Madhubala 16th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 16th August 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 16th August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Radha asks Madhu to answer… and she says.. she thot..she loved RK but now she loves Sult..and stops midway! She says.. love myself more now.. n wanna live my life.. by myself.. n not the life.. which she is leading forcibly!

Madhu says gotta go.. n Radha says STOP Dips fumes…n Radha says she is not going anywhere.. Madhu says wont change my decision..! Radha says.. till i say not going anywhere. .just sign on papers doesnt do anything.. legal process is left… so she is still her D-i-L …! Madhu opposes .. but Radha says..still she finds out a reason for this …divorce wont let her leave..!

Madhu says told u n Radha says.. can see her eyes.. which are telling another story! Dips rues.. CRUEL SAANS

Dips taunts Madhu about her shifting back to chawl and

Madhu fumes why here? Dips says.. today she is with Madhu in her every decision! Madhu is teary eyed Dips says …check my excited that there is no one between her n RK anymore!

Dips spots the burnt divorce papers. ..n says. burnt like Rishbala relation! She says.. oh not just burnt. but turned to ashes..! Dips sings.. zindagi ek safar hai suhana.. yahan kab mil jae pyaar purana..!

Dips lies down by RKs side of the bed and Madhu asks what is she doing? Dips says practising be in bed.. for RK…! Madhu says she is a shoe.. which is not allowed .. neither in bed nor room!

Dips asks..if she is talking out of her fear? Madhu says. no telling truth..! Dips says.. one time they said…Rishbala wont separate but see now! Dips again taunts Madhu n then walks off..!

Madhu is walking in the hall wondering about Radha-Dips words.. She trips and is about to fall when RK holds her in time.. ! Rishbala eyelock.. Radha watches..!

Radha comes in kitchen and watches Dips cooking n asks what she is doing n Dips says.. making dinner for RK …to take care of him n Radha says even Sikky hasnt eaten ..take care of him! Dips opposes but Radha takes the dinner tray for RK from Dips n gives to Madhu to take care of RK..!

Radha reminds.. that Madhu asked for divorce.. she hasnt got yet.. so fulfill ur duty! Dips cribs about Sultan n Radha asks what? She diverts!

Madhu brings dinner for RK and RK says when there is no love..GET LOST..! Madhu stays mum RK asks what is she trying to prove? Why the care? Madhu says..they had a relation …

Madhu turns to leave n RK says.. it hurts.. but hurt that much that i can bear on ur name!

Part 2

Madhu says they had a bond.. wanted to stay together .. but n RK says she fell .. TOO LOW … in LOVE n Madhu says yes..! She says love has no right or wrong.. n he knows it well!

Madhu says… she fell in love at wrong time.. with wrong person ..

She says. .feel suffocated.. knowing that the person standing in front of her.. is the reason for keeping her separate from her love.. n she cant forget her duty just coz she is in love with Sultan!

RK says enouf… shut up …! Dips smirks and says.. finally some respect for Madhu for this reason ..n wow Sultan..what an idea.. he will die with happiness!

RK says.. want to be safe..dare not take that mans name..!

Part 3
RK says.. Madhu is taking revenge.. by hurting him .. RK says. .fine .. hurt me.. she will remember that there was someone who loves her so much that he tried to find love in her revenge. .but just for few days..!

After that.. there will be only hurt.. n her cheating.

RK opens the door of the room n see Dips! He asks Dips why standing like doorbell to my door? Dips stammers .. n says touf times thot he will need help …n he says.. so why enemy is standing?

Dips offers him a drink. n says.. maybe ..coz he cheated drinks… he was cheated on .. n offers him the bottle n RK takes!

Precap —-RK is drinking ..n tells Bittu to tell Radha to leave n if she is free to talk to Mangesh etc ..! Radha says they are not my kids.. u are..! She says he cribs that she din tell him about MK ..well here is one truth… stop Madhu coz if she leaves… he will be over forever..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. awesome love rishbala for fighting and romancing!

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