believe in all this. Gunjan tries

to read Lajjo’s horoscope also and they come to know that its Lajjo’s birthday tomorrow. Lajjo is upset as she is not with her parents and sisters. Rishi says don’t worry, we will do something that you won’t miss your family. Gunjan says smile now.

Ishaana is thinking how Nikhil left yesterday night. Nikhil comes to meet Ishaana with a gift for her kitten. Ishaana says so you brought the gift to make up my mood. Nikhil says sorry for leaving suddenly, he says I m guilty, actually Lajjo….. Ishaana says I trust you, no need to explain, I don’t want any explanations, no thanks and no sorry in love. Nikhil says ya I remember. Nikhil is happy. Ishaana says I have to show you something and shows him her new dress and says I will wear this when we go for a movie. Nikhil thinks Ishaana might be still upset.

Ishaana thinks I will not let Lajjo win over me. Nani asks Lajjo did you throw the oil, Lajjo says no. Nani says give it to me. Lajjo says I will massage later. Nani says can’t we get rid of the bad smell. Lajjo there there is some way which can reduce the smell. Nani is happy and says no one should know about this and thanks Lajjo. She says God bless you and leaves. Lajjo is happy.

Nikhil comes to Gunjan and sees her counting the money. He asks whats going on. Gunjan says its Lajjo’s birthday tomorrow. Nikhil is shocked. Gunjan says Rishi and I have decided to celebrate her birthday well. I think you should also bring a gift for her, she deserves a lot from your side. Gunjan looks at Nikhil and he is spellbound. He says yes, she deserves much more, but any suggestions what to gift her, what will she like. Gunjan says I can’t help you in this, its her first birthday in our house, you decide what to gift her.

Nikhil says please advice me, try to understand. Gunjan laughs and says I m sorry, I have decided what to gift her, you can buy anything, my suggestion is the feelings are valuable not the gift, mark my words. She leaves and Nikhil thinks about it. Barkha comes to a spa and says my mum suggested me this place. She meets Ishaana there and they have a talk about the spa. Barkha says have a facial, your skin and hair look dry. Ishaana thinks about Kunal’s words and tells Barkha that you were right about Nikhil and Lajjo, I should not let Lajjo come in between me and Nikhil.

She says I think I can save Nikhil form his dark future, I will do what I can, for his happiness. Barkha says I m with you. Nikhil comes to Ayesha and asks for her help. Ayesha says what help. He says I need an advice. He says the think is I want to buy a gift for Lajjo. What does girls like. Ayesha says diamonds are girl’s best friend, shop for earrings. Nikhil says anything else. She says a swiss wrist watch. He says something else. She says gift vouchers and perfume. He says she does not like hi fi gifts and even I don’t have that much budget.

Ayesha asks him to ask Shaila about low budget gifts and leaves. Nikhil says I have to think about it now. He thinks about Ishaana’s words. Lajjo’s parents are talking about Lajjo. Her mum says its Lajjo’s birthday today. Her dad is happy and says I forgot it. She says you can forget, but how can I. They talk how Lajjo used to tell everyone in the village that her birthday is about to come and she used to invite people. Her mum says we could not give her anything good, we just used to look well and she bacem happy, don’t know whats going to happen in her in laws house.

She says she won’t tell anyone about her birthday. Nikhil comes to Lajjo. She asks him why are you annoyed, what did I do. Nikhil says stop acting, you know what you did. He says you made a mistake and you should be punished. Lajjo asks what mistake. He says I will tell that later, first punishment and asks her to show her hand and he would bear on it. Lajjo gives him two hands and says I m ready. He says 1 2 3….. and gifts her a box. He wishes her happy birthday. She is shocked.

Ishaana sees Lajjo wearing the bracelet and asks who gave you this. Lajjo says Nikhil. Ishaana is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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